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Is Ted Cruz a Neocon Plant like Obama?

Yesterday President Obama failed to show up or send a representative at the first Senate hearings on closing Guantanamo held since 2009. Senator Dick Durbin (IL) who hosted the hearings vouches that the White House was sent an invitation.

The White House snub was far from the most alarming thing that happening at the hearings.

Senator Ted Cruz (TX), who plays himself off as being a libertarian, came out during the hearings as opposing the closure of Guantanamo, ridiculously claiming that it would endanger American lives.

Of the original prisoners held in Guantanamo concentration camp, fewer than 200 remain. The rest were released over the years for lack of evidence against them. Prosecutors now admit that, at most, there is evidence to perhaps convict 20 of the remaining, 130 of which are being force feed under Obama's orders in order to keep them alive during an ongoing hunger strike that is now in its second month.

So, ask yourself this. What kind of libertarian is willing to keep known innocent men penned up in cages, to deny them the right to die in order to continue to keep them penned indefinitely in those cages, all the while denying them any access to a trial or any system of justice whatsoever? This is not libertarianism, this is evil incarnate walking the earth in the form of a man.

We need to remember that Cruz's wife works for Goldman Sach's, the Banksters who engineered the financial collapse and scrapped trillions of hard-earned savings out of American's bank accounts as a results. We need to remember that he is constantly pandering to Neocon voters, and, as we saw yesterday, he is willing to sacrifice people's freedom and lives, in order to do it as he claws his way to the top.

We need to rethink our support of Ted Cruz. In all likelihood he is a changeling, just like Obama, planted by the Neocons to sucker the gullible into perpetuating the system while they think they are reforming it.

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Some solid points Chili

I wouldn't say I dislike Cruz so much as I am just leery of him.

He doesn't get nearly the attacks from the left/right MSM that Rand Paul does which often makes me wonder.

Hmmm, indeed...

It should make you wonder, it should make us all wonder.

very thoughtful post - Thank

very thoughtful post - Thank you. My first reaction is agreement with your general conclusion. We need to learn how to use these plants like TC.

He will drive some good dialogue on important issues but at the end of the day he is going to serve the MIC, and our true owners manifests in person, aka the banksters.


Liberty = Responsibility

Obama isn't a neocon.

Nor is he a plant, LOL.

But Cruz may well be a neocon and worse than a plant: a politician.

I have never understood why the official RP crowd endorsed Cruz. Especially when there was a better candidate running. One that had actually endorsed Ron Paul himself.

Rolling on the floor..

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck!

Obama is indeed a Neocon. He has been enforcing, indeed accelerating Bush's Neocon NWO agenda since his first day in office. This is no surprise given his former residency in Hyde Park and employment at the University of Chicago, which is Neocon ground central in North America. Stop watching the show and pay attention to the people behind the curtain.

What is your definition of a neocon?

I use the term for those who call themselves conservative, yet love to spend and support big gov and war.

Obama has never called himself a conservative.

Conservative is a good word, IMO.

Look up Trotsky

They are basically Trotskyites, based on the philosophies of Strauss. Basically and end to nations in return for global communism based on military power.

The original Neoconservatives (originally a joke term as "false conservatives") were people like Cheney, the Krystol's, Rumsfeld, the Clintons, all the Chicago School people. They came from the far left-wing of the Democratic Party.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

"Neocon" is simply the politically correct word...

for a Zionist.

Neocon = ?

Many Neocons are indeed Zionists, but Zionist does not equate to Neocon, nor is Neocon a code word for Jew. We have to be very careful about this last point. Thousands of Jews are good libertarians, indeed a disproportion number of the libertarian and anarchocapitalist movement were Jewish.

Neoconservativism is a complex subject that is deserving of considerable research. The short answer is it is

"...corporate-statism, or more precisely national-socialism, or in politically incorrect language, fascism. It consists of those who believe the masses should be subjugated to the needs of the smartest, the meritocracy, and that this is done by the state protecting the means of production which remain in the private hands of the elite who are allowed to continue to build profit off the means of production (except when they don't, when it is then the role of the state to step in and bail out the corporations by socializing the failure cost)."