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Emailed TXGOP... nothing has changed

I am on the TXGOP mailing list.
While I usually send it straight to the recycle bin, I decided to read this weeks news letter.
Rah Rah Rah Mofo, vote for teh GOP, etc...
Same old stuff.

But,the picture in the bottom right caught my interest:

'Gotta Wake Up Washington'
Vote, Straight Party Republican Ticket
With our friend Ted Cruz and TXGOP Chairman Steven Munisteri.

Isn't that great? The good ol GOP is promoting straight ticket voting. They don't want you read the entire ballot, just fill in the bubble that says "R" next to it and you are good to go you conservative person you!

Usually these emails are monitored by interns or some low level staff and never respond but I gave it a shot any ways.

From ME:
Straight Ticket voting?
You are joking right? Can't have any individual thought among the voter base. "Better vote for who we tell you, slaves."
I know you are already going to scurry to the aid of Cornyn to make sure he is in office for 18 years straight.
Doesn't that seem hypocritical? Or is TXGOP really TXDNC?
I'm going to laugh when Stovall sends him home early to the confines of his Mcmansion and the 'old money' in TXGOP will cry boo-hoo.

A good ribbing eh? They are already trying to push Cornyn's reelection to the zombie voters. Amazingly, a few minutes later I got a response.

(Ulfilas), sure individual voters can have individual thought. However it is the mission of a political party to get its nominees, who are chosen by the primary voters, elected.-Steve

I rest my case. Washington was right about political parties.

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Disgusting, something to keep

Disgusting, something to keep in mind is, back when Tom Delay got in all that trouble, the GOP were not able to get a candidate on the ballot for his seat, Jerry Patterson tried to get them to support the Libertarian Party Candidate, on the condition that he would Caucus with the Republicans.

it got pretty messy with the GOP good ol' boys club doing every thing they could, to let the Dems win by default.

Time to get Stovall, Patterson, Medina, and someone good for Governor, elected.