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I like Pizza and Stuffed Peppers.

I like pizza and stuffed peppers.

The pizza - deluxe. Piled with toppings. I even like anchovies.

I really like a bunch of sour cream on the stuffed peppers at times too.

We're having stuffed peppers tonight. Can't wait for that timer to go off.

The wife makes stuffed cabbages (pigs in a blanket) for herself because she's not fond of stuffed peppers.

Anyone else like Pizza? Stuffed Peppers? Stuffed Cabbage?

I just thought I'd post something that wasn't deliberately divisive since the moon seems to be full around here and it seems there is a competition going for who can post the most divisive piece of rubbish on DP in the last few days.

It's almost becoming annoying, which doesn't usually fare well.

So, what is it? Pizza, Stuffed Peppers, or Stuffed Cabbage?

Or do you have an even better favorite?

*sigh* Which now reminds me of Perogies. Man I love Perogies too.

And Ruebens.

Note to Self: No posting about food when hungry.

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And BLT's,

Just had to mention BLT's. *gurgles*

Actually the garden is producing some stuff well (like the 60 or so cukes out there in the fridge every few days) Lol, but the rain this year has been record breaking and has taken its toll on a few things.

Half the pumpkin plants kicked off which I expected with this kind of rain. And - when watermelon plants on a hill are telling you "Too much rain man" you know its not good. The corn is on a hill which is good drainage and even it is yellowing faintly on the bottom. Although the upper half of the plants look excellent and should produce well.

Any apples?

I live down here in South Florida and there are some fun new varieties of apples, plums, peaches, and nectarines that were hybridized to require minimal freeze hours in the winter. So I have a few of each. I only got a half a dozen apples this year. Hey, you could do figs up there. I love figs too. I have a half a dozen different fig trees going too.

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We have a few apple trees but they're small yet.

One had about 10-12 apples on it, but it's down to 2.

There's just something about a hot day, stopping the mower, and a little green unripe apple.

The neighbors had a fig tree in FL but you were lucky if you got one before the birds did.


Gone to far!

Pigs in a blanket? What's that supposed to mean?

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They're real man, google it. "stuffed cabbage pigs in a blanket"

It's all love man, it's all love.

ha-ha, yes I know exactly

ha-ha, yes I know exactly what your talking about, my old Pa Dutch granny used to make me eat cabbage, yech! Now stuffed peppers on the other hand, stand by, that's good stuff!

Green Pork Chili Burritos

Not the frozen kind from the grocery/convenience store. The fresh ones you'll find at our great Arizona restaurants. And a nice craft beer...drink local!

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I grow a row of Serrannos (green chilis) every year, usually about 36 plants in a 45 foot row. I parboil them after cutting them into rings, and then freeze and vac pack 'em. Last me usually until about late spring if I don't succumb to handing a few bags out.

I put them in and on everything by the handful. They crack off the frozen chunk real easy when ringed.

Great in chili, ramen noodles, omelets, frozen burritos, pizza, you name it.

So true BMD

I was thinking about making a new post titled "Does pizza really exist?" What do you think?

Btw- I like stuffed peppers too... My "problem" foods are Chilli Rellenos and apple fritters. So bad for me, but who cares.

Anchovies? Only commies like

Anchovies? Only commies like anchovies!

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