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Ron Paul? at 47:

What do ya'll think about what he said about Ron Paul at 47 min?

http://youtu.be/2LxY_H5V0Kw Season of Treason Full

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The Federal Government of the

The Federal Government of the US is not a corporation. The States are not Chartered Subsidiaries of the Federal Corporation. The legal jargon doublespeak does not apply the the USA.

I just laugh my ass off

I just laugh my ass off because the complete and total worldwide economic collapse is now 100% guaranteed in the near future. Especially because we still have our 300 million+ personal firearms and stockpile of ammo.

The D's and R's in DC are

The D's and R's in DC are just trading good cop bad cop roles in their corporation from time to time. Now they're just playing hot potato among CEO's to see who will preside over the next bankruptcy of the US corporation.

That's why I have fun with them doing things like this messing up their well laid plans;

Alex Jones Caller Ron Paul Revenge Voters For Obama 11/09/2012


Mostly lawyers maintain these

Mostly lawyers maintain these altered terminology definitions as fact and mindset. This is what they derive their power from and use that power to maintain control over you. They get off on using this mystery religion over you.

I know that impish power they think they have doesn't really work in the real world and is just an illusion of power over you. The reason is you and I believe the US Constitution means what it says it means. Even most sheeple would maintain in their midset that they have the 1st amendment right of Freedom of Speech and other ten amendment rights like the right to keep and bear arms that shall not be infringed. This demonstrates the power of the ill lawyerish informed have(us) and immense power we have over the lawyer people who think they rule. We saw our power demonstrated during the last gun grab event. It's fun challenging the technicalities in court with people that understand the game.

It's @ 46:35

And he has tunnel vision, or he is tool.


I don't thinks he has looked into Ron Paul enough. He lists democrats, republicans, then "the Ron Pauls"? then lumps them into the same bubble? So yeah, he clearly didn't bother doing much research on Ron Paul.

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