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'millions Will Die' Without A Carbon Tax To Fix Global Warming

says a New Jersey U.S. Senate candidate in hysterical online campaign ad

Video here:

favorite comment from the site:
"Oh my gosh, where do I send my check for you to save us?"

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'Millions will die' Well then

'Millions will die'
Well then mister, better tax them and their families on their way out!

Southern Agrarian

From DM: "Well as long as

From DM:
"Well as long as you're among them I'm cool with that!!! Only a democrat would threaten death if a tax isn't levied!!!"

Literally shot snot from my nose laughing!

Southern Agrarian

Better tax new jersey some

Better tax new jersey some more to stop the sea from rising.

Southern Agrarian

An alternative to CO2

is offered by "SuspiciousObservers" (http://www.youtube.com/user/Suspicious0bservers) in his series of video's.

You might start with "Energy from Space" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yy3YJBOw_o&list=TLEeA3-4P2LGQ

He is saying basically the same thing I have been saying since I first heard the term "Human caused global warming" - - - - Ridiculous!

Corrected headline: Millions in Carbon tax investments...

will evaporate when AGW hoax is exposed.

It was probably the pandas.

It's going to be so

It's going to be so demoralizing to progresser environmentalist democrats when they find out planetary climate is the Sun's fault stupid. I wonder if we could comfort them somehow?

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In Defense of CO2

I can't believe politicians are still using the scam to get votes.


Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley

imagine there's no global warming.....

met these guys at the R4R.

Check his voting record

Some surprises in there btw.


Fuck them up the ass with the Sun.

Congress and the Whitehouse are just going to keep fucking over the majority of Americans as long as they can. They don't give a fuck what we want, even when it comes to our constitutional rights.

I just thank God every day for giving us the Grand Solar Minimum. This is something real that's fucking a lot of them congress critters, the president and his crew over, and there's not a goddamn thing they can do about that. This will help fix some things in spite of congress and the presidents evil actions on us. Love it.

David Whitehouse: Will Inactive Sun Cause Global Cooling?
"The weakness of Cycle 24 indicates that we might be entering a period of low solar activity that may counteract man-made greenhouse temperature increases. Cold not warmth might be our future. We do not know. We must keep watching the sun.

Something is happening to our sun. It has to do with sunspots or rather the activity cycle their coming and going signifies. Sunspots – dark magnetic blotches on the sun’s surface – come and go in an 11-year cycle of activity first noticed in 1843. It is a process related to the motion of superhot, electrically charged gas inside the sun; a kind of internal conveyor belt where vast sub-surface rivers of gas take 40 years to circulate from the equator to the poles and back.

Somehow, in a way not very well understood, this circulation produces the sunspot cycle in which every 11 years there is a sunspot maximum followed by a minimum. In the last century, the sun’s activity may have been the highest for more than 8,000 years with lots of strong solar cycles. But then things turned. The recent cycle – so called ‘Cycle 24′ – is puny. If history is anything to go by, then the sun’s change of mood could affect us all by cooling the earth and throwing our climate change calculations into disarray"


I love the header too, it's going to be my new go-to phrase. :)

Your right, something is going on with the sun.

In addition to the sun spot mystery, coronal holes have slid from their more customary polar positions toward the equator and the suns magnetic poles have swapped.

The sun's magnetic field has also reduced in power, as has the earths. Our atmosphere has also reduced by about 10%, related to the solar flairs, or lack thereof, IMO. Our magnetic poles are also on the move, quite rapidly, geologically speaking.

The earth also happens to be in the same galactic neighborhood as when the dinosaurs ruled the earth. Didn't they go extinct? It might be a bad neighborhood. ;)

Just open the box and see

I'm still laughing at your

I'm still laughing at your header. up the ass with the sun.. LMFAO!
And yes I agree.

Where the Sun don't shine. I

Where the Sun don't shine. I mean it.