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Andy Vidak (R) wins State Senate seat in California - the Democrats turned the water off on the farms, result = Win

Andy Vidak won the Senate Seat in a 60% Democrat district, with a huge Hispanic population against a Hispanic women.

The District has huge unemployment, and will break the Democrats Super Majority in the State.

The main issue was that the Dems turned the water off to the farmers turning farmland into dust because of a darter fish.


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how ever posted this don't know shi+

I live in fresno and water wasn't an issue. Even if it was farm:local is far less to make an impact. people are just tried of Liberal shi+. This happens every off election year. like 2010 now 2014. Americans don't learn shi+.

"Forget it Jake, it's

"Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown."


So how is he on the issues? Is he one of us or another progressive/neocon/borderline-neocon taking advantage of a crisis to get elected?

Endless number of "Congress Created Dust Bowl" signs on the 5

Some name Pelosi, Boxer, Costa and on my last trip I saw Obama. Good to see some pro-liberty activism pay off.


Maybe the CA GOP will appreciate CA GOP grassroots more?


The water use in California is being completely mismanaged because of these kook's incessant need to save some fish no ones ever heard of.

If they are so worried why don't they start darter fish hatcheries... naw let's shut water off and destroy farmland instead.