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Whats Your What If?

This is mine

Have you ever had one of those brilliant WHAT IF moments that you believe would solve a lot of problems, while at the same time bring the so called 2 party system to its knees so we can really have a chance at true Liberty? I just had one!!..Ok..Im loving this idea (now wonders if it would work?) There are a few of us that know the Census questions..most of them..are total bs and we dont have to answer..but for those not knowing lets add a few questions like...ARE YOU FOR OR AGAINST ABORTION (except in rape/incest and extreme medical needs) ILLEGALS COLLECTING WELFARE? ILLEGALS GETTING FREE EDUCATION? GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS THAT PAY FOR DRONES-.....just pile on about 10 to 20 questions. Have the people sign the statement. When the bill for all this crap comes...THEY PAY IT...If that happened..how fast do you think they would vote to get rid of that crap?

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