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"The September 10th Caucus Gains Ground"

if anyone is wondering what the neocon take is on yesterday's NSA vote, here is some insight from Jonathan Tobin of Commentary Magazine, who does not sound too pleased about where many in the Republican Party are headed when it comes to national security issues. :)


Jonathan S. Tobin
07.25.2013 - 1:00 PM

The defeat last night by the House of Representatives of an amendment to the Department of Defense Appropriations Act that would have halted the National Security Agency’s program that collected phone records to monitor terrorist activity is causing many proponents of a strong national defense to heave a sigh of relief. The vote, which was allowed by Speaker John Boehner, was intended as a way for the House leadership to let its libertarian wing, led by Republican Justin Amash of Michigan, to blow off steam. Many members wanted to be able to go on record as opposing an unpopular measure that strikes many on the right as an extension of President Obama’s big government philosophy and tramples on the civil liberties of ordinary Americans. But with a majority of liberal Democrats joining Amash and 93 other Republicans, the attempt to spike a vital cog in the effort to defend the country against Islamist terrorists came within half a dozen votes of succeeding. If anything, Amash and others who, like Senator Rand Paul, want to drastically cut back on America’s commitment to engage with the world or to take a forward approach against security threats have good reason to be encouraged by the vote.

Though intended to head off just such an eventuality, the House’s actions may turn out to be a watershed moment in American politics. By coming this close to abolishing rather than just restraining the federal government’s efforts to monitor terrorist communications, Amash and his confederates are not just seeking to turn back the clock to September 10, 2001. They are also on the cusp of altering, perhaps for the foreseeable future, the national political alignment on national defense. The strength of GOP support for the ideas of Amash and Paul ought to scare Republicans for reasons relating to both principle and politics. Bu it should also worry Democrats like President Obama who, however reluctantly, has faced up to reality and rightly committed his administration to continuing most of his predecessor’s policies aimed at dealing with the terrorist threat. By choosing to either appease Amash, as Boehner has done, or to largely ignore it, as has been the position of the White House, the leadership of both parties is allowing the national mood to drift toward one in which the poorly reasoned libertarian critique of national defense policy has moved from the margins to the mainstream.


This is a particular danger for Republicans since the notion that they can successfully compete in national elections as a party of isolationists against internationalist Democrats is a formula for political disaster. But whether or not it hurts their electoral prospects, responsible Republicans as well as Democrats who value the country’s future need to stop coddling or ignoring Amash and Paul and start fighting back against their campaign to take us back to 9/10. As Republican Rep. Tom Cotton said on the floor of the House last night, America is still at war, even if some in Congress would like to pretend that it isn’t. If that message continues to lose ground on Capitol Hill and in the public square, the price that the country will pay in blood may be high.


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This is the Neo-Con rallying call

Every time Tobin says they, that means us.

We are going to be attacked by Neo-Cons and Globalists.

No way will they be able to divide Ron & Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Judge Nap, Ben Swann, Lew, AJ, Schiff and the rest.

But they will certainly try to divide Libertarians, evangelicals, independents and disaffected Democrats/occupiers.

They will try to divide and subvert these movements, and pit these movements AGAINST each other including ours. They will do this using the same resources and tactics they have always done, only instead of doing it to protesters, they will be coming here and doing it to us.

Expect things to get wild and woolly.