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How to disrupt a police checkpoint


Fun since this is my neck of the woods.

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Nice one.



I try to change people every day. Do You?

This also went down where I live

And I am thankful to this day because my friends and I were "bowl cruising" so my car was stinking to "high" heaven. Anywho, there was a nice gentlemen parked on the side of the road with his flashers on holding a HUGE neon cardboard sign that read (in BOLD lettering) "BEWARE, NAZI CHECKPOINT AHEAD 1 MILE" and it had a big swastika in the middle of it, LOL! We immediately turned around and took a different route to our destination.

I love Montanans

"I am Troll fighter, number one"



I like to hand out

checkpoint "maps" on St. Patty's in bars. For some reason the checkpoints are nearly always in the same obvious spots.

This is a hilarious vid,

This is a hilarious vid, thanks for posting. I love minute 7-9 when three copcars pull up as if theyre gonna confront the copblockers and then drive off, and the guy dances, boasting with glee. LMAO! CLASSIC.

"I Faught The Law And The Law Lost"

It's fun defeating the new world order...


Libertarians. Risking

Risking their own well being for strangers, other citizens.
Thanks Chris

reminds me of a time....

It reminds me of when I was a kid riding in the car with my family, drivers from the other direction would flash their lights and warn the oncoming traffic that a cop was pulling over speeders ahead. We always did the same thing when we would see one. I don't see that at all anymore.

I remember that as a kid as

I remember that as a kid as well and I have did it ever since I could drive. I even wave and use hand signals sometimes to get the attention of people passing by lol. I always loved the idea that random people were helping one another on the road. Here's to the light flashers!

think its time to bring those

think its time to bring those days back, and to recognise em when we see em......

i know this might not be the brigthest idea, but i just smiled at the though of liberty drivers one day deciding to pick a day, and flash their headlights randomly if safe to do so, essentially, saying hi to one another, and just to see, are we out there .....unobtrusive, un illegal, unforceeble, unstoppable, well in the grand scheme of things....and in my opinion, effective, and i hope, moral boosting........i dont know, even to me that sounds to far fetched, more a wishfull thinking, a thought to make one smile

I follow this guy on facebook

He is the real deal. He is very active and outspoken, and somehow I missed this video from my news feed so thank you for posting.

Me too!

Christopher Cantwell!

This guy is funny as hell, and a hard working activist.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Makes me wonder

I wonder what the Supreme Court will say about "us" informing the public of a check-point up ahead?
Eventually...someone will be arrested and it will have to be addressed by the courts.
We already know they "uphold" these unconstitutional check points.
I think the sign needs to be a little larger, and I really don't think people can hear you with their windows up, going 70 mph down an interstate highway, however, we could hear you on the vid.
Years ago this was actually done by the police in Florida, they would place a sign alongside the highway warning motorists of a check point ahead...people were throwing out their "stashes" (illegal drugs) and the cops would confiscate it...
I wonder what happened to all those confiscated stashes.
Now, all we need is a few more patriots in each community...The Florida Highway Patrol will actually "inform" the public of when and where they will have a checkpoint...it's in the local newspaper.
So...How can cops get upset for citizens doing the same thing?

lol dam crazy libertarians

This is how you beat the cop at their game. Liberty does work!


kind of a long video but totally hilarious and worth the watch.


AAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha right when I heard "Oh yea? Watch me asshole." I was like CANTWELL! Love that guy.

We gotta end these Nazi checkpoints.


"I Fought The Law And The Law

"I Fought The Law And The Law Lost!"

LMAO great clip. Thinking of doing something like that. Probably felt good to save so many people hundreds of dollars.

That was beautiful