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Fmr. TX State lawmaker bristles over 'traffic stop for expired tags'.

Ordinarily, not long ago, who wouldn't have chuckled and said to themselves, "Welcome to equal justice under the law, dude. Your driving with expired tags. Pay up like the rest of us."?

But that's not what got him bristled.

It was the presumption of guilt on a multitude of other possible crimes, without a shred of probable cause.

Pena, quote: “They said it was really suspicious that I have a CHL but don’t have a gun”.

And check out the penalties he received for out-dated tags. [Damned good time for me to get my tags renewed even if I rarely drive. I am a registered Republican.]

Welcome to our police state, Mr. Pena, which I'm sure you helped create judging from the names you dropped during your stop. Probably not a good idea given you and they are all Republicans of some sort.


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Perfect example of the predators

They raise turning the hands that feed them into prey.