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Democrats Agreed With US!

We need to market this loss as a victory.

The selling point is the fact it was a bipartisan effort.

The spin is that we got more Democrats than Republicans. We can use this against the Democrats to point out that Democrats still stand for something.

We can use it against Republicans because more Democrats support us on an important issue and they bailed on us.

Would some real journalists please stand up and bring Justin Amash on? Ben Swann.... you out there? If so, get in front of this now. Please.

If we are in this to win then we need to take the fight to the establishment. Imagine if 1000 more people were calling their representatives today. That is how slim the margin of victory was today. Ask yourself if this could have happened before Ron Paul.

A moment of unity is our moon landing. The Zimmerman trial even divided the DailyPaul. The only path to victory is a united grassroots. The Zimmerman trial proved to be a dividing non-news issue. When our moon landing happens, I hope that we have enough allies in the media to tilt the scale in our favor.

I have been involved since 2007. I feel like we may be close to critical mass. A point where a principled stand can take place. We just need that one moment where all of America agrees on an idea that we promote. There will be a moon landing moment in our movement. Make no mistake about it. Our message has been supressed and ignored by everyone in power. Be it the wealthy, elite, leadership and media. At some point there will be a moment that catapults our ideas into the mainstream.

Today gave me hope. A lot of it. The message of freedom and Liberty won today. We are getting closer and closer to that moon landing moment.

I want to end this rant the same way American History X ended... with a quote.

'The freedom message brings us together, it doesn't divide us.'
Ron Paul

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I think you're right

I was shocked when i heard more Dems supported the Amash bill than Republicans. This is our chance. Glenn Greenwald is also a Dem. We're finding more in common with them than our own party. This is how major shifts happen.

I wish I could be as

I wish I could be as optimistic and energized as you but this appeared to me to be a vote allowed by the GOP leadership only because some members demanded it for political cover. The vote would not have been allowed to proceed if they weren't sure of it's defeat.

The fact that enough critters felt they needed the political cover is a good thing, indicating that a good percentage of the public support our view on this issue, but the loss will, I'm afraid, embolden the surveillance goons, not deter them.

It does give me hope that there might just be a line in the sand which the public will not allow the goons to cross.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein


anyone want to debate this idea?

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I'll be honest...

I bumped in good faith, and you totally attacked my post.

I was agreeing too. Kinda upset me a little.

I do agree but in the interest of keeping this thread alive without saying something with no intellectual merit, Didn't we already know that social and foreign policy Democrats were deeply related to libertarians?

Why is anything different now? I think the huge difference is that more repubs identify with the concept of protecting civil liberties than there has been since before the 50's


I guess its different

because here we can use it against the leadership. The left getting on board with Amash is a big deal. It shows that our ideas are winning on both sides.

I didn't mean to offend! Honest!! I just get fired sometimes. I took your comment as being condescending. :) I do apologize.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

You are right. this can be billed as a match between

Moderates and extremists. In other words... HOLY SHIT, ANOTHER POLITICAL SPECTRUM!!!!!!

I've never seen one of those before!!!!


the great sigh......................................

I was kind of hoping for a more spirited debate over philosophy and strategy...


We can get to the solution of our problems. Amash stuck his neck out there and nearly won. Could you please enlighten me to your strategy or sacrifice? Im not being a dick here. This was a huge moment for the cause we all rally around and support.

I want our message to win. Period. It is the right message. It is the freedom message. It is the message the created more freedom and wealth for the average man than any other trial in history.

No offense, and I mean this, but winning is the only thing I want to discuss. I have debated philosophy until I am blue in the face for a number of years. I want this philosophy to win elections and I will do whatever the hell it takes to see to it that it does. Our message can change the world.

America is completely devoid of any leadership at the top post. This administration has refused to hold anyone accountable, veto any bill or make good on a single campaign promise.

The writing is on the wall and our movement desperately needs the leadership to unite us. This is a perfect opportunity for the right leadership to emerge. Maybe it is wishful thinking.. or maybe the right opportunist will latch onto it and exploit it the way that works.

Regardless, I am so fucking proud of Justin Amash. He stood on principle and forced a vote on an issue forged into our Constitution. Lets hope this keeps up.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul