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Eric Bolling "done" with Chris Christie after attack on Rand Paul: "You've lost a fan in me, sir."

Go Eric Bolling, LOL! (never thought I would say that)


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Lol, wtf is this guy talking about?

8m 15s in, one of the hosts says "libertarians know that freedom requires force and force requires intelligence."

Tyranny from above

my favorite part at 1:51. We either talk about tyranny or we talk about terror from above, the point is we can have both!

Death to all pandas

this guy from 1:00 on?

reading from a script?

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

You guys have another convert

in Eric Bolling who has been about as militaristic and authoritarian as one can be. Yet, the comments here suggest some of you do not want him under the tent? This is big progress for the liberty movement as was the entire conversation. It shows how the conservative movement is adapting.

Dana Perino spent lots of time defending these practices as by implication, designing them, under Bush. Over time we will start to see many people like her acknowledge their wrongness as the Republican Party adapts and gets behind the liberty Republicans.

No, they aren't

This is cheap talk for the bozos who still think voting and elections are real. Blah, blah, "the Republicans are becoming more libertarian"....blah, blah.
Just cheap talk trying to attract conservatives who have hope in the current system. Seen it time after time. Then the media will crown a RINO as the "presumptive nominee" and the "Party leadership" will finance him/her and fix the primaries.
Duh.We have a one party system running a fake good cop-bad cop show.

I take everything that is

I take everything that is said with a mountain sized grain of salt on this show over the recent ventura thing, not for ventura, but what was said and how they said it, i liked one of their videos a while ago, believe it was on the nsa, but that ventura thing just showed me, to me at least, a......fakeness......my spider sense tinkled, and i am inclined to agree with it here.......no matter how good they sound, i wont critisize good points made, because good points, are good points, but i will not trust them.....unless they give real good reasons to do so, like an honest truthfull transitional change of philosophy.........might be a while, assuming it happens

Its easier to lose trust then it is to get it back, alot harder.....

It isn't about haystacks..

It's about the 4th Amendment and if you don't like it, change the Constitution.

There is no other way.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

"Yeah, but Ron Paul wasn't

"Yeah, but Ron Paul wasn't taken seriously."

And this is why you will never be anything more than an elite' teet sucking electrical box dancing clown. Get ya shoes and make-up ready bitch.

The content of this post, the video, as many other of late on DP

... is 'thin milk in the pulpit'!

Painful to hear... boring to the liberty spirit... waste of patriot energy!

We don't need these ignoramuses to grow the tree of liberty!

In fact, rather than watering the tree of liberty, their few minutes of idiocy pours on the 'Round-Up' of tyranny!

Ron Paul 2016! Get used to it!

Credit where Credit is due....

If anybody gets 'credit' for Bolling's 'comin to Jesus' epiphany on Freedom and Liberty... it's da Judge.
Napalitano would hammer away and chuckle and wink at Eric constantly during FreedomWatch days....
who KNOWS how many other pundits he has mentored...
His kindness and wisdom is only matched by ONE other person I can think of.

If it's genuine...

...then Bolling's shift is both surprising and weird, as he had absolutely NOTHING but contempt for Ron Paul in '12.

And this shift didn't just surface with this segment - he's been VERY supportive of Rand for many months.

Careful of watching too much FauxNews, CoNN, or wM(SNBC)d

Your IQ drops a point a minute.

You can mitigate the effects with regular visits to DailyPaul or the soon to be launched Ron Paul Channel.

Correct ...

I'm going to watch this several times to catch the techniques of how they try to maintain their own credibility yet convince viewers to 'compromise' away their God given rights.

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.

But timidness is!

Also check out Matt Welch and Eric Bolling

on Fox Business earlier today pwning some lady defending Christie and the NSA, good stuff and Matt gets pretty worked up like I have never seen him before.


Well done ...

For an establishment libertarian . Reason are of bunch of Ron Paul hating scumbags.

Ewwww, that lady sickened me

Ewwww, that lady sickened me with her robot patriot act loving praise for the surveillance apparatus. Where did they trot her out from. You know they are desperate when she was all they had as a resident expert on that side of the argument.

How could you say that she's

How could you say that she's "keeping American's safe!"

I love how she talks about our colossal federal government, ya know the one who is spying on us in the first place, going in with a "tweezer" to just tweak the NSA. As if a instrument that precise was in their toolbox.

I wish one of them just told her that our Government doesn't own any tweezers, just mallets.

Can I tell you something
Got to tell you one thing
If you expect the freedom
That you say is yours
Prove that you deserve it
Help us to preserve it
Or being free will just be
Words and nothing more

again I say...

Why the hell isn't Amash juicing his Amendment to call out the Republicans that VOTED AGAINST HIM????

Will somebody in the Liberty movement show the fuck up and kick these establishment retards asses???


We need a Lee Atwater and we needed him years ago. Benton sure as fuck aint it. So who???

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Good Idea

But is there some type of impeachment or criminal charges he can file to show how serious we are, or at the very least scare or intimidate them?

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

Happy, Happy, Happy

I'm so happy. I can't believe how many times I heard "libertarian" used more or less accurately on the MSM. They even managed to acknowledge there are reasons why it wins support from liberals, too.

Lots of people are "reluctant to commit our troops."

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Christie Is Attempting To Make Paul Less Acceptable Or Viable

While Christe slams Paul over and over, Jeb Bush who will not be attacked or involved in the apparent infighting will make greater inroads in the polls. What we need to do is begin attacking Jeb Bush and Christe as both being unacceptable neocons..

We had better begin attacking both of them and soon. We must not allow Jeb Bush to go unnoticed, distancing himself from his useless and incompetent brother before the election cycle begins...

What Christe is doing in an old campaign trick. The attacks have started and the war has begun. The neocons have drawn 'First Blood'.

Rand must not forget its Bush that is a much more formidable opponent than the stout governor from New Jersey...

The name calling has begun. Libertarianism is under attack by Christe. He will do Jeb Bush's dirty work, similar to what happened last election cycle.


Good call..

They did it for Romney for sure. I remember 08. McCain and Romney struck a deal to get Mitt out of the race.

Great way of looking at it. With Cheney behind the scenes along with the best of the retards that got Dubya in power, I can absolutely see what you mean.

The thing that always lingers in my mind... what happens when the support becomes so overwhelming that they can't deny it? This is a dirty ass game.. for sure.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I Wrote The Very Same Thing Hours Ago

Christie called libertarianism a dangerous concept or something close to that.

Like freedom, liberty, and happiness are dangerous concepts. No instead his dumb fuck party would have me believe that the nanny state exists to tell me how to live, how much money to turn over, and that offshoring corporate welfare while hollowing out the working middle class was a good thing.

The only thing Christie's done is to work to get rid of public unions. Other than that, and his smart ass wit, I'm not sure what he's got going for him. After the attack on the Libertarian Party- I have relegated him to the dust bin.

F*** Christie.

Appearently they're looking for a needle in a haystack but

they claim they can't scan their own e-mails.

Does anyone else see a disconnect here?

This makes the NSA look like total idiots for not ensuring that they will never be compromised in the first place.

No, I'm positive they have counter measures, but their damage control sucks. Just look at some of these idiots on the show.

Yeah, like they haven't

Yeah, like they haven't prevented even one of their home made terror attacks.


but they will get them next time. :p

These people are dumb. They're in news?

People chatting at a bar have better political insight, not excluding real facts than these Bozos.

What a bunch of goofball commentary. There are far better points to make about Rand and why Christie is a jerk.

It's a trade-off between Rand Paul and Chris Christie.

Rand Paul has far better principles and intelligence and political acumen, but Chris Christie has a sexy body.


By which I mean he's been watching Ron Paul videos and listening to Alex Jones.

Remember: A lot of these people we hate on are simply ignorant. Once they learn the truth and real history it's hard to keep up an act. Boiling is an ally....for today...

Senator Peter Schiff 2016