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I have decided to leave USA b4 the end of the year...destination unknown

I have alot of questions. Where is the liberty-minded, cheap living, and etc....country? I want to go where the government is afraid of the people and not the other way around. I need imput from the Daily Paul people...

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Chile is similar to Southern California in the central region and it is very mountainous. Think Colorado but bigger Mountains. As you go south weather gets more colder(obviously). But you will find almost every type of climate in Chile so it's your prerogative where to live. They have tons of valleys providing Micro Climates. Uruguay is nice and you'll definitely enjoy it if your into a quiet peaceful simple life, but it doesnt offer the first class amenities as Chile. Still Awesome choice... Stay away from Argentina unless your rich... It's a beautiful country but completely backwards and the only way to get things done there is with Money.


actually, I am into a quiet peaceful lifestyle. But, I'm going to look into Chili a bit more. For me economics is the main thing; can I afford to live there more than I can afford to live here. And Uruguay meets the goal.

Also Chile is opening tons of junior colleges. They'll be



I want

to leave the Country too, but have no idea where. Plus money situation isn't all that great so I am kind of stuck here for now.

But as soon as I start making good money again. I might leave America. I just don't see a future in America. I can't stand it here any more. I am surrounded by stupidity and it drives me crazy.

I feel the same way

It's not really the government I fear so much but the sheople Zombies who will believe anything and do anything they are told...

This Nation has lost it's sense of individuality and Morality

I hear what both of you are

I hear what both of you are saying, but what country do you have a better chance with? what country has a Liberty movement that REALLY gets it

Before I answer

I'm just curious if you have Traveled lately outside the U.S? It's not a demeaning question just curious because that question gets asked a lot from people who havent traveled. I'm telling you once I got out and Traveled I experienced freedom like never before, and I've lived here in the "Land of the Free" my whole life.

So true. Not picking on you,

So true. Not picking on you, Stonewall, but Americans in general have a warped view of the rest of the world largely due to the propaganda we've been fed by the MSM all of our lives.

There are plenty of nice places to live on this planet where you won't be supporting the empire's destructive behavior and foolishness.

If I were young and unattached, I'd go, probably to Vancouver where the weather is decent and the people even more so. But I'm old, my family's here and so I'll just scrap along here, giving the finger to the man until I can't fight no more.

Don't listen to those who try to guilt you into staying. You have a right to live your life, you're not beholden to the people who happen to have been born on the same patch of land as you. Do have some sympathy for your fellow patriots here, but you have no reason to give a rodent's rear end about the rest of your "countrymen" who have allowed this govt to get out of the control of the people.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Something really strange regarding Canada..

I just got back from 6 weeks in Canada I loved the people and the place generally. However,I was shocked by the mentality there. It was pleasant to see very little police presence but.... They don't need CIA's DHS's, or hundreds of other oppressive agencies there. The sheeple guard each other.

They were extremely friendly, until you went against the grain in anyway. I was shocked at their mentality toward dissent.

I also noticed another funny thing. They love rules, and they love enforcing them. Anyone with a hint of power, like a nightclub bouncer, airline steward, ticket clerks at theaters, etc, immediately reminded you of the rules in a friendly but forceful tone. They were anal about rules.

Just an observation.

Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Well bye...


Belize is my ultimate bug-out destination...

I am strongly considering

I am strongly considering retiring in South America. Healthcare costs and preservation of my retirement will be why, because I do not want to fund the enemy until the day I die. The killing has to stop and I'm tired of funding it and Israel now. So fk em.
That being said, I have looked at Chile and Costa Rica a bit, but I think the world has to deal with reality a bit much, US Hegemony has to end, the buck has to stop, and a country would have to be willing to welcome freedom loving people. That's all I ask. The people in America lack a brain, a spine, and a future, thanks to both parties.

Any way we could look at the reality of buying property with the protection of not being scammed? What about healthcare in foreign countries? Yah I'm looking at the same thing. The Republicans and Democrats have made me realize they are not worthy and I too realize that people left their home country for freedom, and I will be no exception, but then again, I've always enjoyed a decent fist fight.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Remember the new law regarding taking YOUR OWN money out of the

country. They will tax it before they permit you to transfer it...

IF you leave it here, they will eventually confiscate it...

Ck this out before you decide where to go...

I agree with another, stay and fight, run for office, start local and work your name up. People are looking for a 'few good men'. Am sorry to say, today's men have no ba$$s - they have been turned into sissies...

What law is that?

Do you mean the tax on assets for people who renounce their US citizenship? For that one they don't care whether you've already moved the assets or not. It also only applies if you have over two million dollars in assets.

Some countries will let you open a bank account when you're in the country on a tourist visa (I've done this), some apparently (I've never tried) let you open accounts without having to be in the country, and others make it very difficult to get a bank account there without first getting some kind of resident visa. Check expat forums for whatever country you're considering to see what has worked for others.

Then once you have an account with some initial deposit just to get it set up, you can wire money to it from your US account. There are wire fees involved, and exchange rates to take into consideration, but no special taxes as far as I can find. There are some recent reporting requirements on transfers, and the IRS will want you to file form 8938 every year with your 1040 to report what you have in foreign accounts if over $50k total.

Good luck!

Come On! Are you that uncreative?

There is Bitcoins, Litecoins, and a host of other Crypto currencies to bypass any capital controls.

I already know someone who successfully has transferred all his capital out of the country with no problems.

LOL...Bitcoin? LOL

Of course relying solely on the hope of re-taking back our political system is not a great idea. But abandoning the political process is suicide, it is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

This IS still America, last I checked, and the fact we have the DP and other great venues for American Patriots t communicate, shows the fight is far from over.

I am preparing to battle the NWO at every possible angle. That should be the strategy the Liberty movement uses (it is), not taking your ball and going to Uruguay.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?



But, I say be part of the solution. Run for office. Become part of www.goooh.com

Forget parties...just get our butts to Congress.

Are you forreal?

You really think Politics will work...? They already have their police state, total surveillance, total awareness, total dismantling of Law. They control the media, the school, the courts, The currency, The industries, The Banks, The Prisons, The Military, even the Local and State communities... This fight was over long ago..

The minute anyone even comes close to making a difference they will be NDAA'd, blackmailed, or assassinated...

You're all about anarchism and just want the US dismantled...??

But for those of us who want to RESTORE the Republic, continuing on the political path is far from a futile undertaking. Ron Paul spread the message nationwide and local GOPs are becoming liberty minded and liberty groups are gaining popularity everywhere. Rand Paul is very popular and a good bet for potus in 2016. Rand may not parrot his father's talking points verbatim but he is surely his father's son.

However your point is not untaken and I agree completely that another avenue of approach towards Liberty is also necessary for America, especially on an individual level. That approach includes all things essential to becoming independent, self-sufficient individuals, families, communities, towns, cities, states and as a sovereign nation.

That may require We the People forcefully rid ourselves of that which seeks to limit our freedom, and gain our dependence.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I have thought about this too

I go back and forth between moving out or fight it out here. I am most interested in Chile if I end up moving out.

There are reasons to leave. It is not uncommon. Our ancestors moved out of Europe to come here for a lot of the same reasons. Then they found out the crap followed them. Some moved further west others fought it out and won.

Now the crap is back and deeper.

For those staying I think the best course of action is something like the Free State Project. Concentrated efforts to bring freedom. We are being marginalized by being spread too thin across the country. One town, then county, then state at a time will bring the best chance at freedom.

Stay and fight

No one lives forever anyway.

If you care about freedom, truly care, then it is not just YOUR life, but the lives of future Americans... Your children and grandchildren, great grandchildren... whose futures are being decided in this fight. Freedom needs all the allies she can get.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

expats have been living

in various countries forever and for a wide variety of reasons. this william burroughs quote also comes to mind.

"I am much more concerned with the transformation of the individual, which to me is much more important than the so-called political revolution."

burroughs is considered a hero to many libertarians. he lived in mexico, france, england, morocco and the US. he changed literature and inspired many artists in a number of fields. in his writing and interviews he fought hard against govt control.

He was also..

a drug addict.

so was

marcus aurelius,
nobody's perfect

I wasn't judging him...

just commenting and letting people know. My sister wrote a book about him.

glad to hear that

i didn't down vote you because it was true. he also cleaned up for many years and said he couldn't have written all those book if he hadn't. eventually with too many hipsters bringing him dope in new york he got hooked again and moved to kansas, got on a methadone program and found he could write on that and pot and created the red night trilogy, a masterpiece in my opinion

..he was also a cat fancier, gun advocate, abstract/action painter etc

what is your sister's book. i'm interested.

The name of the book is....

William S. Burroughs. It's part of Twayne's United States Authors Series. It's more of an academic type of book; she met him along with Ginsburg, et al.. one of her academic interests was/is the Beat Generation. Burroughs liked her; I guess because her book and writings were favorable.

the cover looks familiar

i may have even read it. i've read so many by him and about him.
your sister sounds like one smart cookie. i'll keep an eye out for more of her work.

Your point being?

So you don't care about America, Freedom, or anyone else's freedom?
Just saving your own individual tail?

I hope that is not your point but that's kinda what it sounds like.

That quote is fine an dandy but we are facing a globalist takeover. The US is the country that historically has been by far the most leaning toward the freedom of the individual.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

and it's the most powerful, but

if you think all of the millions of expats living abroad are only doing it to "save their tails"
you have a very, narrow and erroneous view of living abroad. besides, this is the age of the internet/computer. people not only communicate but do endless types of work for causes that interest them from pretty much anywhere on the planet. people make films on computers now and with the internet can get their message out there to many people. yes,some people just want to broaden their horizons, learn about another culture, some folks jobs take them there. look at jim rogers who lives in singapore. he's always on shows trying to talk some sense into the reporters in the economic field.

i'm glad you approve of the quote. i agree with burroughs completely and would add, that if a person is not interested in his or her own transformation first they will likely not be of much value to any noble fight.