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Hey Boudreaux!

Hey Boudreaux!

"Woman stops gator attack with a small Beretta pistol"

This is a story of self control and marksmanship by a brave, cool-headed Cajun woman with a small pistol against a fierce predator. What is the smallest caliber that you would trust to protect yourself?

A Beretta Jetfire testimonial.

Here is her story:

While out walking along the edge of a bayou just below Houma, Louisiana, with my soon to be ex-husband discussing property settlement and other divorce issues, we were surprised by a huge 12-foot alligator suddenly emerging from the murky water and charging us with its large jaws wide open. She must have been protecting her nest because she was extremely aggressive.

If I had not had my little Beretta Jetfire .25 caliber pistol with me I would not be here today! Just one shot to my estranged husband's knee cap was all it took.

The gator got him easily and I was able to escape by just walking away at a brisk pace. It's one of the best pistols in my collection!

Plus ... The amount I saved in lawyer's fees were more than worth the purchase price of this gun. -- Matilda Landry

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Oops - no more hus-bad.



It was probably the pandas

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Boudreaux Music

Undo what Wilson did

"Boudreaux goes to Hell".

Boudreaux is pronounced as Boo-drow

For those not familiar.

LOL...You're probably correct

The only Thibodeaux I know of is a town in Lafourche Parish. I'm more familiar with family names near Lafayette. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make.

just having fun dear.

I like to spend time down there when I can. I like to drive until the roads end south of you. point cocodrie or something like that was my last adventure.

I was told about some real creoles down there..... but did not find them on that trip.

I really just remember hearing jokes about boo-drow- and tibi-dow.

Laissez les bon temps roulez

" my poppa said son, don't let the man get you"...

born on the bayou.

this is the version I know,

this is the version I know, the first time I saw it I laughed myself to death:

My personal favorite bear defense gun has always been my Beretta Jetfire in .22 short!

I've found over the years when hiking in bear country I never leave home without it.

While other hikers haul around heavy large caliber rifles I dont even notice it in my pocket.

Of course we all know the first rule when hiking in the wilderness is to use the "Buddy System".

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this it means you NEVER hike alone, you bring a friend or companion, even an in-law.

That way if something happens there is someone to go get help.

I remember one time hiking with my brother-in-law in northern British Columbia .

Out of nowhere came this huge brown bear and boy was she MAD!

We must have been near one of her cubs.

Anyway, if I had not had my little Jetfire with me I'm sure I wouldnt be here today.

That's right, one shot to my brother-in-law's knee cap and I was able to escape by just walking at a brisk pace.

Its one of the best pistols in my safe!

I Laughed Like Hell Stoney!

It's Just So Good...Caught me A Bit Off Guard..

I know right? blah blah

I know right? blah blah blah.... suddenly imagines someone getting shot in the knee cap and bouncing about in extreme pain, one of the best jokes ever! :)