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NSA Spying NEVER Catches Israelis

Why Not?


Gotta love Snordster's voice and the way he nails it!!!

We DO have to ask ourselves;

"What kind of leaders would use a tragedy like 911 to put a totally incompetent person in charge of the biggest conglomeration of Intel and law enforcement in history? Many were suspicious that they wanted to make sure that 911 would never be unraveled as to who was really behind it here in the US. Bernie would have been perfect for that. He has been out of jail a month now."

REMEMBER "This is the crowd, along with Rudy Giuliani, who were going to make Bernie Kerik Homeland Security Director after being a high school dropout and detective third class. He was nothing more than a sock puppet for his handlers who would have been running the show."

Wonder if Bernie wants to TALK now!!!

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Frankly Speaking

The NSA is part of the department of defense. The DoD regularly develops military technology in partnership with Israel. Israel has the same weapons as the USA. Stuxnet was developed by the USA and Israel, for example.

Intelligence is shared, though arguably more intelligence flows from the USA to Israel than vice versa.

It is an unequal partnership when viewed materially unless you consider Israel to be the de facto 51st state, in which case it all seems perfectly normal.

Why don't the Israelis just petition for statehood like all the other states did and then we can add a 51st star to the flag and be done with it?

Anything less is really not calling things like they are.

Alternatively, we could treat them like the actual foreign power that they are and cut them off. That would be better since I don't really see what the USA gains from helping Israel so much in a strictly national interest sense. Do you?

It was once claimed that Israel was the 'western' base against the 'eastern' arab countries.

That is silly since Saudi Arabia has always been in the pocket of the West and now that the 'coalition' has conquered practically 3/4 of the middle east and has bases everywhere, I fail to see the usefulness of Israeli bases or Israel as an ally. Am I missing something?

So why do we have a special economic and military relationship with Israel which is different that our relationship with all other nations when it is such a one way relationship? Is it purely emotional? Who is gaining what from this arrangement? That is what I really want to know. Who gains?


especially if the Israeli's are dancing or driving around in vans with cash and explosives.


That's because NSA is not located in Israel.