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A Different Amendment Restricting NSA Spying Was Passed Overwhelmingly by the House – But ‘No One Is Talking About It’

Although Amash's Anti-NSA Amendment was squashed, it appears hardly anyone is talking about the Anti-NSA Amendment that did pass: The Pompeo Amendment (passed with a vote of 409-12).

The Blaze article linked below goes on to state that "...lawmakers also intend to “rewrite” the Patriot Act sometime this fall and lamented the fact that he and other conservatives were fooled into voting for it the first time around..."

I'm not sure that I'm buying into the "fooled the first time around" excuse due to there being a "second time around, a third time around", etc. One must also wonder why 'they' have to wait until fall to rewrite the blasted thing (I'd prefer to just see it repealed, but will accept ANY positive steps in the right direction)!


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Only a fool or the enemy

Only a fool or the enemy would have voted for the Patriot Act. They should each be tried for treason.

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this one is garbage compared

to the one Amash wrote.

The language in it at first glance looks good, but as usual from these statists it is not explicit or specific enough and completely ripe for multiple interpretations.


I think that's why I enjoyed the article so much--it specified that very thing (compared in some detail Amash's Amendment vs. Pompeo's Amendment)...and it found Pompeo's lacking!!! :)

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The entire language of the Pompeo amdt

is a restating of current law.

(1) says you cannot target a US person pursuant to Section 702 of FISA. That's what current law says. This still allows NSA to listen in to phone calls of US persons who are talking to suspected individuals overseas since the US person is not the target.

(2) says you cannot acquire or store contents of a US person's communications. That's what current law says.

The Pompeo amendment did nothing to change ANY activity of the NSA and certainly did nothing to prohibit the NSA from collecting metadata of all American's phone records.

The establishment always offers a counter amendment to give cover when there is a good liberty amendment that may pass. This happened when Amash offered his indefinite detention amendment. The establishment offered an amendment that restated habeus corpus but those who voted for it claimed they voted against indefinite detention.

Pompeo bill was

a paper tiger...nothing more


that is why the BLAZE is reporting on it, and no one credible...

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

Pelosi voted for it. That's all you need to know...

When something passes in a bipartisan fashion, it's usually bad news.

Pelosi voted for it, so did King: the guy that wants to jail Greenwald. That's all you need to know :/

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well of course they all voted for it...

"the Pompeo amendment does not seem to restrict the NSA’s ability to continue collecting and storing individuals’ metadata."

Typical congress, when the people are mad that you didn't restrict the NSA, write a new bill with a tough name that does nothing so you can say you voted for it when it really does nothing.

More smoke and mirrors...

It's a shiny object

The Pampeo Amendment was just a shiny object that was written and created to distract us serfs and slaves, and to give cover to the House members that voted against the 4th Amendment. It does nothing but simply just restate the current law, it was a gimmick.

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"he and other conservatives

"he and other conservatives were fooled into voting for it the first time around..."

"Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again!" - George W Bush

words to live by /s

words to live by


Important article

TY for posting!

How so?



It shows us what they did vote for, which, was in effect, a message that they do not accept Amash's version, which means: Those who voted for BOTH, voted for Amash's in wanting us to think they are "friends", yet, we can see by this other, you are making appearances for our benefit, and where they REALLY stand on the issue.

Nice response