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POLL: Rand Paul 'TOP' Pick For Republicans

Alex Levinson | Political Reporter | 1:10PM July 25, 2013

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is Republicans’ top choice to be their next presidential nominee, a poll released Thursday found.

The Public Policy Polling poll found Paul leading with 16 percent of Republican primary voters saying they would vote for him if the election were today. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan tie for second place with 13 percent. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is at 12 percent, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio trails at 10 percent.

Four percent of primary voters said they would vote for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, four percent for former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, and two percent for New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez.

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Why would you use the term HATE?

So as to make the arguement that my non support for Rand Paul is just an emotional hatred and not based upon any reality?

Im sure that the fact that Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney against his own father who I supoorted not because of his NAME but because he was what I felt the last hope for this Nation to stay in tact. Such a critical time in history and his own son sells me out.

Yet you think for somthing this huge I have hatred. Let me tell you this I do not hate puppets. I pity them. Worthless shells of humans, sell outs. I pity those who have such low morality that they bypass what Rand Paul has done with real lame excuses, like playing political chess and so forth ignoring the reality of McConnel's links to Rand pauls political career or the Jessie Benton move or Rand Paul's love for sending US dollars to IzUnReal.

BUt its got to be hatred and not truth that motivates any former Ron Paul supporters to not support Rand Paul. Cant be any honest truth here right?

You have to have alternatives to justify not supporting Rand Paul? Got to be kidding. No is my final answer.


seems like RESENTMENT

IF you had been in the GOP, which is what Ron Paul asked you to do by saying he needed delegates, then you would have been WARNED, repeatedly, STEALTH, be STEATH because the GOP will OUT YOU.

Many of us had never been in a major party. We were clueless about how the party operates, and we were motivated to GET RON PAUL THE NOMINATION AT ALL COSTS, join the GOP, get a committee seat.. DO WHATEVER YOU CAN GET RON PAUL THE NOMINATION.

Underneathe, at the time was another message: BE LIKE RON PAUL.

Be like Ron Paul, EXACTLY!! Vote for who and what we want! SWEET LIBERTY, man could I taste it!!


We signed loyalty oaths and had no clue what they were.. the ONLY thing that mattered was RON PAUL GET THE NOMINATION!!!!! And to me, if you didn't join the GOP, didn't get on a committee, didn't do whatever you could to get Ron Paul the nomination, you didn't do much.

So for those of us who did EVERYTHING because getting Ron Paul that nomination was the most important things in our lives, Rand's endorsement FLOORED US. How could he???????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!?

So allow me to explain as someone who was selected as a Ron Paul delegate believing that I could be like RON PAUL.

Ron Paul was an exception. How many times did you read something to the effect: "527 members of congress voted for such and such, except Ron Paul, the only NO vote"? Ron Paul ate lunch by himself, crazy old uncle Ron, no one cares, no one listened to him.....

Well when the rEVOLution poured into the GOP, we were NOT exceptions. We were THREATS, and do take care of that threat, they fully intended to OUT us with the loyalty oath: STEALTH STEALTH, not be TRon Paul.. being Ron Paul was going to get you, because you(me) was NOT the exception, we were NOT Ron Paul, but an unwelcomed mass of invaders.

So, when Rand made his endorsement.. the loyalty issue came up.. STEALTH STEALTH.. and what Rand did, was HELP RON KEEP DELEGATES.


If you are not in the GOP, you have NO IDEA, so you hold onto this WRONG idea that Rand underminded Ron. He didn't. Had Rand not made that endorsement, many delegates would have been purged before going to the RNC.

I'm really sorry that those who did not fight as hard as those of us who became delegates did, for instead of this RESENTMENT for something that was none of their business as they were not in the GOP, they were not on a committee, they did not sign ;loyalty oaths, they were not delegates, but they are the LOUDEST AGANST Rand.

So, who are they really? My guess, the same a-holes to told us to "BE LIKE RON PAUL", knowing that's how they could flush us out.

Looks like Sovereign is just

calling you on the crap you post.


What BULLSHIP, I gave my reason, BETRAYAL, you avoided it. You say betrayal is not important because you judged Rand on his own merrit. You say anyone who dont agree with you is just a "Rand HATER!" as if they have no merrit.

I say some one who Ignores his multitude of anti liberty, anti Ron Paul, anti FATHER, and knife stabbed at a critical point the whole liberty movement by endorsing GOP SHILL RINO NEOCON Mitt Rummy.

I have an alternative. Stop poluting the future generations with your immoral example of glossing over Rand the traitor. You have poor judgement because your "on his own merrit" is a fail.

But shills do not address reality they make statements as if they are the authority. Then you give me a choice to either support your immoral choice or give you someone to support. Thats the only choices in your mind apparantly. So you can justify your wrong support.

Pushing my alternative, enlightened disengagement, leaderless revolt. Rand is not an alternative he is more of the same.

You deserve what you get.


Excellent post, Sovereign!

You can always spot the plants. They love "Leninist debate", name calling and avoiding the facts of the issue. We KNOW what Rand IS. He has SHOWN us. He traded his legacy and integrity for 30 pieces of silver. He is controlled opp. Just as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the designated Voice of the black people, Rand is the designated Voice of the libertarian. We are represented by Rands version of "libertarianism" within the statist one party paradigm. Rand will get "us" "our" "piece of the pie".

Yah I have noticed that

Rand Paul gets pushed on the forum alot. Anyone talking about the truth and the facts gets loads of down votes and some real stupid logic thrown at them.

Sold out puppet shills are all that the government has to control the public. As the main players, Rothschilds, ROckafella, etc plan their next genocide.



If you think for one second that Ron wasn't involved in Rand's decision to endorse Romney, you're a fool. By the time Rand endorsed Romney, the writing was on the wall. States were already stolen from Ron ... there was no way he could win and he knew it. I truly believe Ron's presidential runs were as much for paving the road for Rand as they were for spreading truth.

Yes, Rand has voted for some crap. But has his vote ever been the deciding vote for something that screwed us? No! He's playing the game, fool, and he's playing it well. Everything Rand has done has either been good for us or a non-factor, and by playing the game as well as he has, he's gotten people like Sean Hannity to fawn all over him. Do you really think Rand likes Sean Hannity after all the hatred he showed his father?

Have you ever heard Ron Paul say anything negative about Rand? No? Hmm... I wonder why that is. Is it because Ron will tolerate authoritarianism as long as it's his own family in positions of authority? I doubt it. It's probably because Rand's top adviser is Ron Paul. "This one is tricky, Pop, what do you think?" I bet that has happened MANY times. So, you should start hating Ron Paul too, since he has probably advised Rand to vote for some of the stuff you find so treacherous. Or you could trust the Pauls until they actually do something that directly affects us in a negative way (i.e. when one of Rand's votes is a tie-breaker in favor of the bad guys).

I'd bet my life that if Rand were elected POTUS, he would prove that he is, indeed, his father's son. And even if he is only Ron Paul-lite, we'd still be a gazillion times better off.

But go ahead, don't vote for Rand. But please don't campaign against him.

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em

what you describe in your post above is called..

A SELL OUT! You made the point that Rand is Not a principled person. Your right he nothing but go along to get along Nazi Republican! His endorsement of Mitch proves that. Rand is Nothing like his dad! If he had made the morals of Ron I would think about voting for him but Ron has more morals in one finger than Rand will ever have.

Stand With True Libertarians 2016!

Fire Rand


Who gives a F what Ron thinks or does. Rand is the issue. If Ron Sold out out for his Son so be it, he wont be running again and he is not the issue.

Simpleton you ignore when Rand slapes you in the face by saying well Ron was in on it so the slap was ok. Just a top.

Its hard to debate with somone who is so thick that no matter the evidence they just gloss it over or ignore it.

It makes me think that when you call others simpleton its becaue really you are much lower than a simpleton.

In fact its discouraging to se so many on this RP forum being so sold out and stupid as to support Rand Paul. You know your wrong but have to defend your position.


Don't get discouraged

This site is full of plants, TPTB are DESPERATE to push Rand, controlled opp, and defuse Dr Ron Paul. The ideas are out there, people are no longer focusing on The Great and Powerful Oz (the state), they are seeing behind the curtain. This crap about Rand and elections is a distraction, a game, a way to waste time and energy. Anyone paying attention to the last election has seen the jig is up.

Thank You

I agree. All the more the reason to post opposition.

Thank you


You always post on Rand threads

And you always post the same thing, almost word for word sometimes.

Ron Paul is supporting his son Rand, and that's good enough for me.

Did you join the DP just to cut down Rand and try to convince everyone else to distrust him every chance you get?

Can you imagine if Rand was president and Ron Paul had direct access to the White House and could help shape policy? Why in hell would you be against that?

Then you are a

follower of the cult of personality and not thinking using facts and logic. Who know what blackmail may have been used on Rand and Ron to make them back off when momentum was picking up? People will fail you, PRINCIPLES and TRUTH will not.


There were lots of polls last time around, all of them showing RP favorably in the pre primary hoopla. When the poll on the first Tuesday of Nov 2016 is taken, if Rand Paul is on there, I'll vote for him. But please excuse my lack of cartwheels for the most current poll, 3 years before the next election.



Ventura 2012

IF Rand wins the nomination

...expect Palin or some other establishment stooge to run third party to divide the R vote essentially giving the presidency to hillary. Of course this only happens if the blacks out, slander and vote rigging don't work.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Dont worry the blackouts wont happen to Rand

Like the pied pipper he will lead you all back into the NEOCON GOP fold and it will biz as usual. Exactly the same way they did with the Tea party.



Then they'll all whine and start planning for the 2020 "election".

"Lead you all back"

So you think Rand is trying to co-opt his father movement, even though his father has said the two share 99 percent of the same views. Has Ron Paul suddenly abandoned his integrity and lifes work solely to lull the liberty movement back to sleep after 30 years of waking the masses up. As for the media, the neocon israel lobby has already taking their first shots at him and the isolationist claims have long since begun but I guess that is all part of the process of wooing the liberty movement. I understand your worries, I just think you "misunderestimate" this community's intellectual independence and their struggle to find the truth.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

The same views huh

So Ron Paul also beileves in supporting the opposition over his own suporters?

So anything RP says is good by you. Hell if Rand screws the entire libertarian movement it dont matter because his daddy tells you that his views are the same as his son?

I think your lost in your mind. You want a prince you want a leader anyone will do, even if they prove beyone any dout. You shill for Rand with blind eyes and ears.


You are dead wrong all the way around

Rand has co opted the liberty movement just the same as Bob Barr did the Tea party. Rand took the deal, a blind person could see it.

A fathers integerty or a retired politition?

Your arguement is so lame its hard to respond. You can speak for some community and state that I mis represent that community. Are you for real?

Well if Ron supports anyone thats good enough for you but not for me. Especially his son! Do you live in some kingdom, so you think libertarian idealogily is geneticly passed to the son? You dont think a father son relationship is not stronger than political beliefs.

So I support you even if your wrong, son! ever hear of that one before. Or my carreer is over so let me help you get into the senate.

Everything but the MITT ROMNEY ENDORSMENT, we wont talk about his love for IzUnReal, nor his daddy love for Mitch McConnel, Jessie which is stopping or hurting libertarian challenges to get rid of McConnel. The list is long, yet you say well whos perfect he is the best of the lot. More of the same old story.

Split the opposition is exacltly why the Rothschild GOP bought and paid for Rand Paul.


Do you have a ...

receipt proving the ROTHSCHILD GOP bought Rand Paul. I think it is safe to assume haven't any evidence to back up your assertions aside from the red herrings and baseless suggestions. Next time you find it hard to put together a response I suggest you consider there might be an issue with your logic...or whatever you use.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Its so huge how could anyone need evidence

Look at the Federal Reserve Bank. Trail who controls and owns it. Look at who has shares in every Fortune Five Hundred. Look at who owns the media corporations. You want me to spoon feed you but if I put it in your face black and white you still would have some lame ass excuse. Go prove me wrong by doing just a little internet searching before you make your bold statements. Red Herring only because your lazy but perhaps you have some other motivations.


"it's so huge"

That's what she said!!!

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb


endorsed Rand Paul in his senate campaign. It's more likely that she would campaign for him.


Palin is an insider, endorsing Rand would cost her crony credentials. Her job is to deliver the liberty vote to the establishment. It's political co-opting 101. ...and then there is her appearance on fox stating she'd run 3rd party if the nominee was not conservative enough which is code for LIBERTARIAN.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb


Ron Paul was ahead of the pack in many of the pre primary polls. Especially in Iowa. What happened once the primary season started? The fix was in.

link please

link please

oh, I thought you were serious...

for a moment, I thought this would be legit. Too bad it's just a straw poll.