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Greenwald to testify before Congress

The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald will testify before a bipartisan congressional group next week about the National Security Agency's surveillance program, he confirmed to POLITICO.

The hearing will take place on Wednesday and comes amid growing congressional concern over the reach of the NSA's surveillance tactics. It will be headed by Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson.

According to the Guardian’s report, Greenwald will testify via video-link from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



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Can I ask an honest question:

What good will any of this do if WE do nothing after the fact?

Snowden's evidence will fall on mostly deaf ears.

We must make our "elected officials" listen. We must act on this.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Define "act".

What Edward Snowden has

What Edward Snowden has revealed is "Full Spectrum Dominance" in action.

Edward Snowden has

"reveled" nothing! So what? your "government" spies? Governments have been spying both domestically and internationally before America was discovered, and in sophisticated ways. What is new? Nothing!!!
Has he reveled that the Powers that Be in Israel have been interfering in US politics? No... but we know that they do. Has he reveled that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were based on lies? No, but we know that already. Has he reveled that the US government has been infiltrated by people who have their own Agenda? No but we already know that!
WHAT has "he" reveled?????.
Nothing that we already didn't already know.
But what is being HIDDEN behind Edward Snowden????
Aw shit, did you know that Kim Kardashian's baby is called North West... I bet you all know that!

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that's too funny

asking if WE heard what that babies name is...
getting all condescending and snarky.....and yet
what you blame on others here...you do !!!

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I didn't mean to be condescending,

for that I apologise. Maybe it's frustration of not being able to get people to have a really, really close look at what is going on.
If the information that Snowden has is THAT important, THAT reveling, why doesn't he release it?...or wont his handlers let him? Who are his handlers? Where is it? who has had access to it? Did Bradly Manning get this much media coverage? Who controlled his information?
Was Wikileaks "set up" to control this very type of thing, a supposed safe haven for people with a sense of patriotic duty?
I'm trying to find answers to these questions (and many more)yet very, very few people will enter into any type of discussion surrounding The Snowden Case.
It frustrates me because I think there is something much, much bigger going on behind the story of The Peoples Hero.

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well, I thought it was funny

your comment that is.
Haven't gotten into the snowden deal,been burnt out
but a few things stand out
like,if these secrets needed to be revealed,then why haven't they?
near as i can tell,they are still secrets,if it was me,I would spread it far and wide,for anyone to see,not do the same as the fed gov has done (makes no sense)
wiki,how can this be trusted,if all anyone has to do is create an account
then go in and change the pages? why one can even,dare i say lie,and put it to print (who would know the difference?)
I do get the idea we are like lab rats,and most of what we see,read,and hear
is brought about to change our perceptions,and thought patterns,and done so
to control us
nothing is done by chance

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


What we presumed to be true is much different than having proof that they are doing it. Remember the lawsuits that were thrown out because there was never any proof they were spying on us? Now according to Greenwald he has the physical evidence.

Then there is Russell Tice who claims to have had in his hands physical evidence that they were monitoring phone calls and emails of congressman, Supreme Court Judges, etc, including Obama himself without a warrant. If Snowden has evidence of this than it is a very big deal.

What use is "proof"

when there is a deeply corrupt Supreme Court, that will make sure the wheels of justice turn so slowly that any "punishment" wont happen in our life time?

plus jill, if your fears are

plus jill, if your fears are realised why would you NOT be for ridding what is arguebely one of their most powerfull tool, a tool that can potentially make it extremely easy to keep things the way they are if not worse.....do you not see the major danger, something like this can cause....SOMETHING THAT NO PAST EMPIRE HAS EVER HAD ACCESSED TO.........this tool is a possible game changer, the risk that tyrany may go further then its ever gone before......if a revolution happens, ok, all bets are off......but when the opportunity, when the discussion, is about ending a tool tyranny would welcome, should we ignore it, should we not at least show support for it..........should we let it go and give permission in doing so, you know, join everyone else

We havent forgotten other issues, we havent stopped CARRING for other issues, if that is a worry of yours......forgive my use of analogy to try to explain this, im finding it difficult to explain where im coming from, the words, the sentence

Its like a ballon full of corruption, with millions of nails trying to pop it having their individual go, with no sucess, because the pressure being applied is so incosequential, that not a one is able to pop it, but then one nail comes along that somehow makes a dent, but is not enough, the other nails see it, and they gather and realise that as they do, the dent gets larger, so more come, and more come, and the dent gets bigger, and bigger.......i think you know the rest

all your fears are concentrated in that ballon, if you saw a concerted effort to once and for all dispand those things you, i, the person next door, fears, would you stand idle, or would you confront those fears

I mean "fear" in a general sense, im not implying a scaredy cat, more of a, "what i fear is happening" sense....but even in that other sense i see nothing wrong with it, its honest, its a truthfull, and i respect those things....


What I "fear" is that the Snowden case is covering up really, really important stuff, like war in Syria, and inevitably, Iran.
My fear is that so many people are fixated on Snowden, the man, that they are not closely looking at the people behind him, the people pulling the strings and massaging the story.
My fear is that most Americans are so far removed from history and reality, that they no longer know what is true and what isn't.
We allowed that balloon to fill with corruption, and laughed off the "conspiracy theory" that the US Government had turned rouge. Now we must deal with that conspiracy fact.
I don't trust the sideshow that has sprung up around Snowden....something smells, real bad.
The US government has been doing despicable, dishonest, illegal stuff for years, without nary a beep from her populace, and now we must put the evil genie back in it's bottle. Considering that everything from the POTUS to the supreme court is "owned",infiltrated and corrupted, how are we going to do it?

And as someone who supports

And as someone who supports this effort of the people, NOT snowden, i still hold those exact same fears, but in my mind, your appeoach means we again wait, hope that something should come along.....in my opinion, because i actually believe there is a possibility, that if EVEN this is a ploy, or if EVEN this is a "crisis being used".....i strongly suspect that the government and some folks, SERIOUSLY undersestimate the potential for this effort to seriously get to big to handle

Now, i do not in any way discount your reasoning, as i agree, its either one or the other, but to not support this, for me, is the same as saying, ...and forgive the unmeant implication......is the same as saying, i dont want change, im fine with this........for me, truthfully jill, please dont take that as an implication, i am just saying how i would feel if i decided to stop, not because i wanted to, but on someones say so

If this succeeds, whatever that sucess may be, i think that it would benefit EVERYONE in SHOWING, MORE people the unmasking of government, on EVERY issue, yes, the ones you, and also others, care about, one chip at a time jill, and sometimes, hopefully, one unusual BIG chip at a time

forgive my crappy grammer

Gomez, thank you for entering

into a discussion about this, it is appreciated.
The thing I loved about Dr Paul,was the whole "grassroots" approach to politics, the growing from the bottom up. We The People.
I do feel that tackling only one snake of the Medusa head that is now your government, will not get you very far, the whole head needs to come off and the body destroyed, and I truly feel that this can only be achieved by the placement of the right people in the right places...starting with local politics, exactly the same way the people in power now have gotten to where they are.
If the Snowden leaks get enough people energised to do this, well and good, but I'm not sure that this will be the trigger, as the corruption is Global Government, not just US government.
I urge people all the time to learn about UN Agenda 21, how there is a slow but tenacious move towards a One World United Nations Government.
I have a niggle that the US has been set up to be the fall guy in the Snowden affair and that in fact, the information that Snowden has leaked will serve to benefit the UN, and undermine We the People even more.
As for waiting for "something to come along"...it is already here.

i so much wanna agree with

i so much wanna agree with you, and i so much wanna be wrong, but im starting to think more and more that the current system/s, globally, as they are today, are too far gone to avoid the "iceberg", if a governing body is what is asked by the people, then im starting to think the the current system/s need a serious kick up the backside, one that something LIKE a revolution would bring, for the new governing body to actually, if not willfully, fearfully, respect the wishes of the people

I do not wish it, i fear that it will be PUSHED to it, if that, is, the only course the us government gives its people.......and that is the cusp of the matter, it is truelly in the hands of government their future is in their own hands......all they have to do is start making the right choices......THATS IT, that is all that is being asked of them, it would seem that we are asking for their first born in the kind of resistance to that expectation.......so on top of everything else, we have yet another suspicious behaviour to make us trust them even less.....

That is just a, "where im coming from" post, just as a good faith gesture to better understand where each of us are coming from......i also like youre expressed opinion jill, for those same reasons.....i also agree more then not......not always, but mostly

and mostly, is good enough for me, barring foundational diffrences,

Do you think that maybe

the "Government" IS making the right choices? The choices that fit THEIR agenda....one that has nothing to do with good governance, the constitution, justice and peace, but everything to do with greed, power, control?
We the People have been played like a finely tuned fiddle. The Powers that Are know their stuff, know their history, know how to turn every event (natural or created) to their advantage.
I can't help feeling that Edward Snowden is being used to some end purpose.

I think it is too late for a stand up revolution,too many FEMA camps, too many military police, too few politicians with balls.
The only way to break new ground is to force them out of office from the ground up. People Power.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions, it gives other angles to think through.

thankyou too, for the

thankyou too, for the bouncing of ideas

and with that i bid you a gd nite jill, youve kept me up longer then i think id like tempting me with friendly debate :)

nite all

And it is...

gaining traction in so many ways, even internationally. Yes, we hear some spins...but if you research and follow this, there is some major scambling going on in some Washington offices with some of our "representative Senators and Congressmen" saying they never meant for it to go this far. Trying to distance themselves from having anything to do with massive secret spying on the American people. : )

(It is so easy on the DP to get triggered and respond to what consciously or unconsciously from some posters is "switch and bait." Help keep it on the message...during both RP campaigns we would have called something like this opportunity for real truth to get out to the masses. Nobody likes being listened to and tracked. )


Distance themselves? It's too

Distance themselves? It's too late to worry about that.


This was Alan Grayson's

This was Alan Grayson's finest hour. It'll be hard to get him out of my good guy book.

I'd be careful about him

I made the same mistake w/ Darrell Issa. I saw him criticize Eric Holder and started to think "Issa = good guy". Then Issa votes against the Justin Amash NSA defunding bill. That's not to say Grayson can't be a good guy but just that "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance" and Grayson should be held to that continuous scrutiny.

I believe Alan Grayson is a good choice....

for this. He is smart and clever.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I have one word for you...predator drones. Oh, you think I'm kidding?" Obombya

I'm sure the others testifying are scrambling to get their

stories modified before Wednesday after Greenwald's claims today. I wonder if he'll wait until after the hearing to release it just to see who he will be able to trip up?

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

I will look forward to this....

and I hope Cspan will cover it.
Anyone know???


I hope they arrest him bercause he accepted classified documents that he was not cleared to recieve and he threatened America, as if Americasn can't solve America's problems. Alas, they will not because the whole snowjob is a hoax to make Amerians hate America to want a global government to rescue them.

Granger,I read through all


I read through all of your posts here and I just gotta say it - you appear to be so far down a rabbit hole that you're completely lost.

Have you considered the possibility that what is happening here is what it actually appears to most of us to be happening?

- That we're living in post-constitutional America
- That many of us are sick of the direction the government is taking the country in and are fighting back
- That Ed Snowden is a courageous young man who is one of those fighting back
- That Glenn Greenwald, while a progressive, not a libertarian, is also one of those fighting back (about the issues that HE most cares about, which includes the endless, unconstitutional war machine, and privacy)

Come on up outta the rabbit hole, Granger. I'm all for considering all possibilities on the way to uncovering the truth so I'm not knocking you for that. But sometimes theories are wrong, Granger. That's how we find the truth, by considering alternate theories and dismissing those that don't fit the facts.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

We're Post-Constitutional Government?

So why are the elected, military, and folks like Snowden taking oaths to the constitution?

Granger, what I wrote was

Granger, what I wrote was that we're living in post-constitutional America. The constitution set down rules by which the government had to live. The government now ignores those rules. Thus, we live in a new America.

The fact that they still act like they follow the rules and swear allegiance to the constitution has no bearing on the reality that they roundly ignore it.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

WE. It is WE the people who roundly ignor, Freedom's Remnant

This is why I say that.. those loyalty oaths I took.. one was to the constitution.. and I thought to myself, "If the GOP is going to hold me to the GOP loyalty oath, we aren't we holding them to the constitution?"

This is where we can be like Ron Paul.. make stands, but what I see is that most won't make stands.. I thank GOD they got in the GOP, but what I fail to understand is why get in and then sit back? Well, they don't want to be like me? "Oh brother, here she goes opening up her mouth again".

I just saw it yesterday.. we have an issue between central committees, and I jumped on it! So what does the chair do? Send out an email.. "We've heard from The Granger, and I want to hear from others so I can make a statement".

Now I KNOW, what I wrote is what inspired the statement.. I heard my argument repeated, though I got no credit.. and that's OK.. I really don't want to climb in the GOP.. but it would be nice if I wasn't always the one opening up my mouth about it.

People worry too much about not being liked. You don't like the ways things are.. do something, who cares who doesn't like it? Better them than oneself, eh?

We agree on that. We the

We agree on that. We the people have relinquished control of the govt to those who choose not to be limited by the constitution.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein