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Greenwald to testify before Congress

The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald will testify before a bipartisan congressional group next week about the National Security Agency's surveillance program, he confirmed to POLITICO.

The hearing will take place on Wednesday and comes amid growing congressional concern over the reach of the NSA's surveillance tactics. It will be headed by Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson.

According to the Guardian’s report, Greenwald will testify via video-link from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



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deacon's picture

i don't agree with that

"we the people relinquished control of the gov"
no,we didn't,it was stolen from we the people,by the very
ones who had the money and the time to put their hand picked
lackies in office
it was made a whole lot easier with the rise of the fed reserve
as this was created by the very ones who pick the ones we call
they have control of the banks,the resources,the land the fed gov,courts,and the media,and now they own and finance the police state
they install their own into office to do their will,and it is not our will they are upholding.
just how would anyone know what were lies and what is fact,when the lines even on that have been blurred?
people watch the news,have done so for years,do you think they know they are being lied to?
do you think that thought ever entered their minds?
or do you think,like some of used to,that the news is truthful,unbiased,
and is there as a free entity?
plus,they also hand pick who will seen on the news,and they also pick the outcomes of our supposedly free,honest and open elections

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

He will testify via video

He will testify via video link. That suggests he won't be in the U.S, while testifying.


I'll be sure to watch it many times.

dont forget "classified

dont forget "classified documents" the GOVERNMENT was not cleared to have and was actively keeping the details secret on their ability to gather those "classified documents"......so while we could all guess what the ndaa, patriot act and other bills, where giving them a abilities, snowden actually, and in my opinion, rightfully, curcumvented the "secrecy" in order to inform the public of the DETAILS (or more detail then we had) of the end results to those bill we all strongly suspected could have been used for no good......yes, some of this is vindictation of our beliefs, but by far, it is not the sole reason for the support of such actions as whistleblowing on corruption.

And i see and agree with you on the governments response, i just see other possibilities for them.....i completly agree that, AS PER USUAL (when did you think we stopped that line of reason), that the us government will, and by all accounts, have been using all and any PUBLIC crisis, to push or sneak bills under the table........what i think you are not picking up on, in the supporters of the whistleblowing, is we see, for lack of a better term, seing in a split second, unusually a bad player on the field having a good game, last seconds on the clock, the ball passed to him literally on his home line, and a suspiciously clear path to a home run........we are cheering his run, giving him our support, and hoping for the best.......and if he should not make it, then i will chear the next guy who finds themselves in the same position, TWICE as loudly, TWICE as heartily, with support, with hope, and with luck

This not about one man, one issue.....it is about one message, the same message we all have, and a chance to have something, anything, finally get the snowball rolling..........quite frankly, i am surprised at some of your responses granger, you are putting snowden suppoters into one group and assuming no variation, i dont deny there wont be a possibility of those who are as you say, but you seem to be generalisating ALL of them into this mold you have described.......i dont know if you might be doing this to keep folks on their toes, or that you dont realise you are exibiting what i would classically expect from the neos, a republican neo, a war mongerer.......i dont say that to offend, and i dont expect you not to get offended, i am just stating how it seems to be coming across........paranoid enough to think whether your account has been hijacked......POSSIBILITY, and recognised as such, not an affirmation of unknowable fact, i.e. paranoid.......as i believe i have seen a few posts where i have agreed with you on obscure (few discussions) thoughts.......that is not to say i now disagree with everything you will ever say, but it will be seen in a new light, for the purpose of understanding better where you are coming from.......where that outcome leads, who knows.......you are who you are granger, im not asking you to change, im just saying, and im not asking you here to care, im just saying my spider senses feel like they want to tingle

Anyway.....that was my wall of text, i should have probably kept to my self

Educate me

What classified documents? UN classified documents? EU? UK?

I think Snowden was set up.

We have whistleblower laws. Why not go to The Judge Napolitano? Why go to a guy who doesn't live in the USA? Why not be part of the solution to restore the republic to constitutional government, which goes global?

Thank you for a very thoughtful and honest post gomez. Though you disagree, have many doubts about me, disagree with me on many levels, I respect your thinking, though I don't agree with some of your conclusion, that spidy sense thing, or that I generalize ALL posters, I think some are cheerleaders who just want to be in a majority, some are globalists who have an agenda of undermining the rEVOLution, some want a hero and are desperate, some don't like America, HATE America, anything anyone can do to dissolve America they are for, and very few remain on DP who want to restore the government to constitutional government.

So, though we disagree, I respect you for thinking and sharing those thoughts, as it gives me food for thought. You were the only one here.

I based it on this comment"I

I based it on this comment

"I hope they arrest him bercause he accepted classified documents that he was not cleared to recieve and he threatened America"

youll have explain the sarcasm if ive missed it here, but if i take that as an honest statement, then to me, you are arguing that snowden, apprehended documents, documents that should never have been there to apprehend to begin with

If your arguing he is being setup, well, i have no way to disprove that, as i have no way to prove that he is'nt, i understand that.....but there is another thing that is happening here that goes beyond snowden, and what he may or may not be.....awareness, public outcry....im not gonna claim this one to be the one that changes everything, as i believe it will only take a spark, where ever it may come from, but i sure as hell think it brings us closer to the goal.......like water trying to escape a bottle thats constantly being filled, we may not be their yet, but we'll get there, as long as the water keeps flowing, the awareness keeps growing

as for folks who would see your government "rebooted", ill have to admit, i feel like that more and more myself, a disatisfaction with your government, NEVER,.........NEVER, its people.....i see you as two seperate entities

that wasnt me that minused you by the way

No sarcsism

The classified documents Snowden took, were illegally placed and received by Greenwald who had NO CLEARANCE to receive them.

Your water discription, I have been seeing as "Conese water torture". Drip by drop, and Greenwald AKA "The Spigot" is flooding us into global government as now we have many UN communist and dictatorships involved in OUR American business. And this is why to me, this is a set up by, of and for globalists inside and outside the USA government.

I think you not only get what I'm saying, but have a better way, in a kinder way of saying it.


I believe i do see where you

I believe i do see where you are coming from with some things, with what you bring up and just how you say them, words can be used for multiple meanings, and its not always easy to get the exact meaning your thinking down on paper, although i think ive seen you you get very close to mirroring my own "meanings" sometimes......that is unique, general area, i get that alot, but near enough, doesnt happen all the time, and bang on mirroring of thoughts happen just as rarely

but i gotta say, and i wished i didnt have the reason to say this, is, im wondering about the other "meanings" you are bringing fourth........im not discounting that you may understand things better, but my heart says i dont think i could agree with them, ever

i then thought, that, not everyone is gonna agree with one another, and thats cool, as it should be, as long as the powerfull foundation is there.....problem is, whistleblowing on government corruption is part of, at least, my, foundation.......i feel kinda torn, over your comments past, and your comments towards whistleblowers, specifically in the capacity to shed light on wrongdoing, maybe you dont, maybe its just a thing specifically with this case, and not the shedding light thing.........i will say this though, as far as i know, ive never seen you lash out at anyone, even in the face of "adversity", and a part of me will always respect that in someone

I respect a mans word, untill he breaks it
I return a mans respect, untill he shuns it
And i trust a mans honesty, until he lies to me
and a whole load of other things

im a youngish old fashioned kinda guy......dont know how that happened to be honest.......maybe to many john wayne movies my dad watched when i was growing up, that might explain those second to last three lines :P

im gonna leave this ameably here, as things stand now i think, we both can walk away with good feelings intact, getting late, and i need to be up early tomorow, and starting a long debate now may mean a grouchy day for me tomorow :) gd nite all.....or at least when my browing is finished......which knowing me, may very well last "long" anyway......dp tends to do that sometimes, great way to screw my sleep patterns, thanks dp........and here is a genuine warm hearted, ....... thanks dp

Are you saying the "Snowjob"

Are you saying the "Snowjob" is a false flag attack to help bring in the NWO?

It's an interesting theory but I think the whole Snowden episode has caught the establishment off guard. It's totally random from the treatment of the Bolivian president to the excellent discussions on the news and on the Congressional floor.

None of the info leaked has brought harm to America, Americans, or the armed forces.

Yes I am

I don't think it caught the establishment off guard at all. I think there are plenty of things happening in our states that are being overlooked because of snowjob and zimmerman.

I don't believe any part of the USA has been harmed, just as I don't think that marijuana smokers who spend 10 years in prison have harmed anyone.

This "leak", National leak, has gone global. Why?

America can't take care of it's inside problems? Or is the Obama administration and tptb ready to move on from the "American experiment" and give us a UN global government?

Why was this made into a global issue?

Meanwhile, have you read the news in your state? Janet Napolitano should have been questioned over this.. and instead she retires to UC? Why? This happened under her watch, and she just walks away.. no big deal. Nothing to see...

And I don't think this just happened. I think Snowden was played and I think the UK has a BIG part in it.. time to adjust the US colony to the empire's role in the UN global government..

I believe Snowden's Whiste-blowing

...NOT 'leaks'.... has gone Global because of the shear audacity of it; the comic irony (America Land of the Free, shining beacon of human rights) and because we're tapping their communications too!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

I'm sure you are not alone

I'm used to being alone in my thoughts, and the evidense to me is: CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.. snowden was duped, The Spigot is a globalist, and the Obama administration is in on this because they have NO intention in restoring america to constitutional government, but need excuses to go globalization.

When 911 happened, Bush administration with help from Democrats, gave us endless wars.

When NSA happened, Obama administration, with help from the GOP, is giving us a UN Agenda.

want to see americans come together?

send in the blue helmets, double dog dare ya.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Oh man

you just named my greatest nightmare. Oh how I hate to think blue helmets is what it would take.. darn rocketman.. you hit a nerve in me

Granger. America has two MAJOR problems.

1) The people have been propagandized for DECADES to destroy their ability to think.

2) They have become comfortable hoping the government will do better next term if we get the right guy in.

It even works on the disylexic ones.

I half agree base

1) The people are still being propegandized destrying their ability to think (especially outside the box for fear of not fitting in to their communities)

2) They are not comfortable with government evidensed by the surge in Indy voter registration, and the willingness of people like me who got sick registering Republican, but did because Ron Paul's message (that some of us got) you have to replace them with yourself and materialize the government YOU want.

It's a good fight.

I hate America because it's

I hate America because it's part of a global government that spys on me all the time. Greenwald and Snowden just reported on the criminal activity that made it that way. I'll like my country again when the spying on me stops.

I love my Country. I hate my

I love my Country. I hate my Government, not the form of Government but those who run for office to use that office to further their own enrichment and agendas. The Country and the Government are 2 separate entities.


Everywhere you go there you are, so hating America isn't going to stop what is happening, but make it worse.

Try loving America and working to make it what you want it to be.

It's a good fight.

Pigs flying today

I agree with this post of yours.

"Try loving America and working to make it what you want it to be."

Granger when did you become against liberty?

You have shown an irrational hate of Snowden and Greenwald.
What both of them have done is show the crimes committed by the US Government.

An organization shown to have a chief who is a blatant criminal and an Attorney General who is a willing ally of the criminal in chief. AG Holder is a criminal in his own person for things he has done personnaly.

If we as the subjects of the criminal elite have no privacy why should the government expect privacy?Or its evil minions?

I think your tag line or signature should read

Willing Dupe of The Crimals in the US Government and proud of it.

not your current one "stand with rand 2016"

I dissagree

Irrational hate, IMO would be not giving any reason or explaination for what I see as a hoax on liberty. I hate the hoax.

First, I don't agree with you (and perhpas the majority here) what the crimes are.

The crimes, IMO, are FISA and the Patriot Acts, which legalized, and established the NSA. It appears to me, that many here, had NO CLUE at all what FISA and the Patriot Acts did, so they see a MSM sensational hoax as, "exposing" truth. And the real kicker.. the NSA contract is due to expire. So why is this news NOW? Why not 7 years ago when it began? You actually need a MSM sensation to "wake you up?" or are you being played???

If we, the subjects to FISA and the Patriots Acts, attack the creations of FISA, and the Patriot Acts that are expiring, and not THE Patriot Acts, what message are we sending? " FISA and the Patriot Acts are OK, but this NSA was not good enough, so make is a better one!" And they are. The NSA is expiring to give the STATES Security Acts to replace the NSA.

Is that better? Is that what you want? Must be, because you would rather focus on the NSA than FISA and the Patriot Acts that created it, while you allow your state to create the same thing.

Maybe you are not only the willing dupe, but a cheering one?



We are living in an age, where people are easily tracked, taken, impriosned indefinately.. so to think that someone escapes this wireless prison adn gets international attention because they have a message of liberty, is forgetting how well Ron paul's message of liberty went over on MSM.

Why go on about classified Documents Then?

A lesser included crime is not a crime because it is part of a bigger crime?

Why say that "he accepted classified documents that he was not cleared to recieve and he threatened America,"

This is giving support to the criminal US Government, it justifies the prosecution of a whistleblower, in that you give creedence to the US Government ( actually the people who believe they have some supposed authority) who perform the evil actions they do "in order to protect us" Hah!

Yes the other crimes FISA Courts and Patriot Act are as bad if not worse as they give a veil of "Legality" to the evil actions of the people who form the delusion of government.

The argument that I or anyone else excuses the other overt crimes by calling out the government on some of their crimes is fallacious.

To attack the messenger is another fallacious argument when you ignore the substance of the revelations Snowden and Greenwalld have made.

To for one instant side with a criminal organization (US Gov) in some of their lies is to deny the truth and to deny liberty.

WAKE the f up

Why go on?

Why go on? It's a fact. He accepted documents that were not his to accept.


You think if you accepted classified documents you were not cleared to accept you would be on TV? How asleep are you?

What is, giving support the the unconstitutional FISA and Patriot Acts, by pointing out that they are THE problem? Under them, which we are, and I don't see you protesting FISA or the Patriot Acts that make NSA is legal.

What I'm attacking is the HOAX of the messanger who is covering up the real crime, FISA and the Ptriot Acts while pointing to NSA which is expiring in months.

You wake th F up.

deacon's picture

how does one act

make another illegal?
our gov,works for us,it is there,to do our bidding,to look out for us
it is there only role,as we are that gov
so to say one is guilty of receiving classified documents,is what?
bogus? a lie?,confusion?
if we are that said gov,then how can we keep secrets from ourselves?
especially seeing,what the fed gov has done,is doing is against the law
what the fed gov has done is go against the const,so there for,it is
going against the will of the people who are that gov
keeping secrets form their employers should not stand,and it should be exposed,and all involved in this cover up should be tried for treason
just say'n

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

first question

I don't understand your first question.. do you mean, "how does the patriot act enable FISA, to empower the NSA, to assume we are all guilty?

We do not want a government to 'look out for us" do we? I want a government that looks out for my rights, not me.

Greenwald does not have clearance to receive classified documents. He does not live in the USA and he handed the documents over to the UK (gardian) making this an international mess. What if snowden handed the documents to The Judge? What do you think he would have done? Hand them over to the FBI, let America fix America, get Janet Napolitano, call Kerry and Obama on the rug, not let her retire to CA.

Remember when Ron Paul said the GOP has "lost it's way?" It's not just the GOP, it's our government's UN and international entanglements that are making us lose our way from constitutional rights.

The fed has not broken any laws.. the patriot acts and FISA have given them these rights.. NOT the constitution, and that is the problem.

What should be exposed deacon? That the patriot acts and FISA have turned against the people empowering NSA to watch Americsn and not our rights?

deacon's picture

my point is this

the fed gov has not the right,authority,nor the power
to create laws that either go around the const,or the
will of the people who create the gov.
The fed gov cannot create any agency that has that power,as they didn't have it in the first place.
The fed gov cannot create laws(as they have no power nor authority to do so)
The fed gov cannot scream state secrets,as they aren't supposed to have
they also cannot break laws,then create laws to cover them up,as we have seen them do
the patriot act,ndaa ect ect are unconst,so they are null,void,have no teeth
and no standing within the confines of our const
what you seem to be claiming is that the fed gov is all powerful,all knowing
all seeing,and can create laws out of thin air,and just because they created them,they are lawful and legal
just because the patriot act created the NSA,does not make the NSA legal,as the patriot act is still illegal ( as it tries to nullify the const,and our rights)
if the fed gov had stayed within the confines of the const,then them
3-5 lettered agencies would not be created,laws would not be written that
go against us (the people)
there would be no patriot act,no expatriation act,there would be fisa courts ect ect
it is the fed gov who has broken the laws,they cannot claim any rights,as we didn't give them any,and by exposing their unlawful intentions.One cannot claim another should be arrested for treason or breaking the fed law

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

That's news to me deacon

I had no idea that our government has no power or authority to to create (establish laws).

Where do laws come from?

I'm not saying the Federal Government is ALL Powerful. I think the Federal courts are ALL powerful.

The Patriot Act did not create NSA, it gave new power to NSA.

deacon's picture

the fed gov

and all involved with it are called representatives
they rep us,meaning they use their own voice to speak for us
they are not law makers as they and the msm would have us believe
their authority is derived from us (the people) we are the gov,and without us
there would be none
all laws they have created that are repugnant to the const,are just that repugnant,they have no merit,no teeth and are void
the only way the fed courts can be all powerful is if they followed the const
but they do not always
the 2nd amendment cannot be stifled by man,but as we have seen over and over is more regs
the 1st,well,what can we say about that one? free speech zones,people
put in jail for speaking up,no dancing zones
now the patriot act goes against the will of the people,goes against the const,as does the NSA,EPA CIA,FBI ECT ECT ECT,the fed gov cannot give these
NGO's power over the people,nor to their land
michael badnarik states it better than I

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

They do more than represent us

Ever wonder why Ron Paul didn't say NO to the pork? Ever wonder why his voters apprecited that pork he supplied them?

Badarik can state it "better", but what's his solution?

I am no fan of the patriot acts.. but that does not mean I don't understand that they are in effect. I'm not going to pretend they don't exist because I don't like them.

BTW.. there are threads that I have seen you wonder why I don't post. I don't post because I KNOW those people personally, and they have become aggressive to me since they don't agree with my stand on Israel, and I see their threads as baiting me, because if I go there, they have every intention of hurting me.

They already hurt me when I thought they were my friend. Enough is enough. They have the right to their opinion and I'm not going to try to change them. I am going to spare myself more pain.