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Police Ordered To Return $1 Million In $1 Bills Confiscated From Stripper

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Excerpt from story - sorry no pics.

A Nebraska stripper just won a lawsuit against police who confiscated over $1,000,000 in $10,000 bundles tied with hair ties after a routine traffic stop.

33-year-old Tara Mishra stripped for 15 years and managed to save $1,074,000. So she gave the cash to friends to open a New Jersey nightclub. But when those friends were pulled over in Nebraska, the cops suspected the money was tied to drugs and confiscated all the cash.

This week, a judge ruled the that since the police failed to find evidence of drug activity, and since a canine search revealed only trace amounts of illegal drugs on the money, the cash had to be returned.

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Judge Rules for the Stripper

Hmmmmm lemme add that up: the stripper might have some leverage on the old judge? Nah - couldn't possibly be.

Oh for the days when you didn't have to be a whore, a cop or a politician (sorry if I'm repeating myself) to get a break from a judge.

I am an anti-stripper.

People give me money to put my clothes back on.