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OPINION: "How Close Is America To "NAZI" Germany?

OPINION: "How Close Is America To "NAZI" Germany?

Are we being ruled by Nazis?

Please, Chime in and speak freely.

One of the guys that works with me refers to America as 'Post Constitution America'.

What say you?

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Just one

hyperinflation away. Libertarians, anarchists, and anyone even mildly questioning the power grab will become the new Jews and Communists.

sitting next to two students from Checkoslavakia last week and

they both said they did not feel free in the US. They said they felt more free almost anywhere in Europe and more free in their native Check country for sure. Just say'in.


That's how I felt when I lived in Europe in the 80s.

I felt FAR less free in Europe. I mean for pete's sake, cops could stop you for no other reason than just to check your papers or just because they felt like it (not kidding).

That was UNHEARD OF in the United States at that time.

Fast forward 20 years... the situation has flipped 180. Well not quite. In Europe, everything you do is still spied on. There's no bill of rights. And cops can still stop you just to check your papers or if they feel like it, but.....

... do I really have to say more about what the HELL is going on in our country now? WOW

Not even close, but there is great tyranny...

There is really no comparison between the nation of Germany, caught in a very specific historic setting to the USA of today. German national socialism was limited only to Germany and only to the period of 1920s-1940s. It was brought about by a very specific set of historic conditions and was a one time thing.

National Socialism in general has appeared in many countries, but always in a cultural and historically appropriate form.

Read "Ur Facsism" by Umberto Eco. It can be found for free as a PDF if you search for it. Umberto lived through Italian Fascism as a boy and wrote Ur Fascism in an attempt to show how fascism basically at its root consists of the combination of public and private in a way where neither is independently recognizable. Like cold and hot water being blended together to make warm water.

We do have Fascism in the USA, but in a cultural and historic format that is appropriate to modern day America. That makes it impossible for some to see.

They are looking for swastikas and there will never be swastikas. How convenient for us freedom fighters if every time tyranny raised its head and fascism threatened us, it came wrapped in swastikas.

The title of the post should really have been more accurate, but less sensational, "How close is America to Corporatism?"

The answer to that question would be that we are already there. At least on the national level. American Fascism is not totalitarian. It is also not nationalistic. It is also not racist. It is also not particularly theocratic. It is extremely "friendly fascism". It is the TSA and NSA -ification of America. The American Police State which combines corporate and government power into a seemless "Gray State".

We'd need to go through

some deep crisis where huge amounts of people are hungry for quite a while before people will be ready to elect someone who will claim to solve that problem with an amount of blame-shifting that will involve murdering huge numbers of our immediate neighbors. The scariest stuff happens when society wants a scapegoat for its problems. We're currently in a state where enough people are convinced there is no problem.

Defend Liberty!

All I can say is

The water is getting really warm and I swear I saw a bubble or two.

How close is America to Nazi Germany

We're right at that stage just before WWII when he was elected by a virtual landslide because he was going to solve all of Germany's problems, which were considerable at the time from WWI and the Weimar Republic and all that schtuff. His objet de terreur at the time was (were?) Die Juden, as we all know now.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

I think we are dealing with the same root evil.

What I see is Agenda 21 being implemented, using regional planners (COGs) and investors as tools by offering them huge $$ and power as incentives. They are circumventing the representational government we were given by our founders from the very top all the way down the the most local positions in government and education. It's fascism. Corporatism. Controlled demolition of the economy to make socialism look good to the masses once they have been forced into poverty (a friend in need is a friend indeed/in deed, take your pick...)

Agenda 21 is what is happening to our country.

That's the worldly version.

The spiritual version is that policy that deviates from that which is pleasing unto God and is contrary to protection of ALL life which is His gift to us.

Therefore any governmental policies that presume the knowledge or power of Him or His will, such as the presumed knowledge or power over who is "worthy" of life, are contrary to His will and MUST, ultimately, result in what emalvini is writing about here.

"Pleasing unto "God""???

Which one? There are so damned many! Yahweh, Allah, Lucifer, Satan, Christ, Buddha, Tao, Shiva, Osiris, Cthulhu - how does one decide?

Freedom is my Worship word.

And anyway, if all you thumpers are going to Heaven, I'd rather be left behind, where all the interesting people are. Who wants to spend eternity sitting in the presence of nothing but white-on-white-on-white, sexless, excruciatingly boring self-righteous prigs praising God all day and all night?

Give me the God of Love whose Will is Free Will any time, like Right Now, thank you very much! Visit Spirit's website here. Check it out! What do you have to lose? ;-)

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Interesting Link

But, you mention Tao as one of the "many gods". Tao makes no claim to be "a god", "the god", or "any god" of any kind, actually.

I agree with your point, but, Tao is specifically undefined, it's Tao.

Tao isn't about worshiping anything.

Just a clarification. :)

Just open the box and see

Are there some gods who....

....think retarded kids or sick old people are less worthy of life than you or me or Queen Elizabeth?

I'm glad to see you turned this into a conversation about yourself.


There are a lot of similarities but many differences as well. I would say America is like an Ancient Rome-Nazi Germany hybrid.

we are being ruled by the very people that

funded the Nazis.

Just take a look at the Chase bank logo and tell me that the Swastika is not firmly planted in there?

or the one of the NASA structures?

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

Look at the Nato logo too.


How close is America to Nazi Germany? 70 years?

History has a way of repeating itself.

Nazi Germany was not the first to purge Jews from it's population.

Hitler was not elected as Chancellor of Germany on a, "Purge the Jews" campaign. And what is interesting is how Europe, the Mid East (Grand Mufti of Palestine and Iran /name changed to reflect Ayrian), and America, abetted, and participated to the point, Hitler was too successful, the downfall being the amount of dead bodies was becomming an environmental hazard, WWII campaign bombed the evidence, and America began the Pacific leg of the war as a diversion.

Evil does not go away. It morphs.

So when we employ terms like, "Nazi", or "Anti-Semetic", we refer to that past, which prevents us from addressing the evil today.

The Nazi's exist. America has a registered and active, third party named for, Nazis . But people see this as fringe and irrelevant group of kooks, so they overlook it. What was the SS Nazi, does not exist, the evil that consumed them does.

Anti-Semeticism exists; However, today people know that Jews are not ALL Semetic, so the term, "Anti-semetic", does not address the hatred. Perhaps it would be better today to say, "Anti-Zionist", than "Anti-Semetic"?

The issues Nazis/ Europe/ the ME and America had with Jews, are the same as those who claim they are anti-Zionist.

Nazi Germany's reason to purge Jews:

The Jews control banking.
The Jews are taking land from people.
The Jews conspire and cheat people.
The Jews conspire and destroy property.
The Jews have infiltrated government.
The Jews control the Media.
Jews have no right to exist.

Today we hear from Anti-Zionists:

The Zionists control banking
The Zionists control Media
The Zionists conspire and did 911
The Zionists infiltrait government
The Zionists control America for Israel
The Zionists cheat Americans by taking US tax money in the form of AID, for Israel.
Israel has no right to exist.

People, who do not deny the holocast, (for many do, perhaps a majority say it was just a story made up for Jews to get sympathy), wonder how the holocast happened.

A very popular answer comes from Martin Niemöller:

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

Under the guise of human rights, we have been divided, women, children, blacks, hispanic, homosexual, seperate but equal, and can be applied to the above poem.

With the internet, conspiracy theory became anti-zionist, in the name of TRUTH. Anti-Zionism is very popular in America, and it's very difficult to speak up and out against it.

Hitler had taken away rights to arms, and in Israel, the people say, "There would have never been a holocast had we been armed."

I don't know if this is true, because propeganda of hate is very powerful. When people are hurting, lack of basic necessities drive people to do what they would not do what they have food, shelter, feel they have opportunity to have what others have.

The past few weeks there have been people camping and the ocean carries the music they play their radio very loud, I can hear the words to the songs, and these songs subliminally, with great beats one could dance to, talk about the resentment of not having; vengence for those who do, and drugs.

So, to me, we are light years removed from the Nazis. What were the Nazis, are history. The evil that consumed the Nazi's exists in different forms, all collective based propeganda sold as TRUTH.

We are not being "ruled". Individuals who do not take personal responsibilty believe they are being ruled.

I agree with the guy who works with you as that is why Ron Paul's, RESTRE THE REPUBLIC appealed to me. We still take oaths to the constitution, and many are working hard to keep the constitution alive, but there are too many who refuse to get in and work with us.

I believe that if those of us in the GOP were able to hold the GOP to the constitution oaths we all took, we would avail ourselves a very good opportunity to turn this ship, but again, we really don't have enough people in the GOP at this point. Too many would rather not be associated with the crimes connected. Too many are afraid of guilt by association, than restoring the constitution by getting in the GOP.

If you want to see how alive the anti-zionist movement is, just look at my downvotes. They don't even read what I write. They HATE, they BLAME, they ATTACK, they don't care, and so remember:

When they came for The Granger, you were not The Granger, so you did nothing....

A copy and paste moment

as there are no spelling errors.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Zionist vs.Jew & America is a National Socialist State

Zionism was the key to Hitler, not Judaism. NAZI Germany was political and morally corrupt. Yet the National Socialist were in a financial war with the Central Banks due to nationalizing German banks, German economic growth and refusal to adjust war reparation payments for WW1. As a result of this situation and unfortunately TRUE, newly formed Judea (post WW1 Israel) in March of 1933 declared an economic boycott on Germany; only problem, this just proved Hitler's rhetoric on his philosophy of a Zionist controlled international banking establishment. A recently formed little patch of sand, rock and brush declaring a boycott? And what was Judea's main product? Finance!

(Many are also unaware of the decorated Nazi Jews of the Waffen SS and the highly decorate Yugoslavian Muslim Waffen SS divisions. Historical records indicate the Waffen SS was sort of French Foreign Legion. This is also historical beginnings of the Ba'ath party. Pre-WWII, Iraq-based Arab nationalists and regional Christian groups, including Jews, asked Nazi Germany for support against British colonial rule in the Middle-East. Many were trained by the same Waffen SS.)

Historically in early 1930's, Jews comprised 5% to 6% of Germany's population. Yet many German Jews were installed in key government positions after WW1 because of their educational background and high intelligence. In fact, records seem to indicate 70% or more of German government administrators after WW1 were Jewish. As a result of the "Jewish Issue" and Zionist Boycotts, Nazis and Zionists such as Chaim Weizmann (who eventually became the 1st President of Israel) cut a deal with and for Germany to pay for Jewish repatriation to Judea. This is all fact. And the whole plan was a typical government FUBAR with greed being the main incentive for those in charge. It had little to do with helping the Jews and Christians of Germany resolve their differences. Then add the fact that just like communists, when the Nazis had complete political power come 1936, out went the Jewish admins by any means necessary.

Side-note Stalin killed so many Jews, Ukrainians, etc., etc., he makes Hitler look like an amateur. This is not a quantifying comparison of any kind, just a historical fact about another political wacko during these decades.

Another major point, what is it to be "Semitic" or a "Semite"? A Semite is a person who employs Mid-East Semitic languages, which include Palestinians!

As a Danish American, who's "old world" family is buried in a mass grave somewhere, I take this knowledge of history very seriously.

America is "undead" with Zombie Banks; and so as documented in the "Vampire Economy", by Guenter Reimann in 1939, when comparing the works of Nazi Germany, it is not much different in many ways from the current economic state of today's America. And with Franken-Food in full swing we got a Trifecta!

America is a National Socialist State. A vampire economy with zombie banks and franken-food. If Hilary wins in 2016, it will just prove it. Hitler's brain is alive a well in the Tomb at Yale and we're doomed if we don't try harder to wake people up to reality and history.

Hitler brain thing is a joke; but I wouldn't doubt it, if its next to Geronimo's skull!

As it is said, it's the winners who write history.
Yet always remember:

There is No Left vs. Right, Only Tyranny vs. Freedom!

I don't disagree

and I think it's a great post you made, except that the topis is about America, and so I was limiting my response to what I see, specifically, anti-zionism is the new anti-semetic!

Grange,,, is the topic really about America?

Or is it really about Neo-National Socialism?

Think about it?

The question is

Hoe close is AMERICA to.... so to me, the question is about America.

When you say Neo.. what do you mean? Wiki says Ron Paul is a NEO-liberal because NEO Liberals are Austrian Economicists.

Socialism is the fabric of America, for example our military is the perfect socialist example I know.

Neo - Definition: new or recent, or in a modern form

ancient Greek word for young
- Cambridge dictionary

Don't use wiki as a source,

"Socialism is the fabric of America, for example our military is the perfect socialist example I know."
- That's a twisted statement

What have you got to replace

wiki as a common source?

It's easy to take aay, but if you have nothing to replace it with.. then all you have done is disable me.

As for my "twisted" statement.. I grew up in the military. I had housing, that was like everyone elses housing, food bought at a commessary, a PX, carried my ID with me until I was 23. Had to use that ID to go home, to go to the PX, to go to a theatre on base. I went to schools that were build by the military, I had hospital, dental, glasses, haircuts, for free or next to nothing depending on where we were stationed, and I traveled, for free too, or at a reduced price. It did not matter, what race, or how old, or what sex, or what religion.. the chaplin served us all, and all that really mattered was RANK. Everything had it's place and rules were abundant and everyone made sure everyone followed the rules. The shore patrol and military police neveer stopped patrolling, even in peace time. So maybe I don't know what socialism is. Afterall, it's not like the military produced anything.. but to me.. it seemed to be what socialism is. Maybe would can untwist me. I would appreciate that.

There is no apostrophe in the possessive its.

Please edit it out - it makes you look like an ignoramus.

-- Rich Grise, Self-Appointed Chief
Internet Apostrophe Police

Freedom is my Worship Word!

I am not an ignoramus

Being an ignoramus implies that I am IGNORING, but I am not.. my dyslexia is my achilles heal. I am sorry. My writing and spelling are atrocious, and no one can hurt me more than I hurt myself when I write. But since writing is a form of communication, and I do think, thus I refuse to let my dyslexia (took me years to spell that right) get the best of me. Sure, every now an then someone jumps on me about my spelling (some folks call them word nazis). But really, they don't agree with me, and rather say why, they attack my spelling.

The real hard part, is once you've responded to my post, there is no way for me to edit it.

Hmmmmm maybe I should offer a mod a job editing my spelling and grammer? Thanks for the inspiration and have a great posting day.


The policies of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP aka "NAZI", abbreviation of National Sozialisten) are the same policies of both todays Democrats and Neocons.

Neocon-ism is a result of former card-carrying American communists such as Leo Strauss (Kristol was a student) and David Horowitz.


One day, a few years back, the boss asked, "What's a neoconsvplth..." I asked, "Neoconservative?" He said, "Yeah." I said, "That's a Nazi in a Republican suit." I don't remember if he thanked me.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

So now what do you think?

Since Nazis exterminated Jews and Neocons claim they support them (which I don't agree, I think they black mail them) How can a neocon be a nazi? (see my in parentheses for the answer).

I don't agree

People get into politics for many different reasons. I got in to be a national delegate for Ron Paul. I stayed in to change the GOP.

Policies change with each election. That is why it is so important to change from within, with your participation, rather than leave it as it is, or hope someone else will do it for you.

When NEO first came into my radar, it was Neo-liberal and this was Bill Clinton. When Bush assumed office, Neo-liberals went off screen and became Neo-cons, and the whole idea behind NEO, as far as I understood, was NEO = NEW as in New World Order.

Since Obama assumed office the terms have changed again.

Neo-Liberals means economics of Austrain Economics, and Ron Paul is listed as a Neo-Liberal in Wiki. He is also listed as a Conservative and a Libertarian.

Neo-Cons have come to mean, REPUBLICAN PRO-ISRAEL

None of the meanings have anything to do with NWO.

Since I am a Republican who is Pro-Israel, I am now a NEO-CON, yet, I did not support Bush, or vote for Bush, do not believe pre-emptive war applies to America, am against all foreign aid, especially to the U.N.. I am not against Foreign Aid as an investment where Americans get a return, that they could not afford as individuals. (think technological advancements/ such as transitioning from silicon solar panels to ceramic for cities and public buildings).

I think America should look to Israel because Israel is the only nation that retained their SOVREIGNITY from the U.N.. Israel's biggest problems come from Communist Nations and Islam who continue to blame Jews, and they are the majority in the U.N, since the 60s.

Israel is advancing humanity, they are the only nation that expanded forest growth by 20%, where the rest of the world declined. They are not only bringing back rare animals to sustain and thrive, but show how we do not need a UN Agenda 21. They are advancing in technology, engineering, science, medicine, agriculure, have a balanced budget, and proove to the USA, they don't need or want our military help.

I posted a vid, "The Legal Case for Palestine", but the vid itself is, "The Legal Case for Israel", and it does not give any opinion, just the facts of WHY Israel has the legal right to exist and how that came into being, what their treaties are, and how they respect them.

Propeganda will have you believe Israel is agreesive. That facts show us, they are anything but agressive, but by law, protecting Israeli's rights.. the IDF is many militas set up from each town, not a national socalist system as we have. They are not shipping people out to police the world. There are Jews, who do not like Israel, want a UN Agenda, entangle themselves in other governments, and they should be held accountable as individuals, not as representatives for Israel, as they are not.

Granger, may I suggest a book for you to read?

I read it in the 90's and it unfolded a lot of things about the world that even back then made no sense to me.

The title is "Road to Serfdom", by Hayak

I think it might unwind your struggle with a lot of word/label issues. The book is about ideas and concepts.

One way to change a culture is to change the meaning of the words people use. This has been done throughout history and is why historical books and other writings are so valuable.

I frequently go to Wikipedia as a starting point to research something, but NEVER believe anything I read there unless I can multisource the information.

Good luck!