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POLL: Rand Paul 'TOP' Pick For Republicans

Alex Levinson | Political Reporter | 1:10PM July 25, 2013

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is Republicans’ top choice to be their next presidential nominee, a poll released Thursday found.

The Public Policy Polling poll found Paul leading with 16 percent of Republican primary voters saying they would vote for him if the election were today. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan tie for second place with 13 percent. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is at 12 percent, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio trails at 10 percent.

Four percent of primary voters said they would vote for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, four percent for former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, and two percent for New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/07/25/rand-paul-top-pick-for-rep...

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To think that Democrats and Republicans represent anything other than two groups of competing elites is staggeringly naive.
-Jim Goad
author of The Redneck Manifesto

Stupid poll, way too early.

Rubio should need law changes to be president, but they're already finding ways around it.

If Rand runs, Cruz probably won't so give Rand around 24% or so.

The rest will pool around one guy, either Bush or Rubio.

These crowded fields make things look better than they are.
The field NEVER stays crowded long enough, if it did Ron could have won.
Rand needs to be able to win a one on one primary with any one of the others for him to get the nomination.

Actually, it is not good

Combine the percentages of Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, Jindal, Rubio and you get 57%.....Which means the majority of the republican party prefers establishment/warmonger candidates

Excerpt from The Most Dangerous Superstition

Legitimizing Oppression

The harder people try to work within any political system to achieve freedom, the more they will reinforce, in their own minds and the minds of anyone watching, that the“system” is legitimate. Petitioning politicians to change their “laws” implies that those “laws” matter, and should be obeyed. Nothing better shows the power of the belief in“authority” than the spectacle of a hundred million people begging a few hundred politicians for lower “taxes.” If the people truly understood that the fruits of a man’s labor are his own, they would never engage in such lunacy; they would simply stop surrendering their property to the political parasites. Their trained-in desire to have the approval of “authority” creates in them a mindset not unlike the mindset of a slave: they literally feel bad about keeping their own money and making their own choices without first getting the master’s permission to do so. Even when freedom is theirs for the taking,statists continue to grovel at the feet of megalomaniacs, begging for freedom, thus ensuring that they will never be free.The truth is, one cannot believe in “authority” and be free, because accepting the myth of “government” is accepting one’s own obligation to obey a master, which means accepting one’s own enslavement.


Note About the Copyright

...A “copyright” is usually an implied threat(“Don’t copy this, or else!”).
While I hope that anyone who likes this book will buy additional copies from me, if someone does copy this book without my permission, that would not make me feel justified in using force against that person, or, my own or via “government.” I copyrighted the book primarily so that no one else could copyright it and thereby use the violence of the state to prevent me from distributing it.

A child seeks permission and is given orders/laws

An adult does not need to seek permission nor obey dictators.

Once I was a child and did as a child does.
Now I am an Adult and inspite of so many power mad control freaks, I do not seek permission nor obey dictats.


good for him, now let us hope

good for him, now let us hope someone in my county will be his delegate. I have no interest in the gop anymore. Almost 10 years in the gop septic tank. I have no passion to climb in the crapper for rand paul! I will focus on colorado state politics!

Ron Paul 2016

I'm sure he is

He's right up there with McCain, Rombama (endorsed him and his policies over his dad),Bush. What a pathetic weaselly legacy.

Here they go again,

remind you of the last two times?
"Christie, Bush and Ryan are stronger general election candidates against Clinton. Christie statistically ties Clinton, 42 percent to 43 percent; Bush gets 41 percent to her 44 percent; and Ryan trails 44 percent to 46 percent."
The press always pushes the weaker NeoCons so they lose in the general elections. McCain, Romney--- the strongest republican candidates against the liberal democrat. Will gather more middle of the road voters. HOGWASH.
If this is a right leaning (voter country)a conservative would beat a liberal head on. The problem comes when there is no real choice.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/07/25/rand-paul-top-pick-for-rep...

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

talk about coopting the

talk about coopting the liberty movement .. just like they did to the teaparty movement.. into the folds of the neocon.. good strategy.. feel sad for ron paul and all those people who supported him that are now supporting rand because he is rons son...


They aren't fooling the real libertarians out there, only the blind fools who still think (after the last election!!??!!) elections are real and of course the change agent plants who infest sites like this trying to spin the nondiscerning into going with the "crowd" of "prevailing opinion" which they provide from some basement at Langly or Tel Aviv.
Note how any criticism of Rand is spun into an attack on Dr Paul. If you criticize Rand you therefore hate Dr Paul. Randicon logic that does not necessarily follow at all.

Ron Paul has never compromised on anything

Why would he stop now? He supports Rand on merit.

So you are calling Ron Paul either a liar or stupid.

If you think Ron Paul would compromise his ideals for any reason you are delusional.


Thanks for posting Jungleboogie

Senator Rand Paul is the perfect

Senator Rand Paul is the perfect protest vote.

My Thoughs For All You Pessimists:

Isn't it better that Rand be ahead in the polls of 12 points down to the BUSHER?

Don't jinx this thing..



And undoubtedly when Ron Paul is giving speeches

state by state in 2015 asking us to support Rand they will attack Ron Paul as well.

These types will never admit their own choice. (which they never divulge)

Rand has a commanding lead

If you add Cruz's 12% to his total.

It would be difficult for Cruz to run based on his birth.

We cut Obama down because we suspect he was born on foreign soil.

Cruz actually was born on foreign soil. No way Cruz will run.

Not surprised

That Nazi party would vote for Mr. I sold my dad, and the people out Rand Paul. The average GOP voter would vote for a sell out like Rand and Hate a true Patriot like Ron.

Stand With True Libertarians 2016!
Fire Rand

Very correct

Seems like many paid GOP NEOCON shills come here and support Rand. Forbid anyone dare speak the truth. The shill army of down voters come in. I say they are mostly all shills because if the so called libertarians who supported Ron Paul are that mentally bankrupt and that they can support son of Ron like some prince no matter the numerous facts.

No it dont matter that he sold out the liberty movement at a critical time. No, it dont matter that he sold out his own father and his country to support what MITT ROMNEY OMG.

Its all chess and smart politics to these down voters. Makes me sick to think that they may be real and not paid shills of the GOP.



Poly means many. tics mean blood sucking insects. Which person would suck the life out of you and take more of your cash. Rand or Christy? They all suck money. I believe Rand sucks less. I have listen to Rands dad for a long time. He taught me well. Our government is run by special interest groups for a very long time. If you listened to Ron. He told you how to get over on them.

Money talks and dogs bark

yea Ron talked about the Libertarian Revolution a lot.

He said our time has come that NO ARMY OR GOVERNMENT CAN STOP. I am in that Army the army of Libertarians! Not Sell outs like Rand and the tea flavored jerks in the GOP. We already cost 2 Presidential election . If the Nazi Republican Party is still alive we cost them another. Hear the warning GOP if you do not go more Libertarian you WILL DIE. RIP FOR we the Libertarian Party will be there to replace you with the message of Liberty!

Republican Nazis? Libertarian army killing?

If you are not a shill seek medical assistance immediately.

If you are a shill you should definitely change careers. And upgrade your translating software please, it's too confusing.

So you choose two evils

Then you claim that anyone and everyone should as you do Support the lesser of two evils?

Are you kidding that the main problem to start with. You always put a box up with only a few choices defined by you then you force everyone to choose who you like by presenting your choice as the lessor of the bad choices.

STILL A BAD CHOICE Why knowingly would anyone choose this. I would choose bugs bunny first before either of your choices.


Go with "bugs"

Ticks are arachnids, mosquitos are insects. Both are "bugs" or arthropods. Otherwise, "Yay blueman!"

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

I support Rand on his own merit

Which he has earned, DESPITE constant attacks from the Neo-Cons.

If you choose to hate Rand Paul and ignore Ron Paul that's your problem.

Post incessantly on Rand Paul threads the exact same crap over and over every thread and yeah I'll call you out on it.

If you feel sick over it, then push your alternative. Oh yeah, there isn't one. There never is.

Right ON!

These guttlass resentfilled liars work really hard in the name of Ron paul to undermind those who did what they did not care to do.

The Libertarians...

who hate Rand are like hamsters in a spinning wheel. When they get really mad, they spin that wheel super fast...until they get tired and take a nap. And every 4 years they get mad again and spin that wheel some more, but since 1971, they haven't left the cage.

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.

you vote for a guy that supports.

NDAA 2013
Current imitigation bill
War on Iran
More debt.

Compared gay marriage to screwing an animal on Glen Beck Show.
said he not my dad

Supported Mitt Romney
Spoke at the Nazi Gop convention after they screwed his dad's delegate.
Enorse Mitch mcconell campaign for senate 2016 instead of backing the pro liberty candidate

Yea that sound like a good vote for Rand on merit. Rand is just another establishment Nazi bigot republican in my eyes! I will vote for the Liberty Candidate and IT WILL NOT BE RAND!

NDAA 2013 is nothing like

NDAA 2013 is nothing like NDAA 2012 it's mostly just the damn military budget, which standing against would have provided nothing, and done harm to him in gaining support for other bills and his campaigns.

Opposed immigration bill, that's just a lie.

Vehemently opposes war with any other nation and has been pushing hard to avoid a conflict in Syria. This is basically just another lie.

More debt? Did you even try and understand what he's saying with budgets? Trying to push the senate in the right direction. He's not going to stand in front of the damn train with stop sign. He's pulling levers to try and get it on the right track.

I'm not even going to comment on the gay marriage bullshit.

If you really believe Ron didn't have a say in Rand saying he'd support the nominee, then I have nothing to say to you.

So he should have given up more, because some people fucked us? Let them win more, by not speaking? Seriously?

Endorsed Mitch McConnell because it was the safe bet.
See here: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/3147586

Yeah, I'd be safe in saying you'd make a good O'reilly co-host with all that rhetoric laced fact manipulation.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

Click Here To See The Candidates On The Record

What's that?

Vote for Romney? lol

Not for

Yes, I gave Romney my vote. If I wanted to remain seated on the committee I worked very hard to get on, make a LIBEREY committee, and help Rand and Amash and others in the GOP, it was the only way.

Ron Paul didn't win the CA primary, even though I got more votes for Ron Paul as NW team leader placing 3 out of 53.

Karl Rove LOVES you, you do his job of knocking those like me for staying in more than he does. Go figure. That's how stupid some here are in the name of principle. You have NOTHING, you wait for someone else to do it for you, and you knock the ones who did down because they are not, and can not be THE EXCEPTION like Ron Paul.

What are you doing for Liberty? Waiting while undermining those who are in and will be in position to help Rand, Amash.. etc.