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The Daily Paul... Peace, Gold, Love

Some recent observations:

Peace... we all seem to be in agreement on taking an anti-war stance.

Gold... we're pretty much in agreement on the philosophy of sound money.

Love... as of late, this seems to be sorely lacking (See Martin/Zimmerman, atheist vs. believer, et.al.)

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It should be:

Peace, Gold, Liberty

Peace & Love are very similar. Similar enough. But Freedom / Liberty is one of the main reasons (I think THE main reason) for this site's popularity.

It should be Peace, Gold (Au), Liberty.... In my humble opinion

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


...is the foundation. If you have a bunch of people at strife with one another and willing to trample over others due to lack of Love, Liberty will quickly erode (much as we're seeing now).

I agree, but

we discuss topics that matter more specifically to Liberty than to the generalized idea of love. This site doesn't have lots of discussion on who loves each other, and this and that about love.
We discuss liberty.

Of course love is inherent in our ideals, and the basis for them. But more specifically, this site promotes the ideas of Liberty.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Actually, though...

...when we discuss things like the 'non-aggression principle' and 'non-interventionism' and treating other nations with respect rather than how the neocons would and being deferential to others in their social lives regardless of whether we disagree with some of their personal choices: this is all a discussion of 'Love', but masquerading under other terms. So really we ARE discussing it, but just not explicitly using that word. :)

It would seem odd to me to divorce discussion about ideas of Liberty from discussion of its source, or even from discussion of the sources of Love, itself. It would be like discussing sports and athletics without ever discussing nutrition, diet, exercise -- that which enables the sports to even take place. Or like discussing engineering without ever discussing the sciences, which enable engineering to expand in all areas of technology and development.

So that's why I 'love', no pun intended, to see discussions of everything ranging from the political machinations of Liberty to how people are inspired from their various philosophical and theological backgrounds towards Love of others, which fosters their passion for Liberty. (Even if they don't explicitly use the term 'Love', but dress it up in phrases like 'non-aggression principle'.)

Anyway, we're probably splitting hairs here, so I'll let it rest. :)

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Love is just the byproduct.

Respect of individual liberty is the root.

But I think you are right. With Peace, Gold, and Love you will get respect.

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I'd say...

...it's the other way around -- a society which does not have Love of neighbor, and even Love of enemies as its foundation will not take long to see its Liberty crumble into strife and authoritarianism. 'Live and let live' is dependent on the goodness of the People, and without Love there is no goodness.

You forgot:

Open borders or Illegal alien.



Any others?