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Illegal Alien rapes, beats and kills 93 year old woman in her home.

Enough is enough, these sick f...s, so sick of the people supporting these scums crawling over our borders.

She was from Omaha, Neb, what a way to have your life ended.


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Jeffrey Dahmer, white, native born, English Speaking,

American citizen, goes on mass killing spree, consuming parts of the corpses of the people he killed.


I'm a libertarian believing all men are created equal. When it comes down to it people who get into an emotional debate about illegal aliens are employing the same techniques as liberals and gun control. This high powered assault Mexican is destroying our country and safety!


Respect for Laws

If an individual has respect for the laws of a country, they follow the lawful procedures to enter that country.

If they do not respect the laws, they sneak in to the country in violation of its laws.

One who violates the law is either a criminal or an activist employing civil disobedience. How many people coming here illegally are doing it as activists making a 1st amendment political statement?

Not many would be my guess. That must mean they are CRIMINALS.

If they do not respect the laws, they are not a lawful person. If they are not a lawful person, they will commit crimes. Starting with the one where they broke into the country.

One of those crimes could be rape and another could be murder. Why not? The person is not lawful and obviously only motivated by what pleases them.

If you look at the numbers then you'll see that those who enter the country illegally commit other crimes at a greater rate than the general population or legal visitors / immigrants. It makes perfect and logical sense.

Meanwhile, the lawless congress keeps creating more and more incentives to draw in the wrong kind of people and reward them for not following the law. They pour gasoline on the fire.

This post ignores the root issue.

Why are illegal immigrants violent? Maybe because the immigration laws, centrally planned economy, and welfare state make it difficult for them to start a moral and natural life in this country. Maybe its because the best opportunities they have are on the black market? Maybe because they are coming to a morally bankrupt nation in the first place.

When there was liberty in this country, the nation gave land to immigrants for free. Everybody was happy. Everybody contributed to society. Why? Because we had free markets and civil liberty. The only problem we face today is that we dont.


Agreed, Sort Of

Your second paragraph is spot on. Your first paragraph is problematic.

Because we have the system we do, we draw the wrong type of person in the first place. Its not that the right person comes here and is foiled in their attempt at the American Dream... it is just that different incentives draw different people. There is no freedom here, but tons of free shit and multiculturalism.

Come and be our new slave class! Don't assimilate! Come mow my lawn and take out my trash and nanny my kids! Then pissoff back to wherever you came from.

A hundred years ago a different type of person was coming here. A person who expected to work and produce and assimilate.

The incentives that exist now both economically and socially encourage a gray underclass to exist which is kept intentionally illegal, separate, dependent, and subservient to the upper classes.

It is the US middle class and the 'immigrants' themselves that are damaged by all of it. The ultra wealthy people win. Like they always do.

Yes. I agree.

Try putting the first paragraph in a different context and infer the rest. You will see that i say nothing to the contrary. Just left a little to the imagination.

The fact is, that was what i was trying to communicate. I just wasn't as explicit as i could have been.


The fact that he was an illegal

alien has nothing to do with the crime. There are plenty of "illegals" who go to the US to earn a decent living for their families who would do it the "legal" way if it were reasonably possible for them.

Borders are created by government and being a citizen because you happened to be born somewhere by chance does not make you better than the person who happened to (by chance) be born somewhere else and wanted to enjoy the benefits of living in the place where you (again, by chance) happen to have been born in.

Plenty of citizens commit rapes and murders as well. It is not fair to generalize entire "classes of people" for what one person who fits that description did.


What kind of a sick person rapes an old lady?... Like really old at that.

Lawless Psychopaths

Who don't have any respect for human life, themselves, or the rule of law. Maybe when they broke the law by stealing their way into the country that should have been a possible tip off that they were not a lawful individual? Of course, stating common sense observations that are not politically correct do not good, right? People just ignore the obvious.


Tragic. But I'm afraid you're conflating the criminal elements and the race.

No one supports the idea of criminals (by my own definition is only one who violates the non-aggression principle) committing random acts of violence against anyone else.

Well, no one other than maybe Eric Holder and the US Federal government.

really? please show me where I mentioned race?


Illegals are illegals, could be from Egypt, Israel, Mexico, China, it doesn't matter, when you break in to a country, you do not respect laws....period. Has nothing to do with the liberal BS of race. Just so happens that the majority of illegals are from Mexico.

Riddle me this, why do we not half nearly 50 percent of Canadien illegals in our prisons, surely it can't be because they are NO, it's because they don't break into our country illegally.

So sick of liberal talking point craziness.

I m no open border, globalist Libertarian. - I am a Constitutionalist, a believer in nation states and of the US Constitution.

Can someone please tell me when the last Canadien illegal immigrant beat, raped and killed a 93 year old woman?

Good Luck

Bottom line, if we would have followed existing law, the same law Ron Paul voted for, we would have a secured border and this 93 year old woman would have lived out her life in peace.

And you are trying

to tell me, that you have never, consciously or unconsciously, broken a local, state or federal law? I think you almost certainly have. Does that make you a murderer? Or is it only those who break immigration laws that are automatically murderers?

Logical Fallacy

"I m no open border, globalist Libertarian. - I am a Constitutionalist, a believer in nation states and of the US Constitution."

If you support the US Constitution, then you realize as I do that it does not authorize government to create a vast welfare state. If we had limited and constitutional government, there would be no free benefits to reap here. The 'wrong' type of illegal (free shit army) would stop coming here because there would be no 'sugar' to draw them. In their place, hard working immigrants would come like in days past, driven by a desire to work their way upward, contribute, and assimilate.

If you are a constitutionalist there is no reason to close the borders. There is only a reason to close the borders when we have the wrong incentives bringing the wrong type of person here. A government which remained shackled by the constitution could have open borders and could still have national integrity.

how long do you think it would take for me to find

An example of a similar crime committed by a legal resident of this country within the last week.

Criminals are criminals. We used to have completely open borders. We also had an armed population that was community oriented. Shit like this didnt happen. Not here, and not in Mexico where millions of former citizens of Mexico made a transition to members of the sovereign nation of mexico and finally the united states.

The bottom line is like the straw man argument against capitalism:

"Rich people will oppress the lower classes. Look around it happens every day."

No jackass. It happens because we dont have capitalism. The reason illegals hurt society is because they live outside the rule of law regardless. If they had access to freedom, they would thrive just like anyone born in this country.



Meh, call it liberal talking points. You didn't have to call them 'wet-backs' either. It doesn't mean much.

You betray your racism when you ask the question, "Can someone please tell me when the last Canadien illegal immigrant beat, raped and killed a 93 year old woman?" The insinuation is clearly that Mexicans somehow have a propensity to crime and violence.

There's no such thing as a "globalist libertarian."

Listen dude, I sympathize both with the victim and your feelings. I wasn't trying to be rude. I tried to say I feel like the point of your post was to point a finger at Mexicans instead of who I feel is the guilty party..

Which in all cases, without exception, the federal government.. The progenitor of nearly all the ills of humanity.

But now I'm curious, what do you feel is the solution? A concrete wall a la West bank? Perhaps we shove them into prison for 10 years? Would you be willing to foot the bill for that? Further militarize the border? When you do finally secure the border and the ptb decides it's time to suspend the constitution and all those guns and drones start pointing at us and the barbed wire fences atop concrete structures batten down the exits, will you be happy then?

appreciate your reply

but you assume all Canadiens are white. I never mentioned race, Canadien is not a nationality, it's a citizenship. The Country of Canada doesn't even have a common language.

I used Canada citizenship because there is no real illegal immigration from Canada, why would they want to move here?

As a matter of fact, the biggest illegal immigration into Canada was by Americans during Vietnam.

I would suggest a national program like Oklahoma implemented, no food stamps, no medical, no welfare and no Non-english speaking government employees used as interpreters. A year after implemented , nearly the entire illegal immigrant population has moved to other states.

In addition, I would push what Rand Paul suggested, which is a moratorium on all immigration, illegal and legal so the country can "take a breath" and help to melt all the various people's into the American pot to chase the American dream.

Instead of amnesty, I would use natural attrition. We as legal citizens should not be worried what someone needs when they break our laws. If someone wants to become a citizen, then they can return to home country and apply like everyone else. We are broke, we can't afford more big government voters that push the Democrat agenda.


Oklahoma's plan sounds exemplary.

The moratorium could be an issue. Don't they import a significant amount of brain matter for high-tech industry?

You would think that this would be viewed as more of a market oriented issue.. I mean, limiting visas seems to equate to protectionism, doesn't it? Labor is a resource like any other.

"we can't afford more big government voters that push the Democrat agenda." Agree wholeheartedly. That's absolutely the intention when they start talking amnesty. It's a travesty and a big store of political capital for them to use any time they want.

But you make a lot of good points.

And I suppose the reason he killed

her was that he was an "illegal" alien, and that automatically makes you a murderer?

This title is what is sickening

What difference does it make if he's illegal or not, in my opinion, all of us "citizens" are the illegal ones, going against what the founding generation had left for us.

Racism has no place here.

sorry you are blind to reality

but the facts speak for themselves, in Federal Prison nearly half of all violent offenders are illegals.

In California State Prisons it's nearly 60%.

It's not racism, it's because the fast majority of those crossing the border are the bottom of the bucket in Mexico, they are the least desirable from Mexico, not all. But I don't really give a damn if it was white Canadiens crossing our border illegally, they DO NOT belong here. If you love Mexico, cross over into their country illegally and see how long you sit in their prison.

Because natural born citizens

Because natural born citizens don't rape and kill.

Sure no doubt

but not even close general population vs illegals

Hmmmm....find me an example of an illegal Canadien raping, beating and killing a 93 year old woman.

Lots of luck

numbers don't lie

nearlyl half of all violent offenders in Federal Prison are illegal aliens. Far greater than the general population, sorry for people like you that think everybody is exactly the same and try to protect this scum- sick.

Interesting. You make a

Interesting. You make a generalization and lump an entire nationality into one group, I say that it isn't fair to do because people of all demographics commit these atrocities and you say that I'M the one that thinks all people are exactly the same? Phew! I've fought side by side on the battlefield with some of these Mexican "scum". They risked their lives so that they could be a part of this country. They're not all bad. And believe me, I'd be the last person to claim that all people are the same.


I never mention Mexican in my post, I said illegal allien.

We have plenty of illegals from all over the world that cause havoc. I posted about a man from China who was N illegal, who was driving a Semi illegally as well that slammed into a family a killed them all.

If we had a huge amount of illegals from Canada or Belize causing havoc, getting put into our prisons, I would post the same stuff. It's not about race, it's about illegals breaking in, and then breaking our laws.

We have enough whites breaking our laws, we don't need more people from the get go from the instant they cross our border to already be a criminal and allowing them to roam our country.

PS border crossing illegally could just as easily someone from China, Russia, Britain who have a travel visa that avoid immigration service and stay here illegally. Doesn't matter the race.

No, people are individuals.

But you seem to think that immigrants (at least from Mexico) are ALL violent, indolent, worthless scum.

We do not need xenophobia on a site devoted to individual liberty.


you must be from LaRaza, we have many here and sites all over that are LaRaza members.

no phobia bro, you want to go head to head on immigration illegal or legal ill be happy to crush you into pieces. Bring it.

No LaRaza here,

but my father's father was born in Sweden. I guess that makes me "not really an American" in your eyes.

link please

to support that claim

"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran
"The Perfect Man has no self; the Holy Man has no merit; the Sage has no fame." - Chuang Tzu

I posted it months ago

if you want to look through my posts, go ahead, it's there. Someone else, challenged me on it and I proved them wrong.

In addition, the info states that a majority of crime in border states is caused by illegals, who would have thunk it that illegals woud not obey our laws. Brain twister