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Sen. Rand Paul @ Foreign Relations Hearing on The Egypt Crisis - 7/25/13 - VIDEO

Sen. Rand Paul @ Foreign Relations Hearing on The Egypt Crisis-7/25/13


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I actually disagree with Rand

It's not black and white as the lected government had shut down the parliament. If there's no parliament the government can no longer be considered democratic and there for the coup could be considered legitimate.

You fell for Kurtzer's diversion.

Rand AGREES that the details of the coup itself and its advantages or disadvantages to us and the people of Egypt is not black and white. Rand is not claiming here that the coup was a bad thing [or a good thing]. The ONLY thing Rand is trying to establish is that IT WAS A COUP! Kurtzer is quite purposefully attempting to distract and divert from Rand's central point. Kurtzer is simultaneously distracting from his own claim that it was NOT a coup. It clearly WAS a coup [even if that was, as Rand might agree, a temporarily good thing]. What is also quite clear [black and white], is that continued financial aid to Egypt from Obama, for the time being, is in violation of US law!

That is the whole of what Rand is claiming in this clip and nothing more.

Heck, last year's events in Egypt also included a military coup. Mubarack's installation decades ago was also during a coup. Perhaps we are seeing a pattern here. Perhaps what we are funding with our financial aid is a permanent state of military coup. The US law that Obama is violating was established to address just that. It provides a pause in giving aid, that we may not automatically perpetuate but better and more objectively revaluate problems in the process.

as we speak

Christians over 2 million of them get tortured and killed in Syria.

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When Was The Last Time One Of Our Presidents Was Held

accountable for anything? Nixon Maybe? We have a criminal government that thinks it do whatever it wants whenever it wants.

Kunsler is a lying piece of gelatinous protoplasm...(Jello)

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Clinton was also, but those stains were not enough.

Neither was the definition of "is." Clinton got away.

kudos to Rand

He was very well spoken.

The honorable Kurtzer spoke dishonorably as strictly a politician only could. He mentioned how a President is best accountable to the law only in reference to the President of Egypt but not the USA. He lumps the issues back together after Rand had done such a good job separating them.

"I don't think it's a black and white question frankly." -Kurtzer

The benefit of the coup to the people of Egypt or the US is certainly not black and white.

Whether or not Obama is breaking US law by continuing to send aid, IS a simple black and white question frankly.

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The coup law should be enforced....one of these days.

"Many from both parties in Congress sympathize with the administration's view and the need to back a military that has safeguarded Egypt's peace with Israel for three decades. Still, some across the political spectrum disagree. Republicans from libertarian Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky to hawkish Sen. John McCain of Arizona, and Democrats such as Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, have demanded the coup law be enforced."

Awesome job


This is educating The People :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Rand Will Not Let That Bastard In The White House Take Us Down!

Getem Rand! Bomb them with the TRUTH

I stand with Rand!


Love that simple opening question

Good stuff.

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Rand is taking these people to the school of the Constitution.

Good and wow! What an education they received!