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AZ’s Assault On Solar Power: Big Gov Monopoly On Display

Arizona has more sunshine than it knows what to do with – anyone who has spent even a short amount of time there can attest to the blistering heat and almost unbearable intensity of the Sun’s rays. Naturally, one would assume that this ample sunshine would be looked upon as a boon to a state that needs to consume vast amounts of energy to keep all of its citizens air conditioners running full-blast 24 hours a day. However, due to the self-interests of government, especially where utility monopolies are concerned, Arizona has declared war on solar energy and those who would foolishly seek to utilize and profit from it.

Proposals put forth by Arizona’s largest electric utility provider via government-granted monopoly, Arizona Public Service (APS), would cancel out the benefits enjoyed by those who use solar power to not only power their own homes, but also to provide excess power to the grid in AZ. Previously, “net-metering” would provide income (or at least break-even status) for those with solar paneling on their homes or businesses.

Essentially, this APS paying for power that comes in from those solar sources, which they then deploy throughout the grid to supplement the power they derive from coal, nuclear and pipe in from CA. The new proposals would tack on fees for new solar users who wanted to partake in the net-monitoring system, or get rid of the net monitoring all together in lieu of a for more expensive APS created formula that “pays back” solar users via credit for the power they provide. Either way, it cancels out the gains of having solar.

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I own a net metered solar home in CT

Our utility(CL&P) is required to net meter grid tied solar systems. Once a year they "settle up". If they owe you for kwh's - they pay you the generation rate as of the day they settle in the form of a check.
I have been very happy with the whole process(except for a 15.00 a month delivery fee on electricity - so I can never really have "no" power bill). The net metering makes it real easy - without the net metering - there would be NO way to justify the expense of the panels. During the day we "bank" a LOT of kwh's - without the metering - we would lose those kwh's - or have to install a VERY expensive battery bank(it was around 30,000.00 dollars).

free markets

The only solution to energy "problems". End the state granted monopoly utility companies.

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