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Boston Bombings, all evidence is word of mouth

The Boston Bombings was a tragic and scary event for the state of Massachusetts and the people participating in the marathon. However, what happened here might never be revealed as everything from the start has been claimed by officials and not by actual proof.

The governor of Massachusetts has not seen the video of the suspects dropping the bags. He stated that authorities briefed him on the video. No citizens have step forward as a witness, no video has been released, and word of mouth continues.


The violent exchange between the police and the older brother explained and witnessed only by the cops at the scene. No footage from the police vehicles have been released to the public.


The claim that the younger brother wrote something negative about America while hiding inside a boat, still no photographic proof.


Suspected Boston bomber pleads not guilty and for some reason the public is given a drawing of the court hearing rather then actual photos. Manipulation at its finest.


It should be chilling to all American's that a police officer was then suspended for releasing a photo of Dzhokhar at the time of his capture. Truly chilling photo that the public was never meant to see.


Ibragim Todashev, who knew the Boston bombing suspects was killed while unarmed. Shot 6 times in the body and once in the head (kill-shot). FBI has yet to release to the public what happened.


I am not conspiring against the government. I am seeking to find the evidence that reveals the truth and not just what officials said about the crimes committed.

If we're certain they did it, then why can't the American people see the actually evidence?

I don't enjoy going around all day not believing a thing I hear or see. Can't we get a break and start accepting reality?

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If I were prosecuting the case

I wouldn't release any of that stuff either, before the trial. Go get on the jury and you will see everything they have. The prosecutor has no obligation to prove the case on the internet.

It is not uncommon to ban photography in the courtroom. Working for the court is a good way for a starving artist to pay the rent. It is up to the presiding judge, and is done to try to prevent the courtroom from becoming a media circus.