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OPINION: "How Close Is America To "NAZI" Germany?

OPINION: "How Close Is America To "NAZI" Germany?

Are we being ruled by Nazis?

Please, Chime in and speak freely.

One of the guys that works with me refers to America as 'Post Constitution America'.

What say you?

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Hey you ignorant people who

Hey you ignorant people who are ignorant in history. Just to let you know that you guys have no idea what you are talking about, and would fail a Modern Germany history course at a large University. If you were educated, you would know that Hitler was not elected to anything. He never won a majority in a free election. He was appointed Chancellor by Paul von Hindenburg in 1933 through political pressure. Hitler was able to take over after Hindenburg died in office shortly after.

1- I would never sink so low as to take any course

at a large university. I like being able to think for myself.

2. And so what is your point - he was not elected. He was appointed by back door deals - then used a false flag to scare the people, then used strong arm tactics to force/rig votes to get emergency powers.

Do you really think that cannot happen in America tomorrow.

Can you really not see Obama doing the same thing?

I can. And I already see the 2016 version of Germany's 1933 Communist is the libertarians/tea party people.

just a hunch

I notice that every time ryno makes a thread that ends up somehow backfiring on him (negative votes, called out for using weak arguments, et cetera), he'll spend about a few weeks being a condescending prick toward nobody in particular.

His preferred approach seems to be him showing others how smart he is by stating (relatively) common knowledge while acting as if he's the only one here who possesses it. He also tends to throw the word 'ignorant' around quite a bit.

"you keep using that word..."

A signature used to be here!

Others here don't. They keep

Others here don't. They keep saying he was elected, in which he was not.

I always wondered if Hitler

I always wondered if Hitler was really killed in bunker...no body...same as Osama bin Laden's ..therefore Hitler exists in America. Everything he was exists. Like the phoenix he arises. Who is the new Hitler?

I have wondered the same

I have wondered the same thing, when you read about the demises of the Nazi leaders, it is very strange, some of the evidence is lacking at best, with almost no proof, just the Soviets word in some cases.


Slay 3-6 million libertarians and our turn to the dark side will

be complete. Not unlike Hitler's cleaning out internal resistance to rise to the top in Germany. Not sure who will do it though. Obama is close. Not sure whether he'll pull some trick to stay in office indefinitely or some other Nazi puppet will transform this country once and for all.

Rand Paul Could Become A Hitler...

If events played out as described in this book:


which describes a different set of circumstances and a different sort of man in Rand.

Assuming that Rand will ultimately lose in 2016 to whomever the nod shall go, we can know confidently in advance that circumstances are all-too near to those of 1930s Germany.

Pandas eat bugs.

Too close.

....and that, is too close.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

It's been said and I agree,

that the Nazis lost WW2, but fascism won.

It's the JEWS fault!



Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Why do people allow themselves

to continue to be manipulated into the Hitler/Nazi/3rd Reich psy-op propaganda? They have sold this as the most evil to help propagate the who Zionism fraud, that has virtually destroyed Christianity and our Country. They must continue to bring up the Holocaust to keep this hoax called Zionism on track. Did the neo-nazi's create our tryannical police state? No, the Neocom's, followers of Trotsky created it. If you really want to understand where we are heading, then you must look at the Bolshevik Revolution, which was masterminded by Trotsky, aka Bronstein, learned from his mentor Karl Marx aka Mordecai Levi. Upwards of 60 million were killed in this system set up by Trotsky and Lenin, who himself was half Jewish. This mass murder compared to the skeptical 6 million Jews dying in Germany should be a major focus, but it's barely mentioned in the scholastic history books. Why, because then people would possibly wake up to what is really occuring, and the extremely destructive hoax called Zionism would cease to exist. Here, you might learn a little more insight from the Gen George Patton Papers on this issue, which he began to recognize after the war. http://rense.com/general88/patton.htm

No, we aren't heading towards Nazism, we are heading towards Bolshevism, but instead of the economic failure of Communist Totalitarianism, it will be a Corporatist/Fascist Totalitarian rule.

Upvote. The US aligned itself with Russia during WWII...

and gave everything it had to give via the Lend-Lease program.


A major difference between German fascism and Soviet fascism is that the Germans were united towards a common cause whereas the Soviet republics where a disjointed agglomeration.

Pandas eat bugs.

You have a link to Jeff Rense!

And you use the link to validate a Zionism Hoax? Wow that's from left field. Rense probably has more proof of Zionists and Zionism posted on his website than probably even Radical Muslims and White Supremacists sites combined!

THE SCAM IS THE LEFT / RIGHT PARADIGM, not Zionism. Zionism is an admitted philosophy. And it has little bearing on practicing Jews and Christians. It is a cult of its own making. And Zionism was the prime factor in the formation of Israel in order to continue the legacy of British COLONIALISM in the Middle East.

Yes, there's another authoritarian "ism" often forgotten.
The one that created the United States of America in the first place.

Yeah, because besides the holocaust, Nazi Germany was great!

" No, we aren't heading towards Nazism, we are heading towards Bolshevism, but instead of the economic failure of Communist Totalitarianism, it will be a Corporatist/Fascist Totalitarian rule."

What do you think the Nazi's were? They were corporatist fascist (socialist) Totalitarian rule.

And I doubt anybody here thinks there is much difference between the far-left Commies and the almost-as-far-left Nazis.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

What holocaust???

It is time to learn some real history instead of post war propaganda.

Call it what you will.

When a government goon has a boot at my throat, I don't particularly care whether it comes with left booted rhetoric or right booted rhetoric. Communist/Nazi, what's the dif?

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^^^ BUMP for above comment. And here is why the BUMP :

^^^ BUMP for above comment.

And here is why the BUMP :



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


Is already Nazi Germany. The only thing missing is the ovens and the filled camps.

Well there is Guantanamo & Abu Grabe...

And we do incarcerate 25% of the World's population.

Minorities are disproportionately incarcerated. We do lock people up for smoking weed. We've seen many videos here on DP, and many of us have had many real life experiences, with police and the Justice system as a whole, arresting and jailing people for what amounts to speaking out politically.

Ovens. Murder camps are the only difference.

Well, maybe it's a 'bit' of an exaggeration. But not much. We are definitely running parallel course. We just have a slightly less potent, slightly less in-your-face version. But it is every bit as deadly and dangerous, especially because it goes undetected longer.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Just one

hyperinflation away. Libertarians, anarchists, and anyone even mildly questioning the power grab will become the new Jews and Communists.

sitting next to two students from Checkoslavakia last week and

they both said they did not feel free in the US. They said they felt more free almost anywhere in Europe and more free in their native Check country for sure. Just say'in.


That's how I felt when I lived in Europe in the 80s.

I felt FAR less free in Europe. I mean for pete's sake, cops could stop you for no other reason than just to check your papers or just because they felt like it (not kidding).

That was UNHEARD OF in the United States at that time.

Fast forward 20 years... the situation has flipped 180. Well not quite. In Europe, everything you do is still spied on. There's no bill of rights. And cops can still stop you just to check your papers or if they feel like it, but.....

... do I really have to say more about what the HELL is going on in our country now? WOW

Not even close, but there is great tyranny...

There is really no comparison between the nation of Germany, caught in a very specific historic setting to the USA of today. German national socialism was limited only to Germany and only to the period of 1920s-1940s. It was brought about by a very specific set of historic conditions and was a one time thing.

National Socialism in general has appeared in many countries, but always in a cultural and historically appropriate form.

Read "Ur Facsism" by Umberto Eco. It can be found for free as a PDF if you search for it. Umberto lived through Italian Fascism as a boy and wrote Ur Fascism in an attempt to show how fascism basically at its root consists of the combination of public and private in a way where neither is independently recognizable. Like cold and hot water being blended together to make warm water.

We do have Fascism in the USA, but in a cultural and historic format that is appropriate to modern day America. That makes it impossible for some to see.

They are looking for swastikas and there will never be swastikas. How convenient for us freedom fighters if every time tyranny raised its head and fascism threatened us, it came wrapped in swastikas.

The title of the post should really have been more accurate, but less sensational, "How close is America to Corporatism?"

The answer to that question would be that we are already there. At least on the national level. American Fascism is not totalitarian. It is also not nationalistic. It is also not racist. It is also not particularly theocratic. It is extremely "friendly fascism". It is the TSA and NSA -ification of America. The American Police State which combines corporate and government power into a seemless "Gray State".

We'd need to go through

some deep crisis where huge amounts of people are hungry for quite a while before people will be ready to elect someone who will claim to solve that problem with an amount of blame-shifting that will involve murdering huge numbers of our immediate neighbors. The scariest stuff happens when society wants a scapegoat for its problems. We're currently in a state where enough people are convinced there is no problem.

Defend Liberty!

All I can say is

The water is getting really warm and I swear I saw a bubble or two.

How close is America to Nazi Germany

We're right at that stage just before WWII when he was elected by a virtual landslide because he was going to solve all of Germany's problems, which were considerable at the time from WWI and the Weimar Republic and all that schtuff. His objet de terreur at the time was (were?) Die Juden, as we all know now.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

I think we are dealing with the same root evil.

What I see is Agenda 21 being implemented, using regional planners (COGs) and investors as tools by offering them huge $$ and power as incentives. They are circumventing the representational government we were given by our founders from the very top all the way down the the most local positions in government and education. It's fascism. Corporatism. Controlled demolition of the economy to make socialism look good to the masses once they have been forced into poverty (a friend in need is a friend indeed/in deed, take your pick...)

Agenda 21 is what is happening to our country.