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Police Chief Apologizes For Using profanity, says "F*K You" and Shoots an Assault Rifle


GILBERTON, Pa. — Borough police Chief Mark Kessler offers some profanity-laced comments to viewers in a July 15 Internet posting.

The 2-minute, 45-second posting on the Internet site YouTube starts as an apology but quickly turns to profane language and the use of automatic weapons. The video was apparently recorded on a remote stripping road.


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good to be king."

IDK a whole lot about the process, but to be able to legally own a SBR (short barrelled rifle) a suppressor, or full auto, you either have to form a trust, or get "permission from the highest law enforcement officer in your area" such as a police chief or sheriff. Plus you have to pay the 200 dollar tax and have a BATF "permission form." I wonder if he can approve his own requests..

Also, I seriously doubt those are dept. issued weapons. If they are, I'd be a little nervous living in his area.

How much are those machine

How much are those machine guns he has, $10,000+?

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I know its not right for a police chief to do this sort of thing, but considering how pussified this country has become, I fucking love it!

As a Police Chief? Nah Brah

While I agree with the Police Chief in that profanity is probably the most stupid thing to complain about, shooting into the ground while egging them on is probably not the best idea.

No laws being broken. Nothing being wasted except ammo and breath.

The auto-pistol with collapsible stock was pretty nice, imo.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

This guy...

looks mentally unstable!! WTF is wrong with him?

I don't have...

a problem with him yelling about libtards and shooting guns if he was a private citizen, but it really looks bad as Law enforcement to be acting like this. Unprofessional, JMHO!

I don't care for the guy

I don't care for the guy personally, but he isn't in uniform. He's wearing civilian clothing. You can say what you want on your own time. It's your right.

What a piece of shit. If this

What a piece of shit. If this was a random video a guy screwing around with some guns with some buddies that would be one thing. As a red blooded American I have to say I’ve shouted profanity (also regarding liberals) before decimating a cinder block with my 12 gauge pump action before.

The difference here is this guy is in a position of power in which he has ready access to lethal force against citizens and has already shot himself in a bar and killed someone's dog. This is the problem with our law enforcement today, they act like a bunch of GI Joes that need to keep us 'slaves' in line and are above the law. Especially when they do videos like this then harrass citizens for legally carrying guns or going through cell phones and requesting warrants on people for having pictures of themselves posing with firearms.

In any case, we need to keep filming ALL police activity. I honestly believe it is starting to make a difference and cops are realizing they are under the watchful eye of citizens and although they may escape criminal charges their actions will go viral with severe public backlash.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

A little background

Here is his first video he was apologizing for:

He also received an Oath Keepers award:

I'm not defending the guys behavior because he is clearly an intolerant jerk. Not really sure what to make of this.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

This is hilarious LOL

This is hilarious LOL


on the fires of discontent. Most people don't like this sort of behavior from peace officers.