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Informant plants drugs on store owner

More police state violence.


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I watched a movie called reefer madness from that same government.

So, a propaganda film about a drug that was silly...

discredits the FACT that pot is more than a plant? Strange how you have become what your fighting against.

You are stuck

on, 'being more than a plant'. This is important, why?

Read RAMBO's original post...

then you will understand what he ORIGINALLY wrote about pot being just a plant.

We've read it

and, so far, you are the only one defending the post. Since they will not give a coherent argument, maybe you can give it a shot?

Edit: My bad .... I assumed 'RAMBO' to be the original post in reference, since I rarely note to who I am responding.

p.s. I don't see any RAMBO on this thread

The subject is

your original post.

I hope this American Business Owner

puts this CRIMINAL behind bars. He'll probably sue the Department for money, (rightfully so) but we all know who foots that bill...*sigh*

This crap is happening all-too-often these days. I still believe most officers have good intentions but every time I see something like this, how can I not stereotype other officers?

The police will have a big decision to make one day. Imo, they are the key to bringing in real reform as they are the only ones that stand between We the People and politicians.

Good find, BTT. +1

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.