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New Monsanto Menace

Monsanto continues to be a powerful menace. This just in... from a local news station in Central Illinois according to a friend there. 70 teenagers who were detasseling corn in Pesotum, Illinois were sprayed with an unidentified chemical substance by a Monsanto crop duster. The company claims the plane made a wrong turn, as though a pilot couldn't see a field full of teenagers. Hey, if the FDA won't approve human medical testing, just have an "accident." Of course, if the kids start getting cancer, they are out of luck as far as suing Monsanto since Monsanto's best buddy Obama gave the company blanket legal immunity against law suits. Aren't you glad we have a liberal in the White House looking out for the little guys?

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Remove that pilot's


Ron Paul Was Right

It's for our safety dude

National security and stuff.