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I am an atheist

A a libertarian, I don't not believe in false dogmatic fairy tales such as the pagan plagiarized Bible that attempts to run my life.

If you are an atheist too, then please upvote and comment below.

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i believe im an atheist, who

i believe im an atheist, who doesnt disregard the possibility of some higher being

What i DONT believe in is the "ACCURACY" of man made religion, not when it has shared its time in history with the entities we now currently call "government"

I suspect their may be truths in the religions of the world, in their sayings, in their verbs, and in their stories, but i also believe that their may be lies aswell, ones that would be so cleverly implemented that it would survive the generations in plain sight.....and if this is so, then i'd have to concede that it may even fool me, not that im special, but that we are essentially all the same inside, and if THATS the case, how could i positively recognise a possible truth or a possible lie........one of the biggest reasons for doubting man made religion, is the hurt done in its name......its too human for my liking

Judge a person by their actions, not what they believe, and religious folk need to understand that STRONG conviction is not sole property to religion

I know im probably gonna miff some religious folk here, but i dont like seing a one sided "battle" on this, I REALLY FUCKING DONT........excuse my language


"Judge a person by their actions, not what they believe, and religious folk need to understand that STRONG conviction is not sole property to religion"

1.Tell that to God who specifically judges you based on what you believe.
2. Strong conviction is not the point, finding and honoring THE TRUTH is.

Nigerian Islamists accused of cutting throats of 44 villagers

Official says attackers gouged out eyes of some survivors of raid on Dumba village. (All a part of gods plan right?) OH the insanity!


Godless heathens

Godless heathens behaving as Godless heathens is no surprise to Christians. WE know man is fallen and given to sin and will act in such a way until he comes to the truth and repents.

so you made a post

just so you can name call anyone who doesnt believe the way you do? Not only are you an atheist you are a troll.

I am not an atheist

Just to make myself clear, on the post below I don't want anyone to be confused with the subject title I am an Atheist. I am not an Atheist.


So basically you are declaring that you are completely ignorant of history, well congrads, we were all 12 years old once too. Let me know when you grow out of atheism and become an adult.

I am an atheist

It's your choice to believe what you want. That being said, I don't really see the purpose of this post.

Hello, I am a Christian

I will neither up vote nor down vote, as I agree current Christianity has become very peganistic, in truth, most Christians have no clue they are following a government created religion.

As a true christian who understands the book I read, I can tell you, freedom is of the utmost importance. Yes I do wish to convert people to "Christianity" but I want them to recognize it the same way they recognized Ron Paul, with the healthy desire to seek truth, prosperity, and freedom. This is what the Bible is all about.

I was a militant Atheist

Going to Churches...

You can't be an Atheist!
You can only be an Agnostic!

Like my sister in peace Chelsea E Manning.

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*Shrugs* Who cares? Does it

*Shrugs* Who cares? Does it really matter what someone else chooses to believe? Do their beliefs cause any harm to you?

Who Cares? Why it matters.

Religious wars and persecution have, over the centuries, killed untold millions; the tenets of Holy scriptures used as a justification for a litany of crimes against humanity, from the Crusades in the Near East and the conquest of the New World and subsequent genocide of the indiginous population, to the horrific Inquisition and the frequent slaughter of heathens “in the name of Jesus Christ”.

Consider the terrors which the religious belief in demons and their control of earthly affairs has aroused in the daily lives of simple-minded men and women. We think it cruel to frighten children by threats of the "bogey man"; yet religion has systematically frightened most of mankind through the doctrine of demons, who have the power to make us sin when we do not know it and to torture us at their evil pleasure. What greater terror can there be than the fear of having witchcraft or even a powerful prayer or curse directed against you by some unsuspected enemy? Perhaps the fear of not believing in miracles which seem to us impossible and thus being guilty of mortal heresy is not now widespread. But it is of the essence of religious thought even today that, unless you can get yourself to believe certain inherently improbable propositions, you must abandon all hope. And how can anyone be free from all doubts when opposed views are actively expressed by some of our most respected fellow men? In regard to the terrors as well as the superstitions and immoralities of religion, it will not do to urge that they are due only to the imperfections of the men who professed the various religions. If religion cannot restrain evil, it cannot claim effective power for good. In fact, however, the evidence indicates that religion has been effective for evil.


It was various state actors who were doing the killing while using Christianity as their propaganda cover. In any case, Marxist governments espousing atheism killed vastly more people in the name of of their non-deist ideology.

The moral of the story? Governments kill and use whatever is handy whether it be religion or the latest fad in ideology to justify their killing. They're not slaughtering Iraqi children, they're bringing democracy.


History is replete with dictators who force their beliefs on the people they disagree with. Holding true beliefs is literally the meaning of life, if you can't discern truth or falsehood in beliefs you are still in the infancy of your mind.

This might be an interesting topic.

But, let me ask you a question first.

A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff - grass.
Yet a deer excretes little pellets,
while a cow turns out a flat patty,
but a horse produces clumps.

Why do you suppose that is?

Its pretty simple really, it

Its pretty simple really, it all comes down to efficiency of the animals digestive system. The more efficient the animals ability to extract moisture out of its food, the more pellet like the excrement become. Deer and rabbits are among the most efficient at extracting water from their food, with horses pulling in a close second. Cow excrement though retain a high level of its moisture and can often be found in big wet piles of shit.

"Lighthouses are more useful than churches."- Ben Franklin
"Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise."- James Madison


How would he expect to know the existance of God, if he doesn't know shit?

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perzactly my point

Seems foolish to me

"A [sic] a libertarian, I don't not [sic] believe in false dogmatic fairy tales such as the pagan plagiarized Bible that attempts to run my life."

You can't construct a sentence, and know nothing about the Bible, but you know there's no God. Kinda thinking that's a bit on the foolish side.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

I'm not an athiest or

much religious at all.
I voted you down anyway for a post that will serve no constructive purpose and further divides the liberty minded.

Why do you care what someone else believes?
Why do Christians care if someone doesn't believe how they do?

The road to supermarket

A person moves into a new town and starts exploring the area, looking for stores. They find a road which takes them to a supermarket. They have found a road to the store. What would make them falsely believe they have found the ONLY road to that store?


There are actually two stores - one has only one way you can get to it, and the other you can get to any way you like.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

123 Main Street

Because that's the road the store is on?

Many roads lead to Main St.

The store could be on main street, but there are many roads that lead to it. Or, maybe, my analogy totally stinks... which tend to happen from time to time :)

I overstepped

Your analogy wasn't bad. I tend to be a little harsh lately. Keep up the good fight.


You have the right to believe whatever you like, including the right to believe there is no deities of any kind.

What I don't understand about your post is that you claim that the bible is or was trying to run your life?

I don't see how an inanimate object can run anyone's life, so it makes me wonder if perhaps you're really rebelling against the interpretation of certain people?

Without any more clarification and elaboration, this seems like a troll post meant to divide people here.

More Attempts to Divide Will Follow

It should be obvious by now when someone posts a topic meant purely to divide liberty activists against one another.

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And I am the Easter Bunny.

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