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Is Ted Cruz a Neocon Plant like Obama?

Yesterday President Obama failed to show up or send a representative at the first Senate hearings on closing Guantanamo held since 2009. Senator Dick Durbin (IL) who hosted the hearings vouches that the White House was sent an invitation.

The White House snub was far from the most alarming thing that happening at the hearings.

Senator Ted Cruz (TX), who plays himself off as being a libertarian, came out during the hearings as opposing the closure of Guantanamo, ridiculously claiming that it would endanger American lives. http://presstv.com/detail/2013/07/25/315513/white-house-skip...

Of the original prisoners held in Guantanamo concentration camp, fewer than 200 remain. The rest were released over the years for lack of evidence against them. Prosecutors now admit that, at most, there is evidence to perhaps convict 20 of the remaining, 130 of which are being force feed under Obama's orders in order to keep them alive during an ongoing hunger strike that is now in its second month.

So, ask yourself this. What kind of libertarian is willing to keep known innocent men penned up in cages, to deny them the right to die in order to continue to keep them penned indefinitely in those cages, all the while denying them any access to a trial or any system of justice whatsoever? This is not libertarianism, this is evil incarnate walking the earth in the form of a man.

We need to remember that Cruz's wife works for Goldman Sach's, the Banksters who engineered the financial collapse and scrapped trillions of hard-earned savings out of American's bank accounts as a results. We need to remember that he is constantly pandering to Neocon voters, and, as we saw yesterday, he is willing to sacrifice people's freedom and lives, in order to do it as he claws his way to the top.

We need to rethink our support of Ted Cruz. In all likelihood he is a changeling, just like Obama, planted by the Neocons to sucker the gullible into perpetuating the system while they think they are reforming it.

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Well said......

Until "We The People" can audit the votes, the whole process should be boycotted

green hornet

until he votes as he claims he will be questioned as he has no record there to know of .. he deserves fair support until he flies to the other front . and >> WHERE IS SNOWDEN AND ALL THE DEEP INFO ????????????????

I hate to say it.

But you're right. He's a total neocon.


A neocon rising is not to be trusted.

It wasn’t enough that Cruz showed his neocon colors during the Chuck Hagel confirmation hearing. By smearing Hagel questioning his patriotism and doing it in such a zealous and blatant manner, Cruz revealed to me that given the right self-motivation, he could sell Rand or anyone else down the river for his own ends and have no qualms about doing it. His verbal assassin skills as a lawyer were on full display. The problem is that lawyers will often subvert the truth just so they can win, and they feel no remorse for stepping over the lines. Clues into the heart of this man have been lost in deference to certain single issues like the 2nd Amendment and immigration, but a close look into Cruz’ and his spouse’s Goldman Sachs ties also brings up serious issues in Cruz’ overall makeup, who pulls his strings and what he ultimately seeks to gain.

Ted Cruz Questions Chuck Hagel’s Patriotism

“As the first rule of the Israel Lobby is not to talk about the Israel Lobby, I will not question deeper motives here, but it’s clear the nomination holds placed by Cruz and others are diversions from something bigger. For Republicans, this is about rebuking a man (Hagel) who refused to follow the party down the path that created the “broken foreign policy establishment” we have today…. Republicans risk being pigeon-holed forever as senseless interventionists, who “never met a war they didn’t like.”

Revealed for the first time here at RPF is Sen. Ted Cruz's financial disclosure

Dper Bexarrfc posted the following links on 5/23/12.

Breaking News: Shockingly Deep Ties To Goldman Sachs Threaten Ted Cruz's Senate Bid
Ted Cruz Goldman Sachs Connections At A Glance:
Ted Cruz Top 10 recipient of Goldman Sachs campaign donations both in 2011 and 2012
Ted Cruz's law firm represents Goldman Sachs

Here ya go...

I was bored today!

Good thing I scrolled down.

This is too funny and fitting a portrayal as I think the rising neocon and big government RINO deserve each other!

Cruz is a libertarian "leaning" conservative

Cruz isn't a libertarian. He's a conservative with some libertarian leanings. I'm supprised there's so many people who thought e was a full libertarian.

That being said, i dont' want him to run for president and split the libertarianish vote in the republican party. He's Rand's greatest threat in the primaries.

Rand's greatest threat?

And, what is it about RAND that you like?
I love Ron Paul and would have done just about anything (honest and fair) to get him elected, but Rand is nothing like his father.
He's more like Cruz, who is more like Dubya, than is Rand like Ron Paul.
GOSH, I wish people would get this.

Just as said for a year and a half or longer; Ted Cruz is a NeoCON piece of garbage. He is an Israel-firster, just as is Rand. Any person in our (AMERICAN) govt that would put any other nation-state before his own needs to be sent HOME, out of D.C., as Israel-first puts America

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

Freakjng funny

But Ron and Rand both campaigned and endorsed Cruz.

There are different levels of libertarianism, Ron and Rand are different, I don't believe in anarchy or open border globalism as do a tiny portion of some libertarians do

There are NOT "different levels of libertarianism"

The idea that there are different levels of libertarianism is a myth propagated by the enemies of liberty. You either believe in the non-initiation of force as the moral basis for civilized society, or you don't. You can't have your cake and eat it to. You don't get to self-define at your convenience. It is fine to say, I am sympathetic to libertarian, but I am essential a moderate, or liberal, or conservative, but it only waters down the meaning of words to claim you are something you are not. Words should mean something. A society without a reliable means of communications, words that have meaning, is even more at risk than a society that does not have freedom.

I don't agree with those

I don't agree with those either and I am very tolerant of other ideologies(left-libertarian, paleocon etc). However, when we start compromising on warmongering we are screwed. That is the ONE issue that lets you know whether a candidate is a sellout/psycho that does not value human life. That is why we were so worried when Rand supported sanctions.

Ventura 2012

SteveMT's picture

Ron Paul also supported Reagan before he went to the dark side.

I wonder if Ron Paul would still support Cruz now?

Would Ron support Cruz?

I think he changed his mind on Cruz when Ted's true colors showed- and that was in the Spring of '12.

Given Rand's own ideas and actions, I don't even know that Ron would support HIM. And I would agree.
Neither Rand nor Ted are libertarians. They just showed up to the meetings and said stupid things like, "Oh, my; I am learning SO much" (like how to fool people into thinking they mean what they say...)

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

Yes! Cruz is NOT to be

Yes! Cruz is NOT to be trusted. He will pander and pander to you but he is no friend of liberty. Vote for Cruz and prepare to be let down... AGAIN.

Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

He is a Christian Zionist!

He is a Christian Zionist! Nuf said. Will NOT get my vote.

SteveMT's picture

Rule #1: Until proven otherwise, never trust a lawyer.

Rule #2: Until proven otherwise, never trust a politician.
Rule #3: A lawyer and a politician should never be trusted unless there is proven evidence that hell has frozen over.
Rule #4: Until proven otherwise, the standard remains Ron Paul.

I believe Cruz is also

The attourney that was hired by the NRA to undermine Alan Gura in the Heller V DC gun case. He's a NeoCon in my book, for sure.

Ron Swanson

I believe Cruz is also

The attorney that was hired by the NRA to undermine Alan Gura in the Heller V DC gun case. He's a NeoCon in my book, for sure.

Ron Swanson

This isn't a shocker. Ted has been an obvious

Neocon hack job from the beginning. To many people on the DP fell for his smooth court room talk in his defence of the 2nd amendment.

Being good on 1 issue shouldn't be enough for anyone to support.


Forget Crus. He is NOT a natural born American citizen..


but what does it say that

but what does it say that rand would "cozy up", for lack of a better word, with cruz.......if its proven the the doubts dp members had of cruz, undeniably......does that mean rand is easilly fooled, or something else.......i dont agree what so ever to keep those in power that would ruin the rights of people, as a coalition with folks like that would do

Im waiting for the first presidential candidate to run purely on the basis on the amount of firings they would make once the last words of the oath is uttered from his or her breath......nah, the thought only just occured to me, aswell as the wisfull smile on my face

Ted Cruz seems really smart and honest , but

he's got a long ways to go before I can give him my seal of approval. It took years for Rand to earn my trust and it's going to take years for Cruz to earn it. For now I won't bash him because he could just be playing politics. I'll let his voting record do the talking.

What is a better brand for us going into 2016?

Rand Paul, or RandPaulTedCruz. Ted Cruz is there to dilute and obfuscate, Im suprised Ron Paul endorsed him(although I sure he just rubber stamped it to be honest).

Ventura 2012

Why would Rand want an Isreali

lapdog in his administration? Rand would either be continuously undermined & sabotaged OR taken for a ride around a town square in an open convertible.

Ron Swanson


Chances are the Israeli is smarter, faster, more accurate, well connected, hard working, and able to do the job better than 99% of Americans who say they support Rand but would rather smoke pot in the name of liberty.

(( Granger ))

Your post was an obnoxious one, but I am suspecting, based upon the deterioration of our once great nation, neocons who vote against the Constitution abound, voters RE-electing them without looking at records, free phones and other stuff...

that I may have to agree with you :-(

I did not vote you up or down. But I do like that chef doll in your profile.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

TY ((((((PAF))))))

What I find obnoxious is those who complain about how things are, but refuse to get in and change things.

We have elections where the candidate has no challanger. At the last committee meeting I was informed that we ran a great competitor against Feinstein. I priomise you, they found me obnoxious when I told them that the GOP candidate was LUCKY Feinstein didn't debate her.

I tell it like I see it, and while I may not see things the ways others do, it would be great if others would be so open and tell it as the see it rather than worry what others may think. Most don't THINK, they feel. They want us to all get along and everything be gumdrops and snickers bars.

I prefer rib eye and olive bread.

"I prefer rib eye and olive bread."

Hook, line and sinker, and without a doubt, anytime over wings :-)

Granger, you know that I always tell it exactly like it is, I hope that there are no hard feelings :-)

We have no challenger for a few of the districts, but we do have a couple for a couple of the districts.

Do not even begin to doubt me, I am in it to win it. This is when I have wings :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I remember when wings

I remember when the wings were nearly a give away at the store, and back then I made a lot of wings.. now they cost almost as much as breasts, and twice that of dark meat. And it gets me when I order prepared wings and they are not cooked right.. the skin should be crispy and the meat nearly fall off the bone, juicy and meaty, with a buttery burn that makes you want to drink another beer.

And YES, I do believe you tell it like you see it, though we don't see eye to eye, I suppose it what makes for great disco.


We KNOW who is on our side.

We have Justin Amash, Massie, Lee, Davis, etc. WHY is everybody hunting and searching for another unknown savior.

Mike Kelly TOUTED being a Tea Party Conservative, but votes with the administration EVERY time, such as Patriot Act, NDAA Indefinite Detention, CISPA, and now NO on HR 2399.

It is unbelievable to me that you, this so-called Liberty movement, will not support those who are proven to be on our side of Liberty, and make every excuse under the sun to not do so.

This problem did not happen over night. It has been happening for decades upon decades, because people, Americans, Liberty folks, REFUSE to stand on principle.

I will NO LONGER entertain rhetoric. If necessary, I will vote alone and according to my conscience!

Back to the question: look up Cruz's background. That should provide the answer that you seek.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul