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OPINION: "How Close Is America To "NAZI" Germany?

OPINION: "How Close Is America To "NAZI" Germany?

Are we being ruled by Nazis?

Please, Chime in and speak freely.

One of the guys that works with me refers to America as 'Post Constitution America'.

What say you?

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1937 Germany....

1937 Germany....

The Ominous Parallels" by Dr. Leonard Peikoff

"The Ominous Parallels" by Dr. Leonard Peikoff is a brilliant study uniting philosophy and history to identify the fundamental cause of the rise of Hitler and Nazism, and more broadly, of fascism. Dr. Peikoff's theme is that actions follow from ideas. With passionate dedication to truth he quotes from the writings and speeches of the principle architects of Nazi Germany to show the ethical premises guiding their political actions and programs. The evidence is clearly presented. And it leads inexorably to the conclusion that the same ideas which made possible the horror that was Nazi Germany, currently dominates the intellectual establishment of the United States.
"The Ominous Parallels" is both a warning and an alert. It tells us what we should do to avoid becoming a fascist state. It alerts us to how far down that road we currently are.


Great Post

Thanks gregroberts

Do We have Any Rights left In America?


Why do we care about our borders?

Why do we want to be here? What do we want to keep safe? Who do we want to defend against? Why do they want to attack me? What is an American?

Do we want to keep ourselves safe from people who might kidnap us, lock us in cells, torture us, or kill us even if we did no harm to anybody?


You gave No Answers! Only Questions..


Goose Steppin

Let's see, we have TSA agents, Drug dogs, Random checks, and neighbors watching neighbors out of fear someone's hiding a jhidaist.
Looks like we are about even keel with the Germany of the 1930-1940's
Right now, I'm waiting for "Goose Steppin" to be the next dance craze on Amerikan Idol....or Rap song.
Don't forget I got dibbs on "top bunk" at the FEMA re-education kamp.

Is That All You Could Come Up With?

Just kidin..

meekandmild's picture

Too close to be comfortable


What kind of fruit is that!


I Agree With Your Friend

But there is still hope that we can regain our once great Republic.

Edgar Morgan


There is still time, however, the light is going out fast..

lets refill the lamp of liberty...Boom!

the same as.

we are play by play nazi germany...

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.


Thanks for posting neighbor!