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Lesson from Kindergarten Homeschool: "The Computer Built By a 5-Year-Old"

The following is an excerpt from the description of a live Ebay auction listing.

One day, Logan heard me mention the Raspberry Pi -- a credit-card sized computer -- to a friend. He heard me mention this, and he went back to his laptop and started looking up YouTube videos on it. For four weeks, Logan told me all about the Raspberry Pi and what you could do with it, until I finally broke down and ordered one. Really, I was curious about it, but it was also to shut him up.

Similarly, the public K-12 education nowadays proceeds from the "shut up and learn" paradigm. But in contrast, the auction description captures the essence of homeschooling a few sentences further:

Finally, I decided that the solution was not to punish him, but to direct his energies in the right direction. With that, I thought I'd teach him to build a computer.

As a side note, the starting price for the computer being auctioned is competitive but you could find better prices for something similar. On the other hand, you know this product is definitely assembled in the USA.

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Awesome parent!

Wish I was that good. Still, better homeschool my kids than dread their homecoming from public school knowing the "socialization" and indoctrination they would get there.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine