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Define: Accountability

Accountability according to google:

'Responsibility to someone or for some activity.'

Has Obama held anyone accountable for any of their actions? Leadership in government starts at the top. The person we hire for the job should have the ability to set the tone for his administration.

Obama does not have the leadership skills to manage a donut shop next to a police station. Period. He is owned and directed by everyone around him. He is our first 'rock star' president. Someone who expects someone else to do his job and then cover for them when they fuck up. Classic Rock Star Syndrome.

What does accountability mean to Rand Paul?

It means Holder, Hillary would be fired. It would also mean that Clapper would be scared shitless of facing charges for lying under oath.

Rand Paul represents accountability. I believe Rand would have stood behind Jack Hunter and let the chips fall. I also believe that Hunter told us the truth. He stepped down in order to further our movement. Rand did not fire him. Hunter understood the liability he posed. It isn't like the media plays fair. Ask Zimmerman.

Politics is a shitty game between two sides in America. Neither side ever listens to the other side. Its always a 1 point game run down to the buzzer. The Liberty movement is unique in the fact we bring both sides together. Amash got more Democrats to vote for his Amendment than his own party. Where is the media on this? Why don't we have the allies we need to spread our message through the MSM? Why do we let Cheney and Kristol hold so much power over our message? Our message is more popular and all they can do is attack us with their minions.

Will the Lee Atwater of our movement please stand up?

We have a winning message.

Accountability is an easy way to point out failure and stand with the rule of law. By the time Rand runs.. so many people are going to be screaming corruption that the canary in the mine shaft got one smell and fell over. Understand this, the reason why the party bosses control so much is because of the corruption in government. Those leaving office are going to be scared shitless that what they did will come back on them. The party bosses broker the deals that shield them.

Rand is playing this game like a pro. Has since the days he started. Matter of fact Rand was the new years baby a couple weeks early:

His first stump speech to out movment.

The Liberty movement needs to hold itself 'Accountable'. If we want to win then we better make inroads with our allies. Our Movement needs LEADERSHIP. I dont care if it comes from the grassroots or a campaign as long as someone stands up and demands...


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Thanks!! I was hoping someone would post this youtube of

Rand at the 2007 Boston Tea Party. That was the one that kicked off the $6M moneybomb!! A real classic!