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New Detroit Sports Arena still OK for Taxpayer Funds, Despite Bankruptcy

LANSING, Mich.—A state board on Wednesday unanimously gave the go-ahead for a new Red Wings hockey arena in downtown Detroit to be paid for in part with tax dollars as the broke city works through bankruptcy proceedings.

Gov. Rick Snyder and others defended against potential criticism that the $650 million project should be entirely financed with private money because the city can't provide basic services and its retirees are facing cuts in their pensions. The arena is designed to be a catalyst for more development and to link downtown with underutilized nearby areas, officials said.


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SteveMT's picture

An insane decision for a bankrupt city.

Let's see. We'll drive through a war zone of empty, abandoned, and demolished houses and businesses to go to a hockey game. While there our car gets stripped, we get robbed, mugged, or killed, and we are never heard from again. This does not sound like a well thought out idea unless this idea is to get rid of a few more unsuspecting sheeple.

Sports are Hollywood

with uniforms.

Ron Paul Was Right

tasmlab's picture

This time it will work

The Ren cen will bring people downtown.
We'll build a people mover - a train that goes nowhere - to bring people downtown.
Then we'll put in casinos! That'll do it.
Then new stadiums for the Tigers and the Lions!
er, almost there,
Red Wings stadium!

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Who is actually going to do something downtown besides going to a game?

Besides with the new arena, who will be able to afford stinking tickets anyways?

The product is not that good anyway. The days of quality players are over. All their creativity has been driven out of them to play to keep from losing to protect managements hide imo.

Bottom line...hockey is an incredibly boring game today.




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