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IMBA Going after Rand Paul

The IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) is going after Rand Paul for wanting to cut funding for alternative transportation.

IMBA has learned that U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is planning to offer an amendment that would strip funding for the Recreational Trails Program (RTP), a vital source of support for thousands of trail systems across the United States.

As someone who believes that I should pay for my own hobbies, I firmly support Rand Paul on this and oppose the IMBA.

As a mountain biker, I'm appalled that the IMBA would be actively campaigning to take tax payer money from people who will never in their lives ride on a mountain bike trail. and I let them know by sending them a letter.

If you are a mountain biker, or even if you are not, please contact IMBA here: http://www.imba.com/contact

and contact the League of American Bicyclists here: http://www.bikeleague.org/content/staff

and let them know that you disagree with taking tax payer money for the funding of personal hobbies.

IMBA Campaign Link

League of American Bicyclist Link

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totally agree! we have a private corp for our trail

and we have fundraisers for maintenance, and people along the trail volunteer for grass mowing etc to help keep it nice.

While we are at it, what about keeping govt OUT OF ALL SPORTS! Tax money builds stadiums, and on and on and on...

AND, if people/players take performance drugs - so what? who cares? if one can do it they all can do it - it's freedom of choice!!!! When they make it illegal, then they sneak and take them thus have an advantage.

Let them ALL take whatever they want and will ALL be on the same playing field!

That's great about the trail

I do support rules for sports, but privately regulated. When I was an athlete, I would not wear a piece of safety equipment that slowed me down if it wasn't required because that would be a disadvantage, but if everyone was required to wear it, I was more than fine with it as it was still an even playing field. But, yeah, keep the gov't out of it, they aren't better at enforcing rules, they're worse because they make people arrogant and have ways of getting away with favoritism.

Defend Liberty!

No Federal funding

If local governments wish to fund such projects I have little problem with this. If the demand is to have the Federal government fund the building and maintenance of these trails, then I have a sizeable problem. This is clealy not the role of the Federal government.


-As someone who believes that I should pay for my own hobbies, I firmly support Rand Paul on this and oppose the IMBA.

Great point. It's a hobby, pay for it yourself.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

Rand is right. This is similar to renewable fuel funding.

The biodiesel industry relied HEAVILY on 'federal' funds and tax credits to get started. The soybean lobbies were in there twisting arms. It got so disgusting that I quit the field entirely because I couldn't trust that any potential employer wouldn't go bust immediately the day the tax credits stopped.

Sure enough one after the other company failed. Some were scams from the get-go. Solyndra, though not a biodiesel company, is an example of what happens when massive federal funding props up a business that could never make it on its own.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

fund the trail voluntarily,,

instead of thru coercion..

When you start dealing out

When you start dealing out rations, everyone will suddenly demand their deserved slice... I mean, everyone.

Southern Agrarian


Plus, ALL funding comes with strings and leads to dependency. The group will be much stronger if it accomplishes it's goals with pride.




You are totally cool!

It's people and actions like yours that make me, who is not a mountain biker wanting to stand and contribute to the growth and freedom of mountain bikers.

Thanks Granger

Just because I enjoy mountain biking doesn't mean I should expect other people to support my hobby.

It's really strange because were I used to live the local club (also an IMBA affiliate) never had any trouble getting volunteers to do trail work or to donate money. They even hold a race every year with proceeds going to the trail system.

This just proves that we don't need government support and that the community is large enough to support itself without STEALING TAXPAYER MONEY. And I was in an area that wasn't really big in terms of mountain biking or population.


I think you should campaign, because I get the feeling, just based on my own enthusiasm for your post here, you may find, land owners, grant writers and way more people willing and wanting to support your sport, than dealing with the taxed out public.