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Eric Cantor pulled Representative Justin Amash aside

The NSA Fight
The Michigan congressman determined to stop the NSA’s abuses wins a battle against House GOP leaders.
By Jonathan Strong

On Friday, July 19, on the House floor, Majority Leader Eric Cantor pulled Representative Justin Amash aside, ushering him into a meeting with whip Kevin McCarthy and three of Amash’s congressional allies.

Cantor pressed Amash to withdraw his amendment to stop the National Security Agency from collecting logs of every American’s phone calls and said he would work to provide a vote on the issue in a future bill.

But several of Cantor’s top aides, who were also present, gave what Amash thought was a more threatening overture: There’s bound to be a procedural technicality we can use to kill the amendment, they said, and we’re going to find it.

The meeting, which has not been previously reported, underscores the efforts of some in House leadership to stop the proposal, which was offered as an amendment to the Department of Defense appropriations bill, from coming to a vote, according to documents reviewed by National Review and to interviews with participants.The amendment had already been through the procedural wringer, with the House parliamentarian’s office giving an initial approval that it was “in order” to change its mind only as outside parties, including GOP leadership, weighed in.

Indeed, prior to an all-important Rules Committee meeting that would decide whether the amendment ever got to see the light of day, the measure was headed for a premature death.

It was Speaker John Boehner who ultimately saved it, giving the amendment the green light after discussing it for the first time with Amash on the House floor on Monday night — minutes before the Rules Committee had been slated to kill it.

Boehner never told Amash why he would give the Michigan Republican, of all people, the privilege of the vote. Amash had helped lead a failed coup attempt against the speaker in January, and Boehner was so deeply opposed to the amendment he took the rare step of voting against it. (By tradition, the speaker doesn’t usually vote.)

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At every opportunity

Expose the traitors who voted down 2399. Share the information, spread it far and wide.

Make them pay for what they've done to our country.

Too bad he couldn't

sneak the amendment last minute into one of those 1500 page bills they pass without reading.

Bump for educational purpose.

Bump for educational purpose.

Don't You See The Point of This Story?

The story means to show that Boehner and his neocons are still in control. The story implies that Cantor could have killed the amendment with tricky procedures, that the vote only made it to the floor because Boehner "allowed" it to happen.

The truth is that Boehner has lost all control. The coalition of neo-libs and neo-cons headed by Boehner has had its weakness exposed. They are actually a minority, although some of the "blind" are still following their respective whips. A new bipartisan coalition of non-establishment representatives is just 12 seats from taking back congress. This vote gives us the information we need to target the neo-libs and neo-cons in next years midterm elections.

I Can Picture The DC Criminals Being Torn From Limb To Limb

Wait until those in prison, those victims of immoral and illegal legislation. Our highly esteemed congress people with their legs bound together and secured between two cars will get back in spades what they have done.

Can you feel your legs being torn apart as the cars drive off in different directions? Maybe before you bastards bleed to death or pass out from the pain, you'll repent of your sins; you will be ever sorry you "Fuc*ed" with us..

Time is on our side, yes it is...

You power hungry, lawless degenerate bastards just can't help yourselves can you?

Okie Dokie...

What are we all doing about

What are we all doing about getting MORE liberty candidates into office? What support system is there going to be? what types of money bombs? IF there was a support system people would run but good people have no idea how to raise money so it doesn't matter how much you read the Daily Paul you have to raise money for liberty candidates. get it?

Very Good Read

I was going to start a thread on this article and call it;

How Justin Amash Gave the Smackdown to DC Traitors.

Let this be a teachable moment.

Looks like Eric Cantor from Virginia's 7th congressional district is the brains behind the neo-con operation these days. Somehow he should be taken out in the next primary.

What we should all do is...

Start sending emails and faxes and snail mail and place phone calls to all of these jackasses' homes and offices with the simple unsigned message "WE'RE WATCHING YOU CONGRESSMAN". Their lives' must be barraged daily with thousands of these messages. Hell, if you're really good you could stick the notes on their car windshield or taped onto their reserved parking spot! Of course, they'd view this a some sort of threat on their life and have the SS investigate, but it's time for these bozos to get a taste of their own medicine!

The House and Senate Leadership Are Hand Choosen

You cannot be one of the leaders in either house unless you are willing to play ball with President Obama and before him President Bush. The global elite have screened these so called leaders way ahead of time to ensure their agendas continue.

John Boehner (*OH), Eric Cantor (NH), Kevin McCarthy(Ca) are always in agreement don't you know, on everything.

They know their enemies in the congress are not the democrats or the neocon republicans, but the libertarian wings of both houses. The must eliminate or marginalize them in order to keep the NWO Juggernaut always moving forward.

There is no movement for liberty in either house. Its ll an illusion. The House speaker has the power to quash every good amendment that comes down the pike. Don't think behind the scenes that Steny Hoyer(D-Maryland)), and Nancy Pelosi(D-Ca.) are not buddy buddy. There has to be cooperation for all these bad amendments to pass both houses. The democrats and republicans are working together to destroy america. To believe otherwise is nothing but a delusion..



Sorry Babybear..I Got The State Wrong

Appreciate the correction..

I love babybears



You never did answer my question about your Weiner post a few days ago :)

SteveMT's picture

Boehner knew the bill would be defeated....

if not like it was (by a close vote in the House) than in the Senate by a wide margin like 80-20. If all else failed, Obama would have certainly vetoed the bill, and the votes needed to override would have been severely short of the 2/3s needed in both houses. Still, Amash is to be commended for trying.

That's Right Steve!

Americans better freaking WAKE UP!!

Hell yea..

Amash is kicking some arse! :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


probably thought the bill was going to lose by a larger margin and that would slow down Amash's determination.

HA HA HA BACK FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The RINOs knew the amendment wouldn't pass

before they decided to allow it to come to a vote.

That's right and the "good guys" you thought voted for it...

....knew in advance it would fail as well (that's what the whip is).

Therefore most of them would have voted no if they thought it would pass.

They'll do whatever the whip tells them to do lest they face losing their congressional pension and health care benefits (worth $3 million).


The bullies whip newbies into shape as they come aboard, eager and full of resolve (not always good, but well-intentioned). The newbies find out very quickly that they have no power at all.

When the bully starts to lose power because somebody had the temerity to stand up to them--and with enough people behind him--and the cracks beginning to show in the power structure--the "victims" can turn on a silver dime. Especially if they know the mood back home.

We don't need to kick out very many of them. Let's target Pelosi, Lindsey Graham, Feinstein, Boxer--well you can think of more...

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Dont forget

John McMafia McAmnesty.

Debbie's picture

I think he's "retiring" after his term is up.



I can only imagine the NSA

I can only imagine the NSA lobby effort.

The article states "Alexander, the NSA chief, was forced to personally lobby members, calling their cell phones and opening with a joke that, yes, he already had their number."

I would guess the joke was followed by: We also know about that inside trade you made.... Did you enjoy that date with the intern.... We also know more about your child than you... I can only imagine.

Does anyone else see the problem here?

Yep. I would assume with their spying, blackmail is and has

been running rampant.

How did Amash get this

through? Amazing. The liberty representatives seem to be above average as legislators.

It seems there is not much

It seems there is not much intelligent debate being offered in the Halls of power. This is just street bullying to get what you want.

Cantor is

one creepy cracker

He is a creepy, cheapy Chew,


Can you feel it? I can.

Can you feel it? I can. There's a rise in temperature in the halls of Congress on this issue, thanks solely to the conversation Snowden started and the backlash driven by libertarians and like-minded progressives.

There's no hiding in a middle ground on this issue. You're either for violating the 4th in the name of security or dead set against it.

Choose a side, congress critters, and choose wisely.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

I will feel more secure when the current administration

and most of the current Congress is good and gone and political campaigns are reformed to keep out the sleaze.

I will feel MORE secure when...

When People actually stop believing these political powers DO NOT HAVE THIS POWER THAT THEY SEEMINGLY exercise over all of us.... UNLAWFULLY!!!

Love Liberty, be Vigilant

"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Faith in God will prevail all things!