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Lies about Iraq Continue at Bush Presidential Library

For example, the museum has a big display detailing the “Threat Assessment” of Saddam Hussein, followed by the “Status by the end of Bush presidency”. One curt sentence among the 44 lines notes that “No stockpiles of WMD were found.” Meanwhile, twelve lines are devoted to the possible presence of WMDs in Iraq before the war and how we never have to worry about that now post-war, including that Saddam “refused to account for his chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons programs” and that “post-invasion inspections confirmed that Saddam Hussein had the capacity to resume production of WMD.”

To be sure, one wouldn’t necessarily expect that a museum dedicated to President Bush would be highly critical of his decision to go to war. That having been said, the museum goes out of its way to muddy the water over the existence of WMDs in Iraq and leave visitors with the impression that the war was based on a justifiable truth, not a verifiable falsehood. Indeed, in the decade since 2003, GOPers have been so successful at obfuscating the issue that a poll earlier this year found that 2-in-3 Republicans still believe that Iraq possessed WMDs prior to the war. Were any of that 63 percent of Republicans to visit the museum in Dallas, they would likely walk away still believing that Saddam had WMDs and Bush was right to take us to war.


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