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It's not just Detroit, some suburbs surrounding are falling into the abyss too

Introducing Inkster MI. Aka Little Saigon. Inkster is a mess and the fractures are no longer hidden.
Keynesian Economics is picking up steam.

. Inkster School District officially dissolves
State of Michigan dissolves Inkster schools due to money problems

INKSTER, Mich. -
Thursday evening, parents, teachers and administrators said goodbye to the school district which has served the Inkster community for decades.

It is the official end of the road for the Inkster School District. Money problems have forced the state of Michigan to take action and dissolve the district.

District leaders said they had a debt reduction plan, yet that plan was not accepted by the state, therefore it could not secure a bank loan to help them run their schools for a year.

The roughly 2,000 students will be moved to nearby districts in Romulus, Taylor, Wayne and Westland

For many people such as Jesse Shelby, the first female president of the school board who has had five children, five grand children and three great grand children attend schools in Inkster, it was a difficult night, to say the least.

"How can you dissolve a school district this fast? And half the kids probably are on vacation," Shleby said.

Teachers and counselors have been saying goodbye. Many of them are losing their jobs.

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Forty-nine Michigan school districts have deficits

Next on the watch list:
The Pontiac School District, struggling with a $37.7 million deficit, maxed out loans from the state and Oakland Schools, and almost missed payroll May 17. The state is considering whether to send in a financial review team.

From The Detroit News:

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