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Eric Bolling "done" with Chris Christie after attack on Rand Paul: "You've lost a fan in me, sir."

Go Eric Bolling, LOL! (never thought I would say that)


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This show

is such a joke. Who ever watches this is a joke.

I love the tactics Fox does.

"Lets put the lady on the corner with the skirt on and make sure she crosses her legs too." The perfect distraction!

I would like to give Mr. Bolling the benefit of the doubt.

But I have a feeling when the rubber meets the road, he will shrink from the cause of liberty or reveal himself as an agent provocateur.

Who is the IDIOT

on the right?

He says we need a "HAYSTACK" to protect us from terrorism?

There were requests in the FBI BEFORE 9/11 to look into the attackers that were IGNORED.

With this ILLEGAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL "haystack" we still had the Boston bombing. They can't even list a credible large plot they've stopped.

You don't need MORE intel you need to use the intel you have INTELLIGENTLY. That guy is an IDIOT.


All statists are idiots.

Aside from the small percentage that are truly evil.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

I was thinking the exact same

I was thinking the exact same thing...and how did he become such a self-righteous expert. He was clueless about every point he attempted to make. What a waste of atoms.

What was that idiocy...you need haystacks to find needles...uh, I guess he really does not understand the point of the old saying. What an idiot.

Gutfeld came into the game

Gutfeld came into the game about 20 years too late. He's a neo-neo-con.

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Bolling will say NOTHING when it counts! Gutfeld just

made the best and most NEO_CON argument to suck in the sheeple. This is just a set up. Nothing more and nothing less. You get Bolling to show up at a Rand event supporting and Ill believe it.

It is RP 2008 and RP 2012 all over again.

1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.


Eric Bolling must be the new Champion of Liberty

"I am Troll fighter, number one"




all those ppl are turds. They are following the old model, and I can't get excited by any of their words.

Can't get excited because

Can't get excited because their audience is dying by the thousands of old age every day. They'd all like to see the internet die so they'd get replacements.

Here ya go OP :)

Notice how they ignore the

Notice how they ignore the Constitution and try to say there is a way to have "both sides", it is really a "middle ground," and that this is "not an either or conversation." I just made my first meme ever. What do you think?


these people make me sick..

can't even watch them. Dana Perino should be hung for treason.

He gets it. He's done and

He gets it. He's done and does big dollar deals privately discussed over the phone and internet. He understands corporate espionage and how it could cost him enormously. The guy understands the mandatory need for privacy implicitly. His feelings for that and the money trump his emotional feelings for the war on terror.