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What is racism and Is Obama a racist?

What is racism and Is Obama a racist? Why is racism a mistake? Is affirmative action racist? Part 1

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To the second question: Yes.

"Race", having no biologically objective definition, can practically be described as that awareness of the broad set of family characteristics that show ancestry and geographical selection over the course of millenia. While, GENETICALLY, human beings are about 98% chimpanzee (and vice versa), in those very narrow margins we see distinctions of eye color, mental acuity, hair texture and myriad other properties.

"Racism", then, would be a proclivity to exhibit bias on the basis of race (or appearance.) A casting director, for example, has a professional responsibility to make racist decisions. If Jamie Foxx (markedly darker than I) and I (who can easily pass for pure euro in spite of my three continent heritage) both were to audition for a production of Othello, the smarter money bets on Jamie being cast in the lead, and my being cast as Iago or Rodrigo or Casio, irrespective of our relative merits as actors. That is racism, but is it bigotry? Is it simply a desire to produce the best play possible based on the available resources?

Short answer, race is generally irrelevant to rational people, though often of vital importance in certain rarified fields. The aformentioned casting director, perhaps a photo editor putting together a layout for the United Colors of Beneton, a hemotologist pursuing a treatment for sickle cell anemia, or a dermatologist/oncologist trying out different approaches to melanoma.

In short, there is a LOT of benign racism going around -- for professional or simply preferential reasons (I want a spouse who shares my Scots/Irish/Japanese heritage?). Most of it is NOT bigotry.

President Barack Hussein Walker Bush, on the other hand, is both a racist, AND a bigot.

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to be continued

fantastic analysis

Your logic is flawless and the truth you expound on needs to be spread far and wide. People need to stop and reflect on this issue and how it is being used to divide a nation. As usual, you are spot on, Jan!

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Thank you for your support and praise.

Thank you for your support and praise. Please tell your friends.

Jan Helfeld

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Do you agree?

Do you agree?

Jan Helfeld