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Voters Rate Bevy of Possible 2016 White House Candidates - Ron Paul


" Dear Ron Paul, a hands-off president is wanted: Ron Paul, while not perfect, does support small, neutral government. He may not support abortion, but he doesn't want the government prohibiting it or funding it. He may be Christian, but he supports ending marriage licensing by the government altogether, allowing all sexual orientations to marry as they will. He supports canceling out affirmative action and putting all people as equals in the eyes of the law. He supports returning to real, gold currency, auditing the Federal Reserve and eliminating the IRS, so our wages are paid in real money and not taken from us unjustly. He supports ending the costly and ineffective war on drugs and industrializing hemp as a crop. He supports letting the people keep their guns, and their liberty, and I support him for it. Paul is the only candidate who seems to remember what the Constitution is and what it says.

Unwirklich Vin Zant is a mother of three from Sterling, Alaska."

Rand is in there too...

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I will give this one morning bump

for RON Paul 2016!

Its nice to see his name still being mentioned :)

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy