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Anyone Know What Lew Rockwell Has Been up to Lately?

He hasn't had a new podcast since June 28 (a couple of days under a month). I don't think that's happened since he started his podcast. Normally he has 2 podcasts a week (though occasionally he'll have a gap of like 10 days). I'm wondering if he's working on something else at the moment. Maybe something with the Ron Paul Institute? Maybe for the Mises institute?

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Yep -

Great interview! 2 legends of Liberty - how lucky we are...


Have to post this once again

Lew Rockwell hasn't posted a podcast since Dec 20th 2013. Today is Feb 5th 2014. Basically 1 1/2 months between podcasts. Anyone know why there's such a big gap? Has he been weaning himself off doing podcasts entirely?

Over 1 1/2 Months

I guess he's taken an extended break. Anyone no if he has stopped doing them indefinitely?

To answer myself

It looks like they podcast shows are still happening, but as far as I can tell they are only on Lewrockwell.com and not iTunes/Stitcher Radio App.

I contacted them to see if they were every coming back to itunes etc so we'll see what they say.

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I miss Lew's podcasts as

I miss Lew's podcasts as well. He gives outstanding interviews.


Most likely managing the creation of his new website and transfer of content. The new tech is certainly a welcome change, especially for those of us who read on the go. The next big challenge for him is that his stable of writers has gotten very stale and they harp constantly on the same old things. To start with, they need to open up comments for interactivity with their readers. The "we control who gets to say what" model of journalism is as dead as the printed newspaper.

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I think you are right about

I think you are right about Lew being busy changing the site's format. However, I don't agree with your assessment of LRC's content being stale. I think the surveillance and NSA articles are excellent.

Mises Univ most probably

Mises Univ most probably

Southern Agrarian

Tom Woods Mises convention

There was some Mises Institute convention/meeting stuff taking place over last few days. Tom Woods posted bunch of youtube updates from over there. I didn't get chance to watch those videos in full. But perhaps Lew Rockwell's lack of podcast updates might have something to do with activities related to this meeting.

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