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Snowden's remaining docs unlikely to tie US hands

WASHINGTON (AP) — It's the stuff of spy novels: The hunted-down protagonist wins in the end because he's got damaging documents squirreled away, a bargaining chip against the bureaucrats who want to silence him.

If National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden thinks he's living in such a thriller, legal experts say he's got another think coming. Nothing he has is likely to scare off the prosecution.\


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damage control......the fact

damage control......the fact their forced to play it contradicts their statement........offcourse those who this is intended for wont know that

at least, what has been released so far.....i am completly sure there are a multitude of things they dont want coming out, the question is, whether someone who knows about it, see's it as wrong, and has the courage to stand up......not necessarily snowden.....but all whistleblowers should get recognition for showing others how it should be, and more importantly that, it CAN be done

"he's got another think coming."

Think? LOL. I THINK you meant THING.

Total propaganda misinformation. I don't have a Yahoo account. Perhaps somebody reading this could point that out in a succinct insult on the writers credibility. It is AP, after all. I have to go to work.

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And since when is defending yourself from aggression considered blackmail?

Funny. There are folks that will buy this.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

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I call bullsh*t.

This SCREAMS false propoganda.