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Ron Paul protege leads revolution

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I almost felt like I was in the chamber.

A well written article, could feel the excitement. Kudos to Amash for taking a stand and forcing Pelosi and Boehner to show their true colors. It makes me sick that Issa, my former congressman, and Hunter, my current congressman like the idea of the government spying on me.

As far as the libertarian community is concerned

it is starting to look like the best endorsement that Rand can get in 2016 is from Justin Amash. All integrity... no compromise. Kinda reminds me of a former congressman that I know of.


You couldn't let ME do the honors of making this announcement/thread!!


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

It's a very liberal paper

only a few comments, the insult being the most remarkable.. so maybe saying something in the comments would be appropo?

Congratulations ((((PAF))) Maybe DavyC was trying to make your day?


You also insult people (myself included) by LABELING things and trying to put everyone in a Political Box of your chosing. This is particularly destructive when you get your label definitions from the ever changing Wiki.

Save your time and don't write a long narrative of things that try to subvert the simple truth as a reply.


PS, You have every right to reply, but please watch this again.

before you do.

I didn't watch it

I have seen other vids by that person and I don't apprecaie his messsage as I find it a dumbing down and hatemongering.

I'm sorry that you see me as insulting you.

I don't have an account

I don't have an account there, otherwise I would. I didn't know it was liberal, I don't remember visiting that site before..

OH YEAH, DavyC DID make my day!!

((( GRANGER, I hope that you are having a very good evening :-) )))

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I am

I was most generously gifted with the most fantastic prince mushrooms that popped up under two of the largest redwoods today, so I made a strudle with some awesome feta made from sheep milk, from Israel (it is the best feta on Earth).

I feel blessed.


Good for you Granger, enjoy your meal.

Just a question. Do you feel blessed from God providing the mushrooms and redwoods or from a Country defined feta?

"(it is the best feta on Earth)" is a statement of opinion. One that supports the destruction the FDA has done to eliminate local production of raw milk and cheese in the US.

That same US that has an impotent Congress taken over by AIPAC.

Jest askin' ;)

TY base1aransas

Yes, I feel blessed and whate's perhaps more important is to share those blessings, not in words, but action, so I have made gifts of this food for others, many who have no idea a prince mushroom exists.

Yes, it is my OPINION that the feta from Israel is the best I've ever had. For example, the first time I ever had a pastured chicken, I thought, "OMG THIS is what chicken tastes like!" Very little meat went a long way because of the flavor was so rich, and it made a wonderful stock that I made a gallon. Where a store bought chicken, it's bland and maybe I can mafe 2 cups of good stock.

I would hope that rather than supporting destruction, I would be rallying for competition.

The only reason AIPAC has any power is because people care and get involved. The liberty movement could have the same opportunity of people did more than wait for a Adam the Man Vid or contributed to MSM hosts that talk, but there is no action. Ron Paul started a school, not a PAC. Why is there no LIBERTYPAC?