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Pentagon: Who We Are at War With is a Secret

In case you had any doubt we have lost control of our Republic:


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Our government is obviously at war with the American people.

It terrorizes fascists when people want to run their own lives.

For the record

It was Carl Levin making the request. Shame he's retiring.

He's probably leaving the country. Not retiring.

He has been a huge NeoCon for years and had me sucked in when I listened to AM talk radio.

He's part of the 'machine' to enslave people. And he's leaving because he's been exposed and knows something he won't tell you.

WE are at WAR with NO ONE.

WE are at WAR with NO ONE. THEY are at WAR with EVERYONE.

It's nothing but the return to Feudilism.

Allegiance for protection and Protection for Allegiance.

Meanwhile while you are being protected, you are also being lied to and raped.

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Dear Pentagonians,

Dear Pentagonians, (or is it Pentagotards?)

What You Will Be Brought At Peace By, Is NO Secret.

And that is :


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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

As Pogo sez:


There are too many US

There are too many US alphabet soup secret agents in the world.

And How Many of Those We Are At War With

...are we also supplying with arms and funding? It is a sad circus. Why do I always feel there are people in high(actually low ) places laughing at what we will swallow.