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In the course of human events there are those occurrences when facing extreme oppression that the few must lead an intellectual revolution awakening the majority to the great wrongs having been committed by a tyrannical government.

This process of oppression is a long one; a journey full of incremental abuses of power and rights. It typically will begin with a state of fear amongst the populace. When in fear, the citizenry often will be more accepting of encroaches upon their liberties in the name of security. The belief is that the sacrifice will be temporary and short-lived, that once the cause of the fear has been eradicated the laws, statutes, and executive orders will somehow go away and liberty will be restored. How naive of us to believe in such a fairy tale. If history teaches us anything, it is that the State never returns power to the people. Once we sacrifice liberty in any amount in the name of security, we should never expect to be as free as we were prior to the theft of liberty.

Following September 11, 2001 many laws were proposed and passed that promised to deal with threats of terrorism. We had a citizenry that was living in extreme fear The famous mantra of "if you see something, say something" was invoked and we were encouraged to spy upon our friends, families, and neighbors if we suspected they may be involved in terrorist activities. Sadly, it was the American public that was terrorized by the fear-mongering of politicians. As disturbing as it is, the truth is that the State salivates for this type of opportunity. Politicians realize in those moments of fear and panic that they are far more likely to be able to pass legislation they could never even dream of passing during normal peace times.

Congress certainly did not waste time expanding power. The most recognizable bill of post 9-11 America was the Patriot Act. It is ironic to look back during the Bush presidency and see how the political Left was furious over his abuse of civil liberties. Yet most of those same people are silent today while our civil liberties continue to be abused, and in many cases far more than before, under the Obama Administration. Far from reining in abuses of presidential power, as he promised in 2008, our current President is proving that the executive will use any power it is given, and that the executive is very likely abuse it.

Congress assured us that the Patriot Act would not be used to spy upon innocent Americans. Instead, it was supposed to be used to catch those in cohorts with terrorist organizations, such as Al Qaeda. The political Right lambasted anyone who dare voice concern that our civil liberties were being violated. However, thanks to the courage of men like Edward Snowden, we now know that there is massive spying and data collection on the activities of every American citizen. Whatever happened to the 4th Amendment? What is the need for every website I visit and phone call I make to be seen, documented, and stored in a database? Does the government no longer need to have probable cause and a warrant to look at my personal information? Much of the approval for these actions comes from FISA, a secret government court that most Americans have never even heard of. Whatever happened to the “most transparent administration in American history” that Barack Obama promised us so eloquently only a few short years ago?

Why is it that so many people place so much faith in Government to be honest with them, to look out for them? Why do we put so much faith in Government to be truthful and forthright with us, when leader after leader- of both political parties- are constantly involved in scandals and abuses of power. The long train of abuses is no shorter for us that it was for our brave forefathers in 1776. Why do we struggle so much to learn from history? We are repeating mistakes made before.

I am asking you to stand with me and resist the Federal usurpation of power, and to help defend Maryland from this tyranny. I believe that we should never sacrifice one ounce of liberty in the name of security. We can fight back, and we will. There are peaceful and democratic tools such as nullification and interposition available to us that will allow us to restore liberty in Maryland. Restoring liberty will enable us to lead more free and prosperous lives. I will also fight to protect Maryland citizens from the increasing drone use by law enforcement by proposing a bill that requires a warrant for a drone to be used within the State. I will also fight to reverse the damage done by Federal laws such as the Patriot Act and the NDAA. The NDAA is one of the most troubling pieces of legislation passed in our nation’s history, as it permits indefinite detention of American citizens without due process. All other rights and privileges as American citizens are worthless if the Government can lock you up indefinitely without even charging you with a crime. Maryland citizens should not fear that their phone calls, text messages, or emails are being read and stored, they should not fear encroachment of their privacy with the use of drones by the Government, and they should not fear indefinite detention without due process If you believe in freedom and liberty, please take the time to consider supporting me, Mitchell Toland Jr., in the 2014 Maryland primary for State Delegate of District 6.

Please donate today @ www.MitchforMD.Com or https://rally.org/mitchformd


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