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Update:My daughter is 2 yrs old, and had a long seizure (40 min) due to fever

It was a very heart wrenching event for me and my family. I just got home from the hospital. They did all types of test including MRI. They did not find anything. After doing a little research online I read is common in toddlers. So I hope I can put some parents on notice. But I also have a question...I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist but I really don't trust vaccines and many pharmaceutical drugs. I read online there isn't a proven way to stop a seizures, but the neurologist sent us home with Oxcarbazepine and we need to give this twice a day. My daughter still can't walk from all the tests and meds, I read online all the side effects of this drug and they are dizziness, headaches,stomach aches,and maybe this is the reason my daughter can't coordinate enough to walk. I don't want to give my toddler drugs...what would you guys do? what do you suggest?
Thanks in advance for all your help <3

I want to thank you guys for taking the time to read my post and comment.It means sooooo much to me and my family. Reading the words of encouragement and prayers caused a flow of tears :'). My daughter can walk now and is back to normal. She has only had the vaccines given at birth nothing else. I will continue to research and seek advice from any source I can, but the most meaningful is the support I get from my brothers here at daily Paul, The one's who use common sense, know how to question and reason. HHHUUUUGEEE HUGS!!! :') THANK YOU!! AND GOD BLESS!!

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Hi rprpfreedom

Febrile fits are quite common in young children. Caused by over heating, they often look far worse than they really are...but don't take them lightly.
Keep your daughter cool, and help her remove layers of clothing when going between warm/cold areas, or after running around. Keep her water intake up (cool, not cold).
If she fits again, cool her down and give her Neurophen or a natural coolant. Do not give her Oxcarbazepine...it is for Epilepsy and has shocking side effects. Change Doctors.
I will let you do your own research on Oxcarbazepine as I do not want to be accused as a fear monger.
They do grow out of it when they can control their body temperature better.



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no citric acid and no "natural flavors"

man-made citric acid has msg as a manufacturing remnant.
natural flavors and the worst. Take it from a migraineur.

She may have parasites also. This would be looked at right away in third world countries. parasites cannot live in the gut if you eat some raw carrots every day.



I had infrequent ocular migraines for about thirty years and couldn't explain them until I found msgtruth.org. I had previously tried consuming lots of caffeine, sugar, etc. to find the cause. Then about 5 years ago, I found out that MSG and the harmful part of it, glutemic acid, was in most non-sweet processed foods and was often named "natural flavors" or "spices". I have had a few migraines in the past five years and have always been able to figure out what had MSG in it. I'm not saying all seizures are from MSG, but I would bet that most are...

My prayers are with you.

God Bless your family.

My son and daughter both had febrile seizures.

My son was an infant when he had his first seizure. It was the same day he had vaccination shots. The next year or so after that, if he had an overly exhausting day or if he had a the quick onset of a fever (fever spike), he would have some small type of seizure. We never administered any medications other than Tylenol and/or Ibuprofen in order to keep fevers at bay. As long as we minimized the potential for fevers and over-exhaustion, he was fine.

He is now 7 y/o and he has not had any type of seizure in about 2 years (knock on wood).

My daughter also had febrile seizures very early on. She never had full blown seizures like the 3 or 4 that my son had, but they were nerve racking to deal with as a parent, nonetheless. She is now 5 y/o and she has not had any type of reaction to fever or over-exhaustion in almost a year (knock on wood).

The "small seizures" that both of my children had seem to always happen at night. My theory is that the over-exhaustion they had from too much play or from the beginnings of a cold were from their bodies' reaction to some small spike in their temperature. If they started to get a fever, we could prevent the spike with Tylenol or Ibuprofen and no adverse reactions would occur. If we did not catch it or didn't slow the fever spike soon enough, they would have a reaction.

The seizures were always more difficult for us as parents than for our children. Many times they would wet themselves during their small seizure and, right away, their body would relax and they would go straight to sleep only to wake up the next morning with no recollection of what happened. By having them go pee before bed seemed to be another preventative measure (maybe a full bladder is added stress to their little bodies).

My daughter still has two more shots she is required to have before starting Kindergarten, so I hope that we are able to keep these shots from bringing on any seizures. I hope some of this information may help.

You can get a medical or religious

exemption. It is often believed that you HAVE to get the shots, but that is a myth there are exemptions... but don't count on the school or your pediatrician to help you. Different laws in different states, you will have to research yours, here is a great place to start: http://www.nvic.org/

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My daughter has epilepsy and

My daughter has epilepsy and had her first seizure when she was 18months old w/a fever. She's 15 now and has been on so many different meds and combinations of meds! It has been a long road of trying to control the seizures and balance the side effects of the medications. Some meds like Keppra did absolutely nothing to control the seizures and made her an emotional mess! Her seizures are well controlled now and she hasn't had one in over a year(she takes Lamictal/Primadone combo). I think she was on Trileptal(oxcarbazepine) at one point but it didn't work for us...I don't remember anything terribly negative about it though.

It's true that many toddlers will have febrile seizures due to an immature central nervous system that can't quite handle a quick spike in temperature, but, they don't last 40min! Has your baby had an EEG yet? Its is kinda like an ECG, but for the brain...it will let the doctor know if there is undetected seizure activity and where in the brain it is originating. The fever triggered the seizure, but, something else was wrong to make it last so long.

I highly recommend keeping a journal of any seizure activity she may have...write down how long it lasted, what she was doing at the time it started, was it full body or just a little face twitching? Staring off and not responding when called could also be seizure activity. Also, keep something in the house and car that can stop seizures like Ativan or Valium. When my daughter was little I kept rectal Diastat(valium gel in a syringe I would put in her rectum if she had a seizure). As she got older, she developed an "aura" which she described as "a metal taste in my mouth"...and she would say, "mom, I have that taste in my mouth", and I would give her something right away! Have a five minute rule. Meaning, don't call the paramedics unless the seizure is longer than 5min. So, it's very important to look at the clock right when they start and time them. Going to the ER will do no good if the seizure has stopped on it's own! (unless the seizure is triggered by a fever which is the result of a raging ear infection or something and she needs an antibiotic)...

Lastly, I just want to say, you have to trust your doctor. If you don't like him/her, look for a second opinion. Even if you have to drive an hour for a Pediatric Neurologist you like, its so worth it! My daughter's doctor trusts my opinion and he listens to me...once I even weaned her off all her meds against his advice and he didn't even scold me:) Anyway, hopefully her case is not as extreme as ours! Who knows maybe Trileptal will do the trick and she won't even have any more!! ~Best of luck~

Dang man, that's tough

You simply want the best for your child, but don't trust that the 'medical community' can do that. Plus everyone else will think your crazy if you don't got the big pharma route (except us:).

If your interested, I know of a good doctor whom has helped my family out a lot. I'd call him a western version of eastern medicine. He finds the source of the problems, not cover up the symptoms like a lot of pharma solutions. He knows the human body better than anyone. email me if you want more info.

My son

had one when he was a toddler but it only lasted a few minutes. I was terrified, I threw him in the car and took him to his pediatrician - her office is right up the street and much closer than the hospital. She said I was worse off than he was, he had some bug that was going around. She didn't prescribe him anything, just told me to keep my eye on him. It never happened again but every time he ran a fever I was a wreck. I would follow the advice of the Dr at the hospital BUT I would also go ahead and take her to her pediatrician and get a second opinion. (Take all the test results and meds with you.) My heart goes out to your family, I hope everyone feels better soon.

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Look into Super Natural Silver

as a natural antibiotic. It works for lots of different problems and is safe for kids. If your baby is fighting something it could help. supernaturalsilver.com

What caused the fever?

That would be my first question.

Hello rprpfreedom

As a father of two teenager daughters my heart is with you. Can there be anything more difficult to watch than have our child sick and helpless?

Theory is that the body creates the fever to burn up something it doesn't want. It's the way the body works. Along that line of thinking the seizure was her body trying to get well. We panic and seek doctor help. I know that is difficult to see when she is going through it.

And the medical business seems to know nothing and their only tool is to medicate. Don't get me wrong they are great at saving lives in a crisis situation and they are great because they have had a lot of practice as we are a sick group.

I would (and have for my family)look into both the health and nutritional deficiencies of mom and dad. Our children inherit those features.

I would feed them whole foods and we have settled on high fat (think coconut oil, butter) moderate animal protein and low carbs. Think eggs and ground meats. I would provide fluoride free and chlorine free water. Chlorine and Fluoride complicate iodine uptake. Among other things.

I would throw out the bread, pasta and other processed foods and avoid soy. Bromine in bread complicates iodine uptake. Among other things.

I would look into any recent or past vaccine injections and get the ingredients from the providers.

Word is that we have excess toxins in our body and some inherited from our parents and we are nutrient deficient. Lead, mercury, dioxins, cadmium, arsenic, plastics, aluminum and on and on.

Much to learn from websites like


Great information in books like

Detoxify or Die by Dr Sherry Rogers
The High Blood Pressure Hoax again Rogers
Iodine-Why you need it by David Brownstein

In short we follow nature and feed the body what it needs (and I know there is much debate here) and that all poor health is caused by toxins (that manifest to disease)and low nutrients that prevent or complicate the body's natural ability to detoxify. It appears that the body needs more nutrients to detoxify when it is not well.

More good news is that your daughter is young (you should try it with a 10 & 12 year old) and much can be done using many different and inexpensive tactics that provide her with what she needs.

I know that some of the foods I have nixed taste very good and do they nourish?

More good news is that when we get what we need our body discards via pee, poop, sweat and breath all the things it doesn't want and that includes the drugs they sent you home with.

So to summarize I would not panic (at least not in front of your daughter)and do some research and get her well. There are many easy to do options.

Good luck and it is doable.


kill the bugs

silver biotics from american biotec labs(other labels available)
most any health food store
kills bacteria and viruses
1 tsp per day for a small child
totally non toxic at 300 times normal dose

Dr. Richard Frye

If you are near or can travel to Arkansas, Dr. Richard Frye is generally regarded as one of the top pediatric neurologists in the country.

I'm so sorry you and your daughter had to go through this. If she was recently given a vaccine and you suspect the fever and seizure are a result of that, please file an adverse event report. Your doctor can file one, too. Look up VAERS and you should be able to find the database. You only have three years from the time of the event to file. It's a long shot but families have been compensated for vaccine injuries, so it's always possible.

You might

Watch this video. CBD is now available in every state and is legal. If you need more info please contact me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BH5yzEu3JGQ

The best advice I found so

The best advice I found so far is from David Infinger below with 'Do no harm" title. I believe fear induced seizures are common among babies as you found out so controlling fever, hopefully trough natural means helps. I also agree with your concerns regarding use of long term drugs. You know your daughter best. Observe how she responds to various treatments and follow what helps her.

Natural treatment can work

Try peppermint oil for high fevers, and frankincense for seizure activity. By no means am I saying NOT to use pharmaceuticals, but if you want to try something natural, these essential oils have been known to help and even stop seizures (and have anti-bacterial, anti-infectious, anti-microbial, etc. benefits). ONLY use certified pure therapeutic grade oils -- do your research to be sure they're safe. If they say, "do not ingest," DO NOT USE THEM IN OR ON YOUR BODY. Best of luck, and I'll say a prayer for your daughter.

You realize "through natural means" is meaningless?

If not irresponsible. Adhering to an arbitrary "natural" scheme is not rooted in science, but superstition. You might as well give the advice to "treat with chi, making sure vibrations are in harmony with the spirit world."

If a medical treatment violated the laws of nature, we wouldn't be able to do it.

Coming to the DP for medical advice sounds very dangerous!

Our hearts and prayers go out to you! Downvotes and all, I agree with the above post.

Check out http://iroots.org/
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If daughters EEG is normal in a few days then dont worry.

Follow a neurologists advice about when to drop meds. If your daughters EEG is ultimately found to be abnormal and you have to think about long term treatment of epilepsy there are alternatives to medication that have been clinically proven, most famously the ketogenic diet. https://www.epilepsy.com/epilepsy/treatment_ketogenic_diet


For the next two weeks I would suggest you continue using anti-seizure medication. Any seizure over 5 minutes is troubling. It is in your daughter's favor that she is so young; it is highly likely she will make a complete recovery (for the timing of which see rule of twos). Second: Never go to a local hospital. If you already went to a small local hospital, you must consider all advice as suspect and immediately arrange to go to an elite university hospital. If you are in Chicago this is University of Chicago Hosptial, Northwestern Hospital. If you are poor arrange for a second appointment at Catholic hospital. Loyola University Hospital in Chicago will give you 50% off if you pay cash. If you are downstate go to University of Illinois or Washington University. There is a high probability at even non-elite University hospitals that the doctor you talk to will be ignorant and make things up. This is not to say there are not brilliant doctors outside of elite institutions, this is to say the probability that that doctor is your doctor is very low.

there are some rules for recovery time-- a rule of twos

I like to promote a rule of twos for most brain injuries. Its heuristic (strictly false but useful as a mnemonic): 2 days for recovery from the acute injury 2 weeks for significant recovery, 2 months for 50% recovery and 2 years for maximal recovery (all recovery that there will be will actualize within 2 years).

Treat it as an inflammatory response

If you suspect a vaccine injury, treat as such - an injury. This may mean inflammation in the central nervous system, or wherever the body does its best to isolate the toxin (in the brain = autism, in the lung = asthma, in the gut = chronic bowel disease, etc...). There are groups like TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) that have a wealth of information on how to deal with this. Hope this helps. If your child is having a vaccine injury, consider that there is a medical cure, not a psychological condition or a genetic condition. These psych/genetic definitions are a scam meant to get children on drugs for the rest of their lives. Think about how much money has gone into curing cancer as a genetic illness and it has led to nowhere over the last 30 years. Best wishes.

Cause of Fever

Remember that a major defense mechanism for the body is to induce fever to elevate the core temperature. Many viral and even bacterial infections do not do well with the elevated temperature (even a small increase of 1-2 degrees). The fever could have helped trigger the seizure, but I would be much more curious about what induced the fever that proceeded the seizure.

You should give the Bio Care Hospital & Health Center a call (800) 701-7345. It's a hospital in Mexico. I highly suggest you give them a call.

My heart goes out to you.

My heart goes out to you. Nothing more frightening than an experience like yours with a young child. We had a few experiences like yours with a diabetic son - I can imagine your state of mind.

Follow doctor's orders but do as much research on your own as you can. Even the best GPs can't know everything or give your daughter's case as much attention as you can, so learn and ask questions.

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I second all of this

And add a hug!

As a parent I know how scary it is when children are sick. We've never had an issue this serious (yet) but I can imagine how difficult it is.

Whatever you do, don't take

Whatever you do, don't take critical medical advice from faceless, anonymous strangers on the Internet. Seek out the advice of the world's top experts if you need. You need people with experience in your area of need.

Seriously! ^-Heed that.

I'm not a Doctor. If you're worried about the drugs, seek a second opinion; Its not unreasonable to do that. Ask a Doctor for help.

If anyone gives you advice aside from talk to a professional, don't take it.

Trust your neurologist.

The internet is filled with terrible medical advice, especially in the popular Google searches, where many quacks have found an audience. Don't let the alarmists frighten you with plausible-sounding populist fear mongering against doctors and pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmacology, neurology, and immunology are complicated topics and often confusing for many in the general public, and quacks take advantage of this.

There is no reason to distrust the neurologist, who spent decades studying and practicing medicine, or oxcarbazepine (which is not even patent protected).

Febrile seizures are common in toddlers, but 40 minutes is a long time. Trust what the neurologist tells you to do.